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  1. I support the death penalty only if the person has taken the life of another. Recently, a man named Tim Bosma was kidnapped and murdered in Ancaster, ON. I live in Hamilton, so it was very shocking and scary news to be hearing all of this going on. This innocent man lost his life, and where are his killers? Sitting in jail. Alive. I can't believe that my government allows these people to live their lives, while the victim is dead. An eye for an eye. You take a life, someone takes yours.
  2. Awesome! Now its time for me to snatch up some of these pretties!
  3. Tried it again, last time I did it was a while ago. I scored 12 without my glasses
  4. Yum! I love mashed potatoes Baked potatoes?
  5. 2/10 I've only seen you on forum games
  6. Jumped off of a cliff with Shadowmere
  7. Happy birthday, Dragon Cave! Amazing avatars, Mysfytt did a great job on them. I can't wait for the new releases to start dropping.