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  1. Perogies, mashed potatoes and corn.
  2. Cloudy, rainy and very humid outside.
  3. I'm getting database errors... oh well! Still working on snagging two lovely eggs for myself. Thank you TJ and spriters who have made this DC Christmas special and fun!
  4. Your art is amazing! When you're done all your requests, do you think you could draw me a Mint dragon and re-size it so I can put it in my sig?
  5. There used to be a clover patch under a tree at my Nonna's house 8 or 9 years ago that I would always find four leaf clovers in. I found tons of four leaf clovers in that patch and one day I found a five leaf clover, but I lost it shortly after I found it.
  6. I just caught this beautiful Black hatchling from the AP. What a surprise!
  7. I'm not too sure how many people at my school play, but if I had to guess I'd say 5-7 including myself and my close friends who also play
  8. After 3 years of playing I finally got a gold trophy!
  9. Black Tea eggs are my favourite. I fell in love with the egg's pattern & colour the minute I saw it.
  10. I speak English and know the basics of French. I'm currently learning Japanese, as I'd like to start a career in Japan as an English teacher.
  11. Something Grimm - Blood on the Dance Floor
  12. Hi, I'd like to request a drawing of a cat (if that's ok). Username: DaniBoo Image size: Any size is fine Gender: Male Adult or kitten: Adult Body colour: Brown with black Tabby markings, a white chin and orange belly Tail style: Short (Like a bobcat or lynx) Tail colour: Brown with black tip Eye colour: Yellow Anything else: Can you make a purple collar on the cat with a little tag on it that says "10"? Sorry if it's wrong format ^^'
  13. That's been happening in our school, except in the boys bathroom. Poop on the walls, floors and toilet seats.
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    If people are so against abortion, then why not start coming up with ways for more effective methods of birth controls and what not so that there won't have to be so many abortions?
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    I was using the tick as an example of what you said. A tick is not a human, but who says a fetus is one either? To me they are nothing more than a mere clump of cells.
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    Now wait a minute, that doesn't sound very fair. Based on that logic, removing a tick from your skin is also a completely different matter. After all, it is another body inside yours that is living. You wouldn't want that tick inside you, would you? It wouldn't be fair to you because even though it's your body, it's a host to another living being, just like a fetus. If a woman doesn't want that fetus inside of her body, she has just as much right to remove it like you would remove a tick from the skin.
  17. Agreed. She must have been terrified while being eaten alive.
  18. I like this band, and let's just say their music isn't the most appropriate thing in the world. I always wear my band shirts to school, and about a week ago my teacher stopped me and said he listened to one of their songs. I felt like I was going to die right there. He said to me "They're really explicit. I was listening to the song and thought to myself: is this what she listens to!? Haha." I just laughed awkwardly, and now he knows why I tend not to talk about the band in front of adults.
  19. False, I can't to a cartwheel period. TPBM likes Anime
  20. Mine isn't as severe as some of the stories I've read, but here's mine: My parents were always fighting when I was younger, and I would always remember hiding and covering my ears from their yelling. It was pointless arguing, but that pointless arguing lead to their divorce in the summer of 2009. I remember falling to my knees, sobbing and begging my dad to stay, but he just walked out the door and left. I couldn't do anything but cry and watch his car drive off into the night as my heart broke. After that, everything went downhill. I wanted to live with both my parents, and not having them both there for me all the time really hit me hard. I stopped playing soccer, gained weight, got depressed and missed school countless times. I think I only showed up to school about once a week, if not less in grade 6. I wasn't suicidal, but I had given up on myself. I started to see my dad more again in grade 7, and things did get better. I went to school more often, saw my friends, and was happier than I had been in a long time. Around halfway through March 2012, my dad's girlfriend got mad at my sister and was yelling at her. I was staying out of the fight, not saying anything. She stopped yelling at my sister and I thought she was done, but instead she turned to me and began saying horrible things to me that I can't repeat on this forum. I didn't even say a single word and she started to spew these horrible words at me. I sat there in horror, and when she was finished I ran outside into the snow, not even wearing my shoes or coat and ran. My dad eventually caught up to me and took me home. I was so upset by the things she had said that I began to see myself in her eyes. I stopped showing up for school again and blocked out the rest of the world. I got very depressed and was suicidal. I wrote countless suicide notes and had countless thoughts of suicide, but I could never bring myself to do it. Finally, I decided that I would just get it over with. As I was finishing my note and picked up my knife, I took a last look at a photo of me and my family and I came to a realization: I could never change my mind if I did kill myself, and that I would leave all of my family and friends grief stricken. I realized that I could pull through, and that's just what I did. I'm now happier than I ever was, have good grades, attend school regularly and will be graduating into grade 9 at the end of June. I'm glad I didn't kill myself that night, looking back it was foolish of me to even think of throwing away all possibilities of becoming who I am today.
  21. Thanks for the link, I'm actually saving up to buy some of my own hermit crabs. I've done a bit of research and I think that they'd make wonderful pets (I have a 20gal tank on standby for my future hermies... so exited! ). I'm taking my oldest rat Naomi to her first pet show (Just one at our trailer park, nothing extravagant). I think we have a good chance for first place, she's such a little goofball and so friendly. Everybody I know loves to see her! Here are a few pictures of my little Naomi: With her little sister Eating a Blueberry Just waking up from a nap
  22. Amethyst is my favorite gem. I have amethyst jewelry, cut amethyst gems, amethyst chunks, amethyst souvenir items, etc. It's my favorite because it's my birthstone, and also because I think it's gorgeous.