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  1. Keep getting 502 bad gateway when trying to load the game.
  2. Happy Halloween everyone!
  3. http://dragcave.net/lineage/O8emA Many thanks to the breeder!
  4. Love the male horse sprite! Not so much a fan of the new Nilia sprites, but I'm sure they'll grow on me.
  5. Caught my first and last Leetle Tree after almost 5 years of trying to obtain one!
  6. Cheese tortellini in homemade tomato sauce with some steamed veggies.
  7. Was raining earlier, so now the skies are mostly clear but it is very humid out.
  8. The artwork is lovely, but I wish I had the option to use the old default skin. The new background is terribly hard on my eyes and I have a difficult time focusing on the pages while scrolling. I hope the old skin becomes an option to use eventually, I'd love to use it again. The clock is a wonderful feature, though!
  9. Pulled pork sandwiches and steamed asparagus
  10. I just finished eating some chicken fingers and a grilled cheese.
  11. I'm just snacking on some cucumber slices.
  12. Happy New Year, everyone! My resolution is to surround myself with more positive and caring people. Wishing the best to all of you for 2015!
  13. My dad owns 3 German shorthaired pointers (two solids, one spotted), and I love them to bits! I'm still more of a cat person, though. Dogs are a bit too much for me to handle.
  14. Agreed. I identify as ace and had to take a double take at first upon seeing the presents I can't wait to send more presents out, they're all lovely
  15. These eggs are beautiful! Already grabbed my two. Merry Christmas!
  16. I've been a huge fan of SpongeBob SquarePants ever since I can remember, so naturally I chose my avatar with my obsession in mind!
  17. Grabbed 7 of the new eggs. Can't wait until they hatch! Happy Halloween everyone!
  18. A yogurt tube and some chocolate milk.
  19. I've gotten all 24 carnival items, now I just have to collect the rest of the ToT's!
  20. Perogies, mashed potatoes and corn.
  21. Cloudy, rainy and very humid outside.
  22. I'm getting database errors... oh well! Still working on snagging two lovely eggs for myself. Thank you TJ and spriters who have made this DC Christmas special and fun!
  23. Your art is amazing! When you're done all your requests, do you think you could draw me a Mint dragon and re-size it so I can put it in my sig?
  24. There used to be a clover patch under a tree at my Nonna's house 8 or 9 years ago that I would always find four leaf clovers in. I found tons of four leaf clovers in that patch and one day I found a five leaf clover, but I lost it shortly after I found it.