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  1. Looking forward to this year's event!
  2. Last night I dreamt that I went to a pumpkin patch with my crush, and after searching for the perfect pumpkin we found one. We carved a cute Jack-o'-lantern and made hot cocoa when we were finished. Not an interesting or odd dream by any means, but I thought it was cute.
  3. Here are some of my favourites: From 'Still Ill' by The Smiths From 'Motion Picture Soundtrack' by Radiohead From 'Blue Jeans' by Blur
  4. I'm very much a believer of the paranormal. I've had a few encounters with what I considered to be paranormal entities, but they weren't scary. The most recent one was about a year ago. It was around 2AM and I was sitting in my basement with my cat, just browsing the web. We had two small windows in our basement that sat at ground level to let light in, and I was sitting directly across from one of them. My cat was sitting next to me, so I glanced over from my screen to see what he was up to. He was sitting upright with his head positioned upwards, looking at the window. I thought this was strange, so I decided to see what he was staring at. I looked at the window to see a strange blue mist, just floating around. It had somewhat of a glow to it, and after about 10 seconds it kind of flew away. I would have thought I was seeing things if my cat hadn't also spotted it. There wasn't any fog or light outside at the time, so I haven't found an explanation for what I saw.
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    I have short, dark brown hair. I have my head shaved all around except for some hair on the top which I usually comb to the side. I used to have the thickest, curliest, frizziest hair that would drive me insane which is why I chopped about 80% of it off Only products I use are shampoo and conditioner, hair gel, and a hair smoothing serum
  6. I'm not a furry, and I don't have a problem with people who like to engage in the furry culture. However, I have to draw the line at the whole sexual kink/fetish stuff as I find it kind of gross to view animals (anthropomorphic or otherwise) in such a way. But hey, different strokes for different folks, right?
  7. ~I Would Like To Be A Representative~ Name: DaniBoo Disorder/Illness I wish To Represent: Epilepsy Dragon Breed Chosen: Purple Why This Dragon Was Chosen: I chose the Purple dragon because purple is the colour of the epilepsy awareness ribbon. Scroll: DaniBoo Extra: My sister suffers from epilepsy and has seizures everyday, so this hits close to home. She picked out the dragon and would love to spread awareness to her condition.
  8. I'd probably hoard lots of scented candles and and decorative soap bars
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    My old neighbors used to own quite a few pigeons. They were sweet little things, they used to walk around my backyard when they were let out for some flight time. Loved hearing their little coos too, very soothing.
  10. I have an account on reddit, but I don't use it very often.
  11. SB-129 Tea at the Treedome Triple Krabby Supreme Wumbo (I was surprised to see this one available! )
  12. I've been here since September 2010. I never would have thought that I'd still be an active player 6 years after joining!
  13. I love 80's indie pop/rock. Synth-pop is great also, but in all honesty I could jam to any 80's track
  14. Star Shaped Tracy Jacks 15 Step Bodysnatchers Santa's Brother Ocean Man The Boney King of Nowhere Young and Lovely
  15. I love chess and battleship, but don't really care for much else when it comes to board games.
  16. I've worn glasses since I was about 9 or 10 years old. I have astigmatism, and I pretty much wear my glasses all the time. When I don't wear them, I find it hard to focus on objects and I get headaches from the eye strain.
  17. Ah, the diamond egg is just gorgeous! Thanks TJ and spriters for this release!
  18. I haven't owned any makeup for about 2 years now. I used to wear it for special occasions, but I never had the skill or patience to make it an everyday thing.
  19. Summoned my third and final GoN!