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  1. Wow... Finnaly I have found some really really good yaoi stories. I love spin the bottle. Waiting is so beutiful! I am gonna become a stalker now....
  2. My first were Seasonal(Summer) guardian, Bright breasted wyvern, and a mint. They all died though because I didn't know about fansites ;_; but my first eggs to survive and grow up were Purple Ridgewing- MountainBreezies Mint- Minty Mountain Fresh Daydream- SkyCloudDreamer Skywing- Bloogie Skywing
  3. DaniBoo


    I use the Blue one Right now.
  4. The wierdest dream I ever had was a few nights ago... I was at School when Dinosaurs invaded my school and neighborhood. They killed many kids and teachers. A T-Rex ate the princaple ( I wish she really got eaten..) me and my friends Alex, Amber, Zach, Max and Tristen all escaped. we went to my house but the Dinos got there first. So Max and Zach got eaten, Tristen got raped, ( I don't know why..) Alex and Amber got crushed and I found Green Day Concert tickets with a backstage pass. SO i said " This!"And when I was gonna Make - out with Billie Joe, I woke up THE END!
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    Justin Bieber

    Haha! LOL! Next thing you know I'm being pelted by crayons! WHEEE!
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    Justin Bieber

    Oh yes I have! All the time. A beiber fan threatand to kill me and my cat after I commented on a green day video. I commented "Green day pwns Justin Beiber" So ya. Don't say that beiber fans are all that inocent. Sure it's not direct but it's a DEATH THREAT! That's just as bad!
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    Justin Bieber

    YAY! Cookie! *Nom nom nom*
  8. YAY! YOU LIKE VOCALOID! OK! *Caps Lock Abuse* My fave characters are : Rin & Len, Miku, Teto and Neru. OK! Here's the whole point of this topic: Who are your fave characters and what are your fave songs? Leave a reply! Vocaloid ROCKS!
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    Justin Bieber

    Justin Beiber is a LIE! REAL JB FACTS: -Her REAL name is Justine Beiber - She's only 13 and hasen't hit puberty ( and probably never will ) - She's not straight There! Any REAL JB fan would know that! because we all love him! *Sarcasm*
  10. Ugh! I can't even hold a long relationship online! Me and my BF online broke - up With me! 1 month together! ERRR! He just sends me an email saying why he dumped me! WHAT A JERK! I`m cursed with bad romance! And Juliano, if you ever read this, I HATE YOU!
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    Green Day

    He is so a big goofball! I mean, you'd have to admit, his songs are so ing funny!
  12. Yes. Online relationships can be heart breaking, I know. But i do prefer when the person I love can be beside me all the time. Besides; you can't give fresh picked flowers over the web, now, can you? But i have have wonderful friends on the web, like all you Dragon Cave members!
  13. Sometimes it happens. You meet someone nice online and start to go out. I personally don't like this. I thinks it's weird and not the same than regular dating. What is your opinion?
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    10 on 10-10-10

    After a day of screaming because I couldn't get the 2 eggs I wanted, I FINALLY GOT THEM! YESSSS!
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    Green Day

    If it were billie or mike, I'd wanna check first! It's just that tre freaks me out a little bit..... only when he opens his eyes as wide as he can
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    Least favorite bands

    I absulutly HATE Stereos NickleBack and Maroon 5. Guys your music SUCKS! Singer wise, Justin Beiber, miley cyrus and rhianna are SUCKISH WITH NO TALENT AT ALL
  17. I remember seing a hobo in his underwear sleeping on a log in the forest next to my school. And when there was a guy with a knife and possibly a gun walking around our school.... that was not a fun lock down. I was in 2nd grade and we were in the gym and all the lights in the school turned off and it was pitch black. I was crying...
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    Green Day

    Hehe. Tré Cool... hmmm.... Well I can`t really say I know if it`s true. After all, I don`t want to be the one to check....
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    Green Day