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    Justin Bieber

    Haha! LOL! Next thing you know I'm being pelted by crayons! WHEEE!
  2. DaniBoo

    Justin Bieber

    Oh yes I have! All the time. A beiber fan threatand to kill me and my cat after I commented on a green day video. I commented "Green day pwns Justin Beiber" So ya. Don't say that beiber fans are all that inocent. Sure it's not direct but it's a DEATH THREAT! That's just as bad!
  3. DaniBoo

    Justin Bieber

    YAY! Cookie! *Nom nom nom*
  4. YAY! YOU LIKE VOCALOID! OK! *Caps Lock Abuse* My fave characters are : Rin & Len, Miku, Teto and Neru. OK! Here's the whole point of this topic: Who are your fave characters and what are your fave songs? Leave a reply! Vocaloid ROCKS!
  5. DaniBoo

    Justin Bieber

    Justin Beiber is a LIE! REAL JB FACTS: -Her REAL name is Justine Beiber - She's only 13 and hasen't hit puberty ( and probably never will ) - She's not straight There! Any REAL JB fan would know that! because we all love him! *Sarcasm*
  6. Ugh! I can't even hold a long relationship online! Me and my BF online broke - up With me! 1 month together! ERRR! He just sends me an email saying why he dumped me! WHAT A JERK! I`m cursed with bad romance! And Juliano, if you ever read this, I HATE YOU!
  7. DaniBoo

    Green Day

    He is so a big goofball! I mean, you'd have to admit, his songs are so ing funny!
  8. Yes. Online relationships can be heart breaking, I know. But i do prefer when the person I love can be beside me all the time. Besides; you can't give fresh picked flowers over the web, now, can you? But i have have wonderful friends on the web, like all you Dragon Cave members!
  9. Sometimes it happens. You meet someone nice online and start to go out. I personally don't like this. I thinks it's weird and not the same than regular dating. What is your opinion?
  10. DaniBoo

    10 on 10-10-10

    After a day of screaming because I couldn't get the 2 eggs I wanted, I FINALLY GOT THEM! YESSSS!
  11. DaniBoo

    Green Day

    If it were billie or mike, I'd wanna check first! It's just that tre freaks me out a little bit..... only when he opens his eyes as wide as he can
  12. DaniBoo

    Least favorite bands

    I absulutly HATE Stereos NickleBack and Maroon 5. Guys your music SUCKS! Singer wise, Justin Beiber, miley cyrus and rhianna are SUCKISH WITH NO TALENT AT ALL
  13. I remember seing a hobo in his underwear sleeping on a log in the forest next to my school. And when there was a guy with a knife and possibly a gun walking around our school.... that was not a fun lock down. I was in 2nd grade and we were in the gym and all the lights in the school turned off and it was pitch black. I was crying...
  14. DaniBoo

    Green Day

    Hehe. Tré Cool... hmmm.... Well I can`t really say I know if it`s true. After all, I don`t want to be the one to check....
  15. DaniBoo

    Green Day