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  1. Kenny from south park. I wanna marry him. I love him. BACK OFF HE'S MY MAN!
  2. Yummy! But i personally think frenchfries go better with chocolate milkshakes. Mmmmmmmm!
  3. Another SP dream again! Ok so me, Craig, Jimmy and Clyde were hanging out when Stan came running up to us and said cartman was hurt. So we all followed him to cartmans house. When we all got to his room we saw he had become skinny. Then I said "WTF Cartman what happened!?" And then he said he went to fat camp. And then kyle and kenny were laughing in the corner. And then Michael Jackson came and threw kenny into the ceiling but we were to shocked about cartman to notice.... No OMG THEY KILLED KENNY! this time...
  4. I had another south park dream last night! Ok, so I dreamed that me and kenny were all grown up and we got married. Later we had 2 girls named Avangeline and Jessica. Here is my fave part. Kenny was going to the store and he found 10$ so he went and bought a loterrey ticket. Turns out he won one of those things where you get 1 Million dollars every year for 25 years. So we bought a big mansion, and lived in it for 10 years until a fire started and the house collapsed. Kenny got crushed in all of this and i woke up screaming "OMG THEY KILLED KENNY!" like always
  5. In my dreams I see a short senario of the next day, and then I see it really happens the next day. I don't think It's a super power though.
  6. My uber weird dream: I dreamed I was in fourth grade again but I lived in south park and then i started dating kenny ( I <3 Him) and we made out and then he died and i woke up screaming "OMG HE KILLED KENY!!" Weirdest dream ever..... but i still miss every second of it.
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    I was sick and away from school 2 days after march break. Then I was feeling better today and I found out it was a snow day. Bonus
  8. I only cook breakfast. I have a special omlet recipie. My mom thinks it is so good she tries to spy on me making it.
  9. I act immature for my age.... exept around family. Then I am really mature.
  10. A few weeks ago, I needed to go. BAD! My dad stopped at the gas station and I went in and waited a good 5 minutes outside the door. Finally this woman comes out, and I go in, and come right back out. I told my dad I could hold it until we got to my trailer (Thats where we were heading) god that lady can make a stink so bad I gagged. This next story didn't happen at a public washroom, but I was so embarassed. I was at my friends pool party, and I needed to go to the washroom. I went inside her house, and went to the bathroom. Being the dummy I am, I didn't lock the door, because I thought it was common sense that you would knock on a closed door. Boy was I wrong. I was going, and My friends dad opens the door and comes in and sees me on the toilet. I was so embarassed. Haven't ever gone to her house since!
  11. Well, my birth language is english, but I wa learn Italian because half my relatives speak that. Plus, I wanna understand what my nonno is always blabbering about. I am part Italian.... VIVA ITALIA!
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    Your Theme Song

    Totaly describes me.
  13. cream cheese enchilada I'd love to join!
  14. When I was 6 I jumped off a swingset and landed on my arm. Broke up into 3 places. I actually didn't notice untill my mom starded screaming and put me in the car. When I saw that i was going to the hospital, My arm felt like it was set on fire. I always wonder why I couldn't feel the pain when I was at my house, but I could at the hospital.... strange... EDIT:
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    I prefer decaf coffee *is only 11* But I'll drink pretty much any tea with some honey.
  16. Yes it is yummy. Try looking in the cookie section of your local grocerie store. They are really baby cookies, but are delicious and perfect for any age.
  17. I like to drink viniger plain and eat arrowroot cookies at the same time. yummy!
  18. 'Dani' Is short for my name 'Danielle' The Boo part comes from my love of ghosts. BOOOOOOO! Well really that part came from when I was little, and me and my cousins would go around screaming "BOOOOOOO! BOOOOOO! We are ghosts!" But I do belive in spirits...
  19. I had a simaler experience.... Back in 09 I was at a Jo Bros concert. The girls room was so packed I had to use the mens room along with other girls. In the only stall was white, dried liqiud on the stall walls. Of course I didn't know what it was, but now I am mortified that I even was in there.... bad memories.... not the bathroom part, but the jo bros part... EDIT: Ninja made me spell a word wrong.
  20. [URL=http://forums.dragcave.net/index.php?&act=ST&f=29&t=101680][IMG=https://i.imgur.com/jCkDH.png][/URL] I made you guys a new banner. Thought you could use more...
  21. Wow... Finnaly I have found some really really good yaoi stories. I love spin the bottle. Waiting is so beutiful! I am gonna become a stalker now....
  22. My first were Seasonal(Summer) guardian, Bright breasted wyvern, and a mint. They all died though because I didn't know about fansites ;_; but my first eggs to survive and grow up were Purple Ridgewing- MountainBreezies Mint- Minty Mountain Fresh Daydream- SkyCloudDreamer Skywing- Bloogie Skywing
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    I use the Blue one Right now.
  24. The wierdest dream I ever had was a few nights ago... I was at School when Dinosaurs invaded my school and neighborhood. They killed many kids and teachers. A T-Rex ate the princaple ( I wish she really got eaten..) me and my friends Alex, Amber, Zach, Max and Tristen all escaped. we went to my house but the Dinos got there first. So Max and Zach got eaten, Tristen got raped, ( I don't know why..) Alex and Amber got crushed and I found Green Day Concert tickets with a backstage pass. SO i said " This!"And when I was gonna Make - out with Billie Joe, I woke up THE END!