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  1. I generally don't post my opinions much, so I wouldn't mind seeing a feature like this implemented. For me, it makes much more sense to use an 'agree' reaction than quoting/mentioning a user while adding nothing to the conversation other than "exactly this, I totally agree" etc. However I do think that any negative reactions such as angry/dislike should be avoided, as those would definitely cause trouble amongst users.
  2. Had a good chuckle at the parents' names https://dragcave.net/lineage/CFY4D Thank you @lovecats99!
  3. Mints, Daydreams, Common Pygmies, and Sunsong Amphipteres
  4. Kokomo by The Beach Boys
  5. @HeatherMarie thank you, I'm hoping there are support groups at my college. I wouldn't mind travelling outside of the college community for something like that but being amongst my peers would be more comforting for me. I'm sure my counsellor will be able to point me in the right direction
  6. I never said it was a good approach, in fact I very much dislike how secretive TJ is. I myself work in customer service and I know that being open is the best way to go about things (within reason, of course) however I notice many users in this community who demand explanations. I don't believe it is any of our place to ask for his reasoning, that's all. It seems to frustrate users when they don't get the answers they're looking for and I understand that, but we all have to remember that they were never owed to us in the first place.
  7. This bothers me a tad bit. TJ does not need to explain anything to us, and I feel like a lot of user frustration stems from this expectation. While it would be absolutely fantastic to get solid answers for his decisions on a regular basis, I don't believe that anyone should feel entitled for him to explain his reasoning. At the end of the day, it's very much his game and "because I said so" is within his rights.
  8. @Ruby Eyes @prpldrgnfr thank you for the hugs. <3 I talked to a counsellor at my college today and have set up an appointment to meet with him. Hopefully it will be of help, I've never had to talk to a counsellor before so I'm not really sure what to expect
  9. I feel so alone. trigger warning: alcohol I moved to a city for college and I've made no friends. I'm not exactly a social butterfly, so I'm pretty much alone for the majority of the day. I never leave my dorm room and no matter how many times I reach out to my hometown friends through text messages they ignore me. I'm so deprived of human interaction and support. My anxiety is going through the roof as I watch my friendships at home deteriorate. I've tried making friends here at my college, but I'm so incredibly shy that it has pretty much been a bust. This whole situation is making my drinking problem worse, and my 19th birthday is in two days which means I'm legally allowed to purchase alcohol. I know I won't be able to control myself with legal access to alcohol, and I know I'm heading down a slippery slope but I just don't have the energy or strength to stop myself. Usually my friends would check up on me to make sure I wasn't drinking, but nobody messages me anymore so I'm assuming they don't care. I just need a hug, haven't had one in a while
  10. I don't make wine, but my Nonno makes it. He uses a red wine recipe that's been in his family for about 100 years now. My dad never bothered to learn how to make wine and neither did his siblings, so I'd love to have my grandfather teach me so I can carry on the tradition. I turn 19 in two days, so I guess there's no better time to learn!
  11. @Vampyre I agree with every word you said. From what I've observed, this community feels more and more entitled with every passing event. I just can't understand how so many people get so riled about about mere pixels on a screen. TJ has never asked for anything in return; no membership fees, no specially bought dragons, etc. yet the players want more and more. No matter what TJ does it never seems to be enough to make anyone here happy.
  12. @Dragon_Arbock even with donations and ad-removal subscriptions he still doesn't owe us anything. You pay for ad removal and you get it, you pay for a donation and you do that knowing you are to get nothing in return. There's nothing to be 'owed' to a player in either circumstance other than removal of advertisements if they paid for it.
  13. Currently watching Bleach on and off for the past 6 years. Still only on episode 218
  14. Jeez, the cave is being swiped! Oh well, not like I didn't see it coming Looking forward to the event and new dragon!
  15. Aw man, I've been a bit inactive since starting college so I had no idea about the whole EATW viewbombing situation. Super bummed to see EATW get shut down, it has been my go-to clicksite for as long as I can remember. Gonna miss it a bunch!
  16. You miss my initial point, everyone will be on equal ground aside from players who signed up in 2018 and missed this year's drop. Plenty of players wanted to CB holidays to drop because they missed out due to the year they joined. Why would we lift the limits and put new players in a very competitive setting? The came is competitive as it is, and while it has been difficult to catch some CB holidays such as Hollies and Yulebucks, all players have a greater chance to obtain one with limits in place than without them.
  17. I've been playing for 7 years and the limits have helped me greatly on completing my CB holiday collections. It helps everyone, and raising the limit to 4 CB eggs is more than enough to have backup for rejections and projects. We have unlimited access to bred holidays, CBs shouldn't be hoarded in my opinion. As for Halloween, it went a lot smoother because there never have been limits and it's a greedy holiday. I have no use picking up say, 5 more Cavern Lurkers when I already have 7 cbs sitting on my scroll. Holiday dragons would be much more coveted due to past limits which is why it would be way harder to get CBs of certain breeds compared to Halloween.
  18. This would put new players st a huge disadvantage though. Players who signed up, say in the middle of 2018, would have a very hard time collecting CB Christmas dragons if the limits were lifted like this. Players were upset that they missed CB holidays because they weren't around to catch them, so why make it harder for new players that missed them as well? Everyone has a chance to get their hands on a CB holiday, we don't need to start getting greedy True, the holiday biome won't be used by players who have reached the limit but it will be used by new players. I support a raised limit to 4 CB holidays, but taking away that limit gives puts new players and players without certain breeds at a disadvantage when the limits were set to give everyone a level playing field.
  19. Need to clean my gecko tank and bird cage later. Should probably do some laundry as well (but I know I will push it back to tomorrow )
  20. Would much rather see the return of previous CB holidays than have any limits raised.
  21. Today marks my 7th year of playing Dragon Cave!