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  1. I'm playing Minecraft on a server.... although I should probably be doing homework instead.
  2. Back in grade 2, our vice principle went from class to class in a dress and heels (he was a man) and danced for us. Not really something you see everyday!
  3. Headphones. They surround my ear, are comfortable and are a bit safer in my opinion (can't get stuck/lodged in ears). Earbuds are OK, but I find them uncomfortable...
  4. When Ulquiorra died in bleach I cried for an hour. I loved him so much </3
  5. I just got a rat recently. Her name is Tsubaki and she's a black and white hooded rat. She's so cute :3 I actually lost quite a few of my pets to illness and old age: Kyle (Mouse, Died of Deppresion from losing his brothers) Kenny (Mouse, Dropped dead for no apperant reason, not unsual in mice) Stanley (Mouse, same reason as kenny) Sonniku (Mouse, Old age) Charli (Gerbil, Tumors) I miss all of them :'(
  6. It was so embarassing I was running down a hill at school during recess, and trees were on the hill. It was sunny and I was blinded for a moment and I ran straight into a tree. I screamed out loud: OH MY GOD! WHAT THE OW IT ING HURTS AW OWWWIE! When I got down the hill people were staring at me. My face was like this: ^^' What a bad day that was... he he...
  7. How come I'm dying? I never had a life in the first place.... *dies* When I say I have no life, I mean I play video games all day and I'm on the computer like 24/7
  8. 4 empty Mr.Noodles cups 5 empty cans of coke 2 Empty cans of gingerale a pop tart wrapper a sweet tart roll some drawings I was pulling all nighters EDIT: Forgot my South Park season 8 box se
  9. I have had them 3 times. They are so annoying. My hair is thick so it takes a while to get rid of them. You almost wipe them out and then BOOM! They repopulate like over night and then you have lots more lice :<
  10. This Shirt I'd do ANYTHING for one! I want one for christmas
  11. SP MIXES WITH MY LIFE! Ok so me and my Bf (Not kenny lol) werewalking by starks pond and then kenny comes along and sees me and my bf together, so he comes up to us. He says to me "WTF is this!?" and my bf said "Back off. I'll kill you if you don't get lost.". Kenny said to bring it on, so they got in a fist fight. So kyle and stand come up and ask what was going on and why kenny was getting the crap kiked out of him I just said I have no idea. Then my bf grabs kenny's shuriken out of his poket and throws it at him. It sliced kennys throat and it was over. Stan, kyle and me said "OMG you killed kenny, you !" I woke up at my house with kenny in my arms, and my bf, bff and my other buds saying I took a little nap after we had our long, long bikeride and they said I was screaming Don't do it! NOOO!
  12. I did that when I was lttle. Then I'd make it so that my little rubber ducks would eat it. But nothing beats a bath after a long and rough day
  13. Don't worry they can't hurt you at all. When I was 6 we used to catch them by the leggs and put them in little bug keeper things
  14. What bothers me is how people refer to things they dislike a pet peeve. It always has and always will
  15. Coulrophobia Last time I was at a fair, a clown was handing out balloons. He offered one to me and I said "Back off buddy! I- I don't want you near me!" And I ran and hid in a porta-potty and cried for like 5-10 minutes. But that was a long time ago. Now I just scream "Go away! Go away! I said go away! Please!" I also draw my own comics, which are intended for people 18 and up. They have bad language and some very innapropriet themes, but they're humorus. I'm absulutly terrified of my teacher or parents getting hold of them. Oh man I'd be in deep then
  16. Personally, I think everyone has been racist one point in their life. Ok, so there are some races I can't stand, but I would never ever treat a person of that race differently. So my mind is a bit racist, but like I said, I treat everyone the same, no matter what race
  17. I love the marrige thing and all, I just hate weddings. It's just because I have to dress in a dress. And I haven't worn a dress in 8 years. I don't dress fancy either. The fanciest I dress is with a nice shirt, some jeans and some nice shoes. So when someone asks me to their wedding, I prob won't go because I hate fancy stuff, and I always will.
  18. I'm really jumpy and so I'm all over the place when I talk. I always know what i'm going to say but it takes a while for it to come out of my mouth. This is what I sound like when talking to my friends: "Dude! OMG dude dude ummmm dude oh wait wait dude dude dued umm wait what oh yeah ummm oh ummm dude dude oh yeah last night i had fun in niagra blah blah..." I'm like that cause I'm jumpy..... all my buds think I'm annoying
  19. Ok, so this dream is prob the wierdest dream I have ever had. Kenny and me were just chilling out when he went to kiss me and then he turned into Butters and I was all like WTF!? and then butters turned evil and chased me through a bunch of cupcakes and then I bumped into kenny and I said "Kenny you gotta help me!" and then kenny turned into micheal jackson. So then butters and mj were chasing me through the land of cupcakes when suddenly ninja stan and kyle throw the 2 of them into the jello river. Then Stan got rabies and turned into a T-rex. So me and kyle were running for our live when we saw some dude kill himself and some lady have a baby. Now we are in the Jonas brothers land and all we hear is jonas songs, so we call for a magical rainbow pony where we meet the real kenny. Then I went to hug him and he saw stan coming toward us so he went and said run run and sacrificed himself to save us. But kenny was poisend so when stan ate him stan died too. Now me and kyle are in the lollypop kingdom, only humans left on earth, and we start making out. I woke up and was all like "what? how the heck did i come up with that one?"
  20. DaniBoo


    Can someone PM me a code? Really looks fun on this site!
  21. My 3 wishes: 1. Make Kenny from south park real 2. Go back to 4th grade (so I could date him) 3. Wish that there would be no more war So, If you were granted any 3 wishes, what would you wish for?