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  1. Back in September 2010, I had just gotten my first mice from a pet store. I honestly wasn't planning to get them, but I saw a man buy a few for his new pet snake that an associate was holding for him, and I thought "Maybe I could give one or two of those little guys a nice life", so after begging my mom, we bought a cage and took two mice home. Since I had just got them without planning, I had no clue on how to take care of mice, so I decided to go register for a mouse forum. After I was done that, I asked a few questions and got some answers. I was reading through them when I remember seeing a single adult Skywing dragon in the users signature. Curious to what it was, I clicked it and it took me to the dragons page. I clicked on the big "Dragon Cave" text at the top of the page, and it took me to the home page. If I remembered correctly, it displayed 3 eggs at the bottom. I clicked register because I was interested in the game, and BAM. I was instantly addicted, and I still am!
  2. Don't Want To Be Like You... in my pants.
  3. Just caught this lovely White egg. Very pretty!
  4. I would like a recolour! Dragon to be recoloured: Female Royal Blue What would you like recoloured?: All of it Main colour/colour scheme/theme: Day Glory Drake colour scheme Other: Nope Can others use this?: No
  5. Just caught this very pretty Nebula.. I'm in LOVE with this egg...
  6. ~Request Form~ Forum Name: DaniBoo Type of Dragon: Morning Glory Drake Can Others Use This: Nope Other: Havarti
  7. Blacks. As soon as I see one, regardless of where it is. I will click on it. Don't know why... I don't even like Blacks that much...
  8. It's perfect! Thanks so much TTLOSpyrogirl!
  9. Ooooooh pretty eggies! Thanks so much!
  10. If you could lighten it that would be great!
  11. Just got 2 zombies in a row... woot woot!
  12. Oh my gosh... http://dragcave.net/lineage/uTgtK
  13. That's one pretty Marrow! Nice catch!
  14. I'm currently in gr.8, but grade 6-7 were the worst times for me. I was depressed, had low grades and barely attended school. I couldn't handle my parents divorce and I fell into a deep, dark hole. I'm all better now, but those were really scary times for me because I wasn't sure what was going to become of me.
  15. 1) Belly. 0 2) Ribs. 0 3) Underarms. 2 4) Neck. 10 5) Back. 2 6) Feet. 10 7) Sides 5 Not really a ticklish person.. but if anyone tickles my neck I burst out laughing and squirming. I hate it! >.<
  16. Just caught this little Bright Breasted Wyvern hatchie in the AP Thanks AsheraAshtoreth, it's a beauty!
  17. Pretty Lineages on these guys! Marrow: http://dragcave.net/lineage/42SXT Shadow Walker: http://dragcave.net/lineage/msHnU Pumpkin: http://dragcave.net/lineage/0Ojj2 EDIT: Oops! Forgot what link I was copying! Sorry Rubyshoes!
  18. My Terrae's parents have very... er, unique codes.
  19. Chronicles of Vladimir Tod: Ninth Grade Slays by Heather Brewer.
  20. I would like a recolour! Dragon to be recoloured: Adult Pink Female What would you like recoloured?: All Main colour/colour scheme/theme: Pink parts coloured light blue (preferably this), inside of wings, stomach and ears coloured white Other: If possible, a dark royal blue heart on thigh Can others use this?: No
  21. Just picked up this gorgeous 4th Gen, PB Nebula from the AP. Many thanks to the breeder
  22. I caught this Dark Myst Pygmy in the AP a while ago hoping it was a CB. I kept it because of it's pretty lineage
  23. This is by far my favourite click site. Clean, simple and easy to use.