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  1. I'd dye my hair a darker brown, as my dye has faded and my hair is reddish brown now And I'd also add turquoise streaks
  2. The Walking Dead... in my bed.
  3. Just caught a nicely lineaged Stone hatchling in the AP, as well as a Cheese dragon in the cave
  4. For my real name, I'm a female Deep Sea. For my nickname, I'm a female Neotropical. And my username isn't taken *evil laugh*
  5. Caught two pretties today! http://dragcave.net/lineage/b2W5h http://dragcave.net/lineage/hNIlI Thank you very much breeders!
  6. I caught this pretty Tinsel Fail Nebula egg in the AP a few minutes ago.
  7. Just grabbed two of these pretties! Thanks TJ!
  8. DaniBoo


    That is truly sad. If a woman needs an abortion, let her do it. I'd honestly see a clump of cells die rather than a free will thinking individual die.
  9. Sunsongs. The colours were irresistible and I HAD to have one. I could never really catch dragons back then but I caught one eventually.
  10. I can speak English, I'm learning French in school (mandatory until after Gr. 9), and I'm currently self-teaching myself Japanese until I can sign up for classes down by our local Japanese Cultural Centre.
  11. Neotropical Oh my gosh... I was not expecting that. I was expecting a a CB or a horrible lineage, but that lineage just took my breath away. Thank you so much breeder!