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  1. The only way to obtain prizes that aren't CB is to share. Giving is sharing. Trading is also some-what sharing (because then the person who received the prize will most likely breed and pass those on, and so on). It doesn't matter if it's a second gen prize or tenth gen, there is no requirement for spreading prizes throughout DC. It'd be nice for other people to obtain prizes, but then again, there is a lot of drama already about the prize dragon that hasn't even been given out to winners, imagine the drama when if and when they'll be able to breed. If they were unbreedable, no drama starts and it's fair for everyone.
  2. This. I don't see a problem with that. The winners aren't required to breed them and share the offspring with the rest of DC. It's their prize, why should they have to share it?
  3. It's up to the breeder what they'll do with their Dragon. It's not wasted, it's not required to be bred and shared. If it was supposed to be bred and shared, then that would be a waste. But prize dragons don't have any requirements on what you have to do with them, so there is no waste.
  4. The new eggs are gorgeous, and the decorating will be fun! Thank you TJ and all the spriters that made this happen. Merry christmas!
  5. 10 minutes left! I'm so exited, can't wait for the new eggs!
  6. Very true. TPBM thinks kittens are cute
  8. o3o Eh? Why would you bite me? What did I do to you!? *sits in corner*
  9. That looks much better! Thank you very much!
  10. Hmm... the white doesn't look as good as it did in my head. If you could switch the crust back to black it would be great (as long as it's not too much trouble)
  11. I eat tomatoes like apples. I also enjoy cold steak and hamburgers with no condiments or toppings.
  12. I would like a recolour! Dragon to be recoloured: Magma What would you like recoloured?: The whole thing Main colour/colour scheme/theme: I'd like the crust of the dragon white and the magma purple (The colour code for the purple I'd like it to be is #8000FF). Other: Once you're done, could you make a copy and flip it so that the two face opposite of each other? Can others use this?: Nope Thank you~