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  1. Never Wanted to Dance - Mindless Self Indulgence
  2. I Refuse to Sink - Blood On The Dance Floor
  3. Rats are indeed intelligent. I have a hard time keeping up with my little girls They're also very high maintenance.
  4. My worst injury was when I was six. I jumped off of a swing in our backyard and landed on my arm. I broke it and didn't realise it until I saw the hospital that my mom was taking me to.
  5. Starbursts and Sweet Tarts are my favourite candies of all time.
  6. I have Cynophobia, which is the fear of dogs. I'm not scared of them to the point that I will faint, but I will definitely avoid them and even run away from the area they are present in.
  7. Completed Requests: None yet
  8. Welcome to my sig shop! I've been quite bored lately so I thought I'd try making banners/buttons for signatures here on the forums. These are free so don't worry about any payment. Examples: Free to use Free to use Free to use Slots: 1. 2. 3. 4. Request Form:
  9. I don't think I'd ever be comfortable to be in a poly relationship, but that's just me. I'm not against it, it's not my choice or my business whether or not someone wants to be a polygamist, so I can't tell people it's wrong. If it makes the person happy, then let them do it as long as it doesn't harm or put anyone in danger. I support polygamy, I just would never be a polygamist or be in a poly relationship.
  10. Highest views: 14,879 Highest UV: 1,953 Highest clicks: 34 Lowest views: 1,120 Lowest UV: 261 Lowest clicks: 0
  11. I just summoned my first GoN! I'm so happy
  12. I love Mints, so I picked up this little egg. What a pleasant surprise!
  13. I almost let a raccoon into our house thinking it was my cat.
  14. I have 4 little ratties: Naomi, Atsuko, Kazumi and Umeko. They're such sweet little girls. I used to have a Leopard Gecko named Lizzi, but she passed away on February 16th at the age of 18.