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  1. I was curious about that myself. Sadly all the eggs I tested it on were between 2 days and 3 days 23 hours. So I guess they weren't low enough time to produce a Neg. But I'd love to know if anyone tests it out successfully and gets one. Good luck to anyone who tires!
  2. Alright, I've been playing around with it, putting inuc-hatchible (non-prize) eggs with 0 views into EATW. It will hatch them literally in a matter of seconds. If you then take it out as soon as it's hatched, it won't get sick. (tired this 10 times with the same results). While I'm still annoyed at the loss of my eggs, EATW has basically become an almost instant hatch machine for anything below four days and could be useful if you're VERY careful. Such mixed feeling about it, lol
  3. Thanks for everyone helping with this! I really appreciate it! I was all bummed my eggs died, by but all of you taking the time to talk to me helped a lot, really made me feel better about it.
  4. I'm just relieved it happened to a couple of the lessor eggs. It could have been much worse, not that I'm happy it happened at all....
  5. My point exactly. It threw me for a loop it was so unexpected.
  6. Some, it happened with five different eggs. A gold Shim, a blue Zyu, a Gold, a Swallowtail, and I can't remember the other one but it wasn't one of the rares. One Of my friends said the same thing was happening to her that night too, but she didn't tell me what the dragons were. They were all up to over 7000 clicks due to being in the ERs so long.
  7. Alright, thanks for the info guys, I really appreciate it.
  8. I also noticed a glitch on the timer the other night (don't know it if might be related or not) but my eggs weren't hatching until their times were at 3 days and 21 hours or lower. As a result they all stayed in the ERs much longer than they normal would and all of them got sick, but thankfully I caught it and fogged them.
  9. Yes I was. I've just removed all my eggs from it, will that fix the problem? I have some really rare eggs on my scroll right now and I'm super afraid of loosing them.
  10. Okay so I'm not sure if this should go here or not, but I couldn't seem to find anything on it anywhere, so here goes. I had two of creatures die today and it blew mind. Here's why: I haven't had an egg or hatchi die in years. I've been playing long enough to know on average how long it take one of my hatchies or eggs to die of sickness and I always fog them as soon as I see they've gotten sick. And sometimes it can take me 4 or 5 hours to notice or even a whole day, they stay sick that whole time without dying. I fog them until they're over it. So I can say with confidence that in my 7 years of playing I've never had an egg or hatchi die so quickly as today. My first egg died this morning. I went to bed around 8 this morning and my egg was perfectly fine and down to less the 4 hours till it hatched. I woke around noon to find it dead. I was unhappy about this, but moved on, thinking that maybe someone had tossed it into one of the hatcheries with my knowledge or perhaps it had just received and abnormal about of clicks for some reason or another. https://dragcave.net/view/5QTnS But when my second one died, I found that theory was hard to believe. I left my house at 4 to go to the store, and I made sure to check all my eggs we're healthy and where they should be click-wise. (I was double certain or this because of the paranoia cause by the first eggs death.) My egg had roughly an 1-2 hours left before it hatched. I was only gone about an hour and 45 min and came to find that my egg had hatched and then promptly died. https://dragcave.net/view/hsZCY I was extremely upset. I've never had anything die so quickly ever. Not even when I have an egg at 7 days and throw it into everyone of the hatcheries. Is this a glitch? Or have I missed something? I am now constantly refreshing my page to make sure nothing has gotten sick in the 5 minutes I wasn't looking at. And I know it's a long shot, but if there's anyway I can get them back if this is a glitch, I'd very much appreciate it. I tired to revive my hatchi, but of course that failed... Thanks for your time. AngelusMichael
  11. Have: 6th gen checkered Cavern Lurker x Royal Crimson, Zcode and Thuwed. Already appropriately influenced. ZdeCE Want: ANY CB Halloween egg or hatchi other than Male Caligene or Cavern Lurkers. Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings!