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  1. I've decided to name a few of my commons and duplicates names innspired by the tv show Parks and Rec So far my ideas are Ron Swanson, Leslie Knope, Knope We Can, Spirit of Pawnee, Mouserat, Rentasawg, Vote Yes For Knope... yeah
  2. Just missed an AP Gold egg with "rapid-fire refresh" *sadface*
  3. What I hate... Getting too trigger-happy on the refresh button and when you see that rare egg you've already hit refresh and have no chance to snag it... You watch as the page refreshes and curse yourself. I do this too often...
  4. I realize any rap/hip-hop song has the ability to get stuck in my head. ... Especially "Down" by Jay Sean, "All I Do Is Win" by DJ Khaled, "Swing" by Savage, "I Love The Way You Lie" by Eminem ft Rhianna... Yeah. Haha.
  5. Anyone who watches Smosh... I just named my Flamingo Wyvern "Mah Daym Pet Flamingo" .... Yeah... I also named a Cheese Dragon "Bleu" in hopes I can get another one to name "Cheese"...
  6. Glowstick Bonanza Espada A Deep-Sea. I still am trying to figure out why I thought that was such a suitable name... (Btw Espada is the Surname for all my Dragons) And for any of you medieval literature buffs... I have a Split named Beo und (German for "and") Wulf... x3
  7. Woot!! Humans suck! Haha. I mentioned the endangered ones to make a point that some wolves ARE endangered. The ones I mentioned are very endangered. Some of the subspecies are very endangered as well and THESE ones people do kill. Usually because they are in countries who have little to no laws that protect animals.. =___= Yes. See, I love wolves. So I want to be informed about them. Haha. I don't like people who talk about how pretty or special they are but know nothing about the real animal. It's just cotton candy fluff. I've actually read a lot of books on wolves that were fascinating. I really recommend "Wolf: Legend, Enemy, Icon" by Rebecca L. Grambo. It was such a great read. It went over how wolves went from a legend that were revered as gods and brothers by humans to evil minions of Satan who were hunted because they were wolves, to a symbol of the wild and mysterious animals (there are still many things to discover about them! Wolves avoid humans for the most part. And I don't blame them...) Why I love wolves: They are the music of the wild. It's a very haunting, striking sound. It's so melancholy. I love howls. Lucky person. What a cool video. And this is my wolf, Tristan, howling hahaha He has a funny howl. :b
  8. But that's the thing. I know wolves aren't super duper endangered. In fact they've made quite a comeback! But Mexican Gray Wolves are very endangered... They do need to be protected. Definitely. So are Red Wolves. And Ethiopian Wolves. Ethiopian Wolves are the most endangered canid. Also, most people are talking about Gray wolves, Canis Lupus. Many of the subspecies of the gray wolf are threatened or endangered. But still, aerial hunting is WRONG. Wrong in the wrongest sense. If other animals are being hunted this way, I strongly oppose it. It's a very inhumane practice. Just because they aren't endangered doesn't mean they have to be treated in this manner. I guess I don't have a problem with hunting. Well, I don't like it. But I understand people hunt. I guess what I really hate is people taking pictures with the dead animals and smiling and posing with them. Ugg. The wild normally took care of population control. This is why scientists are very interested in Isle Royale in Northern Michigan. It's a perfect example to a healthy predator-prey system in the wild. For the most part they keep each other balanced. We humans kind of mess things up and throw it off balance... Ha...
  9. See, this is what I mean. People are trying to belittle those who like wolves and do want to protect them. Okay, I got your point the first time. There are more endangered animals. I know. But that doesn't mean we can still want to protect wolves along with these animals. It's just this pompous air of "oh wolves are just not as special, don't you get it? Why bother caring about them?" ... Because I care about them? Dogs aren't endangered at all. Neither are cats. But I care about them. I volunteered at an animal shelter to help those without homes. But, seeing as they aren't rare or endangered was it a waste of time to help them and care about them? I hope not. All that picking up poop and cleaning litter boxes would have been in vain... That's what I have the problem with. Is this attitude people seem to have of "let's not care about the wolves at all".
  10. Well, I still think we should care about wolves.... They don't deserved to be killed. I for one don't like hunting as it is. Unless it is something you do as a cultural practice and/or use the animal for something other than decoration. Something practical, like eating. But I think we need to stop the aerial hunting of wolves. That's horrible. I cannot stomach the idea. That's something where the wolves deserve "oh my goodness those poor animals".
  11. Yes, I know. But I felt people were saying how we shouldn't talk about wolves... Or more that we shouldn't like them. ... I just freakin' like the animals. Look, I respect everyone's opinion but it feels like no one respects the opinion of us who say "hey, I like wolves". It feels as if people are like, trying to get me to stop liking them and like other animals more... O___o ? The argument is "other animals are more interesting". That's great. But I like wolves and find them interesting. So, I will talk about them. Especially in a thread about wolves. And I also understand that we can talk about how we don't think wolves are that great (or about killing them which I think is wrong in most cases) but yes. I see the point. I just don't like people seeming like... I don't know, I'm wasting my time liking them.... And yeah, I agree with you there. The only emoticons that should exist are and Haha.
  12. "Northern Lights" by Famous Like You (formerly A Kidnap In Color) This song always is in my head! If I asked you to dance, would you hang on tiiiiight?! And tell me everything will be alright... Let's do a step on the stars, I wanna light up the skyyyyy, so that it's brighter than the Northern Lights... ~<3
  13. I'm interested in wolves! ... Haha. And I love cryptozoology. Heck I don't care if they really are fake. I love all that kind of stuff. Especially the Jersey Devil! And I think emotions are needed. Haha. Even if I don't like them sometimes, they also help enhance life. If you didn't feel happiness or sorrow or joy life would be so dull. I like art. And art is something that can be scientific and also appeals to aesthetics and emotions. I think that's the beauty of it. I consider myself a very logical person. I like logical people more than overly emotional people... On the other hand I like things that are emotional. I do cry every time I watch The Lion King... <.< Music is emotion. So many songs are about emotions. I think without the ability to feel emotion there would really be no music. But aside from that, I think my MAIN point I would like to make... is this thread is about wolves. So if you want to talk about other animals go to another thread. No one is stopping you. If you want to talk about the animals you like most, go to another thread... It's not like us wolf-lovers are trying to not let anyone talk about other animals... It's just this thread is about wolves. :b
  14. "I will not make more than a single scroll. I'm perfectly content on just a single scroll. I frown upon those who use multiple scrolls and holding scrolls. REAL family members and friends are not holding scrolls and will not be used as such. I will not make a holding scroll and claim it to be a family member or friend." ... I solemnly swear that I will have only one scroll.
  15. I've heard of plenty of people who are more than excited to study wolves. Haha. Wolves are still mysterious. Like where I have my wolf, it's all dedicated to wolf research and people who study wolf behavior. And wolves can be interesting to study. I think anything is interesting to learn about... But of course there are animals we know less about. And that are more endangered. But I really can't say one is more interesting than another. However, compared to their original range, wolves are pretty endangered. I mean if you look at where they used to live compared to where you can find them now, it's kind of sad. Most of where they used to live they have been completely extirpated from areas. But they are least concern for extinction as a whole species... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Wolf_distr.gif <-- Range map. But really, if you start learning more about them and delving into the subspecies it's really fascinating how many subspecies there are. Particularly the Arabian Wolf. Just because wolves are my favorite animals, I don't consider myself a Wolfaboo. I actually have done a LOT of research and reading on them and want to know about their REAL selves. I don't draw pictures of TEH SPARKLEZY WOLFIES WIFF TEH WINGSSS and such. When I draw a wolf, I like to draw it realistically. Haha. ... But you must admit, no animal can howl like a wolf.... I mean other animals howl, don't get me wrong, but a wolf's howl is just so spectacular. Haha. Seeing them howl was one of the coolest experiences of my life. ... And isn't this precious... x3
  16. .... Devil Wears Prada IS NOT metal. Jamie's Elsewhere for any fans of hardcore/scremo kind of music. If you Chiodos, you will like Jamie's Elsewhere. They're really, really good. A Skylit Drive are also fantastic. Hardcore/screamo/Progressive. But this isn't your whiny scremo. No. Oh no. They have an epic sound. Definitely have influences of prog. Really awesome band. All the members are pretty young, but know how to play their music. Seeing them live is just amazing. Please listen to them! :-D Atavan is amazing. I met these guys and they are so nice. I had also never seen them before. Was I pleasantly surprised. I also love the band A Kidnap In Color. They're local and just fantastic. But they're now called Famous Like You. I like the new stuff, but nowhere near A Kidnap In Color's stuff... Same band pretty much, they just changed names and style. But yeah. But PLEASE listen to Famous Like You's song "Northern Lights"!!! It's so fantastic. Best song by them. It's beautiful. I'd call them "pop rock/rock". Breathe Carolina. I've seen these guys go from JUST signed and virtually unknown to pretty "big", at least in the way of smaller bands... Like they're well-known compared to other bands in their category... But their music is so catchy. I love it. Haha. They put on a fun live show too. They're crunk core/electronic/dance/screamo... Haha. MONORAL. Really, really, really good band. They have a bigger fanbase in South America and Europe... But NO ONE knows about them in the US. They had a song, "Kiri", that was the opening for the anime Ergo Proxy. That's how I heard about them. I went and looked them up to listen to their other stuff and was astounded. The singer has such a good voice. I'd call them alternative/progressive rock. All The Right Moves. Randomly saw these guys at a show. I was there for another band (Kidnap In Color) but these guys were really good. Definitely not your normal pop-rock. I love the violin! = D Yes! They have a violin player as part of their band! His name is Roman and he's AMAZING! >D Mark Rose. He's a solo artist who used to be in a band called Spitalfield. My boyfriend is friend's with him, so we went to one of his shows. I was SO impressed with this guy's voice and musical talent. There was hardly anyone there at the show, but he was so good I wish more people could have been there to hear him play. Gold Motel. Saw them with Mark Rose. I think the singer was from The Hush Sounds.... Yeah. Anyway, another fantastic band. Love their music. I had never heard them until I saw them, and I loved how well they played live. The singer is a girl, and her voice is so amazing an unique. She's one of the few female singers I really like. I love their sound, they're like old rock and rockabilly... Remind me of old music you'd hear on 50's jukeboxes. Like Elvis and such. Antioquia. Found these guys while wandering around Milwaukee's Summerfest this year. They were this little hippie band with those stainless steel water bottles playing on a tiny stage that was so out of the way, and looked like a tiki hut. And they were fantastic. Another female singer who has a voice I really like. They're like, experimental/tropical... It's like rock and Island music and Latin music and all sorts of awesomeness. Great to dance to! BALIAR!! : D Safe to say I've heard of all the bands on this page. And seen some of them live. Haha. I've seen Mayday Parade, Every Avenue, and Breathe Electric. Breathe Electric is reeeeeally local. Like, I've seen them play at Knights of Columbus Halls. And @ScaretMoon_Dragon... I've heard of House of heroes. Haha. There's few bands I haven't at least heard of... I am/was a kind of scene kid. I sort of dressed like one... But I'm not at all mean like them. But I went to SOOOO many shows. I used to go to at least one show a weekend. And these were mostly local bands, so I've been exposed to "smaller" music.
  17. I have Jay Sean's "Down" stuck in my head! But I love that song... owo;; But I have Breathe Carolina's cover in my head... Which I like even more than the original! Because I love Breathe Carolina<3 Another song that always gets stuck in my head is "All I Do Is Win" by DJ Khaled... <.< Again, I like this song.
  18. Agreed! Vexx you brought up many good points. I agree we are all biased. That's why I dislike when people point out you are biased... but they are as well. It's how we are! My point I was trying to make is that wolves are strong and smart. Not that they are THE strongest or THE smartest, but that they are smart. I like all animals. I really do. Wolves just happen to be my favorite. My boyfriend says humans are his favorite animal! Haha. I like bats too. :3 But this thread IS about wolves... so... yeah. People should be prepared for talk about wolves in this thread, including that they are smart... and pretty. They are pretty looking. It's strange how intense their eyes are. ... However, my dog has conversations with me. It's scary. <.< Hahaha.
  19. Killing MYSELF in Halo numerous times in a variety of ways... Be it plasma grenade, normal grenade, or falling off the edge of something. I am really good at dying in Halo... : D
  20. I just like wolves. I'm sick of people telling me reasons why they aren't great. They are. Animals are great. I love other animals. I have a standard poodle. So, I know. She's a very smart dog. And dogs still have a pack mentality. Dogs will make rankings within a home. Dogs have instincts they still follow. If you have ever watched Cesar Milan, he works with this "dog psychology" and most of it is dogs' instincts and how their brains function. And they make packs within their own species. Having two dogs in your home, I bet one is an alpha and one is a beta. Sorry, but dogs still have pack instincts within their own species. Simple fact. But also, wolves in the wild NEED to be in a pack. It's their way of surviving. They hunt large prey that they need more than one wolf to take down. Lone wolves don't do so well. Wolves in a pack have a much better chance of survival, even then it's a tough life. Wolves typically live 3 to 5 years in the wild. But you say some dogs are stronger than wolves. Um, so? Bears are stronger than wolves. But the point of this argument is intelligence, not strength. Wolves still have more strength than some dogs, especially in jaw strength. The biting capacity of a wolf is 1,000 to 1,500 pounds of pressure per square inch. The strength of a wolf's jaws makes it possible to bite through a moose femur in six to eight bites. In comparison, a German shepherd has a biting pressure of 750 pounds per square inch. So yeah, wolves are still strong animals. Yes, wolves aren't as "nifty" as dogs. Dogs have been breed to preform specific actions and therefore are better suited or stronger than wolves. But as I said before, we have our dogs because we have wolves. So without wolves we wouldn't have been able to make our breeds of man's best friend. They do have brains that are 10% larger than dogs that are roughly around their same size. And wolves are big. Really big. My wolf is easily as tall as I am on his hind legs. And I'm nearly 6 feet tall. His paws are the size of my hand. And perhaps you say dogs are smarter, because we've taken the time to TRAIN dogs. To perform tasks for us. Wolves, well, are wild. We don't train them. And if we do, on some level, they are surprisingly clever. Wolves can learn these things that make a dog seem smart, like being able to open a gate or follow human instructions. In fact, wolves who were raised by humans were found to follow human gestures much better than domestic dogs. And since when does "well-trained" equal "more intelligent"? Cats are very intelligent animals, but they don't seem to learn "tricks". They are more independent and are incredibly resourceful and self-reliant". Where canines are more of pack animals. Studies in the early 1980s showed that wolves, from which dogs probably descended, can unlock a gate after watching a human do it once, while dogs remained stumped after watching repeatedly. Now people found the dogs actually learned this faster than thought, but they were waiting for their master's command. So it seems the dogs and wolves could both learn it, but the wolf didn't need a command to prompt they behavior. It just did what it wanted to do to get what it wanted, and that is the open gate. So wolves that are raised by people can also learn things very quickly. But most wolves are wild, and don't need to communicate or interact with people. I think animals like ravens and others you mentioned are very smart, and could be smarter than a wolf. But that's not my point. My point is wolves ARE smart. I don't care if you don't like them or like other animals more than them. That's fine. Not everyone has the same favorite animal. I'm just saying they are smart. And actually, dogs have been able to perform tasks chimpanzees failed at. So if a dog could do it, a wolf would also have the capability. And yeah, I'm biased because I like wolves. But I've done an immense amount of reading and research on them. I've seen them up close. They all had human-like qualities beyond a doubt. And besides, seeing as you don't like wolves that much, or think other animals are better, you too have a bias. You just are on the opposite side. So saying I have a bias to undermine my arguments doesn't work because most of the time, we are biased. Everyone has biases on issues. And its great you find other animals more interesting. That's cool. I find wolves interesting. I love them. I'm going to be honest and say that. I love dogs too. But wolves are my favorite animals.
  21. Looooove screamo. Haaaa. I guess I don't like... Led Zepplin. I'm sorry, I just don't. Stairway to Heaven is the longest, most boring song ever. Don't like their music. Hate Taylor Swift. That's about it. I don't hate much music. Country though. I like some folk, bluegrass but only like, one band. And Lady Antebellum's song "Need You Now" is SUCH a guilty pleasure of mine... Hahaha. I have a really wide taste in music. I like most things. I can stand some rap, and most hip-hop. I like some of it. If it's good to me, I listen to it. If not, I try not to. Oh yes. Nickleback. My gosh they suck. Buttrock is just awful. And Brokencyde. That's not music that's fail. Horrible noise. I like crunk core at times too, like Breathe Carolina. Love them. And some 3OH3! and such. But Brokencyde is awful. So are the Millionaires. Annoying girls who need to shut up and stop trying to make "music".
  22. Left 4 Dead.... And Left 4 Dead 2 are some of my favorite games. Ever. I cosplayed Hunter! : D I pretty much just play the story line though. I never play online.
  23. -A Skylit Drive Fantastic band. If you like hardcore and such. The singer has a beautiful voice, really high for a guy. If you like bands like Alesana, AFI and Chiodos you'd like them. Super sweet guys too, they are just so amazingly nice. Awesome live. -AFI Their newest stuff, not so awesome. But everything else is brilliant. Havok is a genius when it comes to lyrics -Blaqk Audio Davey and Jade from AFI making electronic music. It's so good. -Lady Gaga I just love Lady Gaga. She's got such a good voice. Her songs are so catchy. And her videos are fantastic! -Train Love this band. Their songs are so well written and catchy. They make me feel a lot of emotion when I listen to them. I love the singer's voice too. Their songs mean a lot to me personally, so, yes. Especially "If It's Love". Oh goodness that song is, is just beautiful. - A Kidnap In Color/Famous Like You These guys are a local band from my area. They just changed their name to Famous Like You... I liked their older music (and name). But they're still really good! They put on a great live show and their singer Davey has a reeeeeeally amazing voice. Their song "Leave The Light On" literally makes me cry. It's the most beautiful sad song I've ever heard. - 30 Seconds to Mars The drums.... Love the drums. Jared has a great voice. And the songs always have cool, existential lyrics about the universe. - MONORAL A Japanese band that sings in English. The singer is Japanese and Moroccan and the bass player is Japanese and American. They have really good songs with great basslines. Anis (singer) has SUCH a powerful, deep voice for such a beautiful man... *__* - Breathe Carolina Screamo/Electronic. Haha. I love the two guys who are this band. They're really nice and their music is just fun to listen to. - BUCK-TICK A Jrock band. They're very old, they've been around since like, 1984. They've got a lot of different styles in their music. I love the singer's voice. Atsushi Sakurai is... he's just amazing. Great bass too. They've just got interesting music, and a great sound. I like their music because it's more.... mature? Or something. - MGMT Love MGMT. Crazy, hippie, psychedelic music. I don't even know how to describe these guys... Different. - Atavan These guys are a smaller band from Michigan. Happened to catch them live once and was thoroughly impressed. Amazing singer. The lyrics are great. Good, solid rock/pop rock. Not too poppy either. Yeah. I like music a lot. I go to a lot of concerts, or I used to. Not as much anymore. Those are just my favorite bands. I like so many more. Like Interpol, Jamie's Elsewhere, Cinematic Sunrise, The Alumni Club, MUSE, The Strokes, Meg & Dia, Rise Against, The Foo Fighters... Umm... Just a lot of stuff.
  24. Yep! Maned wolves are some of my favorite canines! They're soooo pretty. I like how long their legs are. Definitely cool.
  25. Percy Jackson. I think it's not written at a super high reading level, but it's a much better series. And besides, the main character is a young boy and it's written in Percy's first-person perspective. I think the writing style suits what his thoughts would sound like. It's funny, has lots of action, a fantastic plot with amazing twists, and the Greek gods. Yeah they are childish, but they're meant to be. They're fun to read and the plots twists are awesome. WIN. Eragon. I. Could. Not. Stand. Reading. These. Books. Tried reading Eragon once and wanted to puke. Eragon is SUCH A FRICKIN GARY STU IT'S DISGUSTING. I was bored and felt the book was a secret "Star Wars/Lord of the Rings" fanfiction with dragons thrown into the mix o' fail. Then I tried reading Eldest and again, almost died from the strong impulse to gauge my eyes out and throw them in a bucket of bleach after trying to read it. Eragon is annoying, has no redeemable qualities and all the characters are Gary Stus or Mary Sues that can't be liked. I only liked Murtaugh and Eragon was a bag to him. Saphira was cool too. Brom was cool and then he died. Sure he had the "other language" and all that stuff and "details! OOOO SHINY!!!" His details were so over-the-top that I got annoyed and wanted him to STFU!!! about his stupid race of elves and all the other garbage in those books. Other authors have made other languages. It doesn't make him a genius. The story had a lot of promise. Don't get me wrong. I think if he spent more time on making Eragon more believable and gave him less of an atrocious personality, the books would have been good. And it's not that he's a whiner that annoys me. I loved "The Catcher in the Rye". Holden Caufield is the ultimate complainer in literary history. But his character was just so much more interesting that I actually cared about what he had to say. So yeah, based on the two choices I'm definitely going to pick Percy Jackson. The books are in no way the best books every written, nor are they my favorite series. But I definitely like them more than Eragon...