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  1. Ohhh it's an amp this year, nice! though with how busy christmas time was for us i managed to completely miss the event...
  2. Then just dont use the discord. No one here has said to remove the irc in favor of discord. Just because it doesn't suit you doesn't mean it wouldn't for many others. Regarding the ability to see previous messages; besides getting art critiques, you wouldnt have to worry about or find yourself accidentally butting into some important conversation, or any sort of delicate tension-filled situation filled with nothing but silence and no one responding to your inquiry of what was going on. Since you can see the previous conversation (even in its entirety) you can make an informed decision of
  3. Because maybe.... just maybe.... the pearl isn't in the paw At All Times and is sometimes.... suspended between the antlers gasp, what? Ok, maybe a bit too much sass there (the granted the intent was humor) but basically unless it happens, i dont think the desc needs to be changed. It's not like the pearl won't *ever* be between the antlers, just in the little depiction there it happens to be in the paw ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  4. Even if you had a video proving you didn't trace, i'd legitimately like to see you do what you did with your horse drawing on DC and see you try to get away with it. Those are extremely similar.
  5. Not that my voice here really matters BUT that's not gonna stop me from sharing it. Yeah, i can kinda see how the adult possibly may have had some parts traced. The hatchling, though? There's only so many poses you can do with a tiny complex sprite like that. This one is running. Four legged animals in reality also have a tendency to run. I can buy the adult, but you lose me on the hatchie. Also, opinion here, like absolute pure opinion; maybe it shouldntve had hooves? Considering how close in anatomy the adult is to a regular deer, it's almost just a purple deer with wings. Also
  6. Greatly appreciating the extended release these holidays have now, i completely forgot about it on the actual day (and since we were on a week long vacation elsewhere, i didnt have a means to catch any that day regardless). Also, seeing the original adult just makes me love the new one more. It's far better in nearly every sense, imo. And a bonus, they're purple. Finally a v-day dragon that isnt some shade of pink ! I would like to know just what exactly went down, but as how things usually go down here that probably won't happen. Gotta keep up the drama, right?* Along those lin
  7. .... I completely missed this release. I wasn't expecting an event in between holidays releases. Hm.
  8. Somehow got one, only to get a crashed site on the next page click. Guess we'll wait a bit.
  9. Aaaaaaa thank youuuu Finally beat the game of hell, got my badge and i'm happy-neutral once more~ I like the idea of difficulty levels, like easier ones for idiots like me, and harder ones for smart people who find this fun.
  10. Since it somehow survived the recent completed list wipe, the laefin. Back to the actual topic help pls?
  11. I'm coping by angrily respriting something here i did an eternity ago before trying that hellgame again i just need to beat it once [i think?] and then never again
  12. Thanks, yeah i looked it up and figured out it's harmless. At least there's that x__x Personally i'm still angry/livid at whoever came up with this event game. I need that badge but heck this game, heck it to hell
  13. thank you guys ;~; but alas, im an idiot got the ONE dang box in that upper right corner just fml and i also hate everything and tj i just want the dang badge is there another way to get the badge without having to go through this asinine game? EDIT: and dear god what NOW there's green fog on some of my dragons and if they change or die im going to be even more pissed than i am already.
  14. Hated minesweeper, hate this too. I just want the badge -__- EDIT: OK, I AM extremely sick of this. please help before i strangle someone, possibly myself?
  15. Will there be a blue/winter and green+pink/spring version of the new style? If this has already been answered, link me.
  16. http://dragcave.wikia.com/wiki/Currently_Being_Released
  17. Whatever they are, they're pretty, and i'm glad we get to see them at all.
  18. If you're going to have everything be in columns like that, do it for ALL of the links on the page. Why the heck are action/links centered under the dragon image? stop that Ultimately i really dislike the new update, but besides the annoying actions/links link being out of place it may have been tolerable. We seem to be going from two clean columns to four columns and two centered links. Not sure how that's meant to be 'cleaner' looking. I do like the text color change, however.
  19. hee, i knew it. Very happy theyre incave now, grats nirami~ Now if only i could find/catch some :\
  20. yells i totally know the golden ones im so happy they got released time to hoard edit assuming i can even get one geez dont tell me he released two uncommons/rares
  21. rad, the thread as been updated then ouo b
  22. o3o b thank~ also finishing the rest of these since i noticed the links have been broken on the CL for awhile so might as well, ya? new new also very minor recoloring on the eg just so it matches with the hue fixes. with this, think i can go update the thread with these?
  23. That description... these guys are dorks, i love them. bless you infi might look good with skywings/blusangs?