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  1. Dark Souls. Fighting the Bed of Chaos and dying about 10x from it throwing me into the holes in the floor. Then I realized I could stand against the back wall and shoot it 10x to kill it -.- Dark Souls. New Londo Ruins- first time walking through, walk into "empty" room. 10 ghosts come through ceiling/wall/floor. Insta-kill lol. Total War: Shogun 2 Playing through 125 turn Short Campaign. (Requirements to win are holding 25 territories). Last year, go to take over the 25th...5 Christian rebellions occur and I lose all 5 provinces. (Failed the campaign of over 10 hours due to forgetting about religious sway) Also, new campaign. Lose home province on 5th turn due to not paying attention to my surroundings. (Went to take enemy province, enemy army went around behind me...doh) Call of Duty MW3. Get to round 43 of Survival on a medium map. Forget to buy ammo in between rounds with 10,000 credits. Fail. Dark Souls...again. Missing any platforming section makes me feel like a complete failure. Or anytime you fall for someones fake message (leading to your death).
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    Well purchased spore recently and I still hold my belief that the gameplay lacks variety in some aspects. However, I do enjoy the creature creator and space mode. Here's my sporecast, just getting started really. Feel free to leave comments: Sporecast
  3. Well latest debacle was in Firefight Matchmaking in Halo: Reach. We're in the second round wave 5 I believe. I have just a DMR and a pistol left. It's an elite wave with fuel rods and swords. My team is horrible, one of them quit and the other two had over 30 deaths each at the end. I manage to single-handedly fight off 4 or 5 of the elites jumping like a madman, my shields at zero with red health. Then as I'm reloading the pistol a grunt comes around the corner and one shots me in the face with a plasma pistol. I ended the firefight with 17k points and 134-2 (the other being a hunter and my face). I was a little irked lol
  4. Counting down the days, bout 8 till I go out and buy it. Reason why I'm waiting is because I know if I buy it now I won't be going to class or practice any day this week. But thanksgiving break I can play all I want Better go warm up on COD: MW2 lol
  5. Injury wise the worst would be my knee. Playing football in middle school took a helmet to the back of it. Hurt for awhile but I never thought much of it. Turns out it shifted the kneecap or a bone nearby so it developed a little differently than my other knee over the years. Not to mention occasional pain flaring up during high physical activity (I'm a wrestler, flexibility is a must and the knees bend often) or while running. Also it always feels tense. So lesson here is if you get an injury get it checked out or it may bite ya later.
  6. I'd recommend visiting this site for information on the game. You know, in case you wanted to read up on game modes, get a review, or watch some gameplay before buying. This is where I've learned about most of the game modes and customization and it's easier to refer you than to regurgitate it all to you. This game is rated mature though so I caution younger persons of violence, language, and gore. Gamesradar
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    Piers Anthony

    Well in my opinion Xanth is the easiest to like, it's not to specific or focused on one conflict. The Adept series is an interesting take on reality and has a person look at society and acceptance. The Immortals series is a tad bit religious and is an overall look at a conflict between God and Satan, though it is told through the eyes of a specific Immortal in each book (ie. Pale horse is told through Thanatos' eyes, Bearing an Hourglass is through Chronos, etc. ). Meanwhile the Mode series I don't remember too much about but it was a darker atmosphere than the older series. I can't wait to finish rereading Immortals so I can restart Mode and Xanth. My advice is to read them the first time and just enjoy, then reread them after a year or so and see if you get the relation between what he writes and real life society and other topics.
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    Piers Anthony

    True the Adept series was a little non-kid friendly, but if you read the Mode books they are incredibly dark when you learn what the story was all about. Like in the fourth book I was shocked that that's what had happened in the past. (Avoiding spoilers lol) But yea, my mom actually had them and one day I just started reading them at around 10. Now at 20 I'm rereading them and I get the plot and back stories of many of the characters so much better lol. Not to mention all the innuendo
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    Piers Anthony

    Curious if anyone has read any of his works. It is doubtful since most were written quite awhile ago and were never that popular. However, as a kid I read probably every book in his Xanth series (which is still being added to with over 25 books), the Adept series (I believe 7 or 8 books), Incarnations of Immortality(about a dozen), and the more recent Mode series (only 4 books). I'm currently rereading all of them. I finished the Adept series over the summer and am 3 books into the Incarnations. After that I'll start Mode and then really dig in and reread all the Xanth. Has anyone read the books, if so what are your opinions?
  10. Well in comparison to all the other Rocky's I'd say Rocky V where he fights Tommy Gunn was a 1/10. But worst movie ever maybe not...there are some really bad one's out there lol
  11. I've heard mixed reviews. Some of my friends love it, some say it feels awkward like World at War did. I'll know around Thanksgiving when I purchase it. Must say though I am looking forward to the wager matchs, the lack of quickscoping, and more zombies.
  12. Fallout New Vegas, Halo: Reach, and Majesty 2.
  13. "I will not make more than a single scroll. I'm perfectly content on just a single scroll. I frown upon those who use multiple scrolls and holding scrolls. REAL family members and friends are not holding scrolls and will not be used as such. I will not make a holding scroll and claim it to be a family member or friend." Having more than one kind of defeats the fun of obtaining new dragons.
  14. Girl named Katie, in the 10th grade while she was in 9th. She was team's manager and we kissed while both waiting for a ride one day.
  15. Well got another from last night playing Fallout: New Vegas. Was exploring as a level 10 and saw a deathclaw. Figured, hmmm I have a lot of grenades and two companions, I can take him. Well turns out it wasn't a random encounter, it was one of their locations and there were about 10. I turn the corner after killing the first and see about 4 rushing at me. I turn tail and run, getting notices that my two companions were unconscious...Then two of the deathclaws catch up to me and kill me in two swings. So lesson learned. Don't p' off a pack of deathclaws at level 10...come back at level 12 with 20 land mines, 20 grenades, and a sniper rifle with a lot of AP rounds to kill em all with luring tactics
  16. As far as who's played these I think most people have played one sonic game in their lives. However, as I think most older gamers will agree, the later releases haven't been quite as good as the old SEGA ones. Personally I've played probably 3/4 of them at least once and the last one that I played for more that 10 minutes was The 2nd battle one for Gamecube. Shadow the Hedgehog was just a reach to draw in newer gamers that are from this generation while the one that came out early for 360 was just, in my opinion, broken in many ways. Sonic should just take a trip to it's roots. A fast, exciting 2D racing platformer. That will draw in more gamers than any 3D version will.
  17. Well I sent you my char page. Yea, got a little caught up in that Omitted part... Either way I forgot to mention favorite kingdom is Azure...pretty much due to the mystery and well you see in my char page lol Edit: Just reread the rules on the unapproved RP's forum. Sorry if this post was considered spam
  18. I believe anythings possible so there is a possibility of paranormal activity occurring and being real. If something happens then you should always try to disprove it before accusing the paranormal, which most people don't do. I've personally only had one instance where there may have been paranormal activity. I was around the age of 10 and at the time was a bit afraid of the dark so kept my door opened and the bathroom light on (Yea, i know, waste of power whatever). Well one evening, I'd assume around 1 in the morning since I usually went to bed at 11, I woke up to a slight whisper at my doorway. It sounded female so I assumed it was my mother as I opened my eyes and said "Mom?". Well the light was blocked out and there was a woman there... It looked to be a woman hovering a few inches off the ground in white and black 1920-1930's apparel (ie. dress and hat of that style). That's when I realized my mom has M.S.(Multiple Sclerosis) and doesn't go up stairs without making a lot of noise (wood steps) and much effort. I sat there staring for about a minute...then fight or flight kicked in. Of course being my 10 year old self I freaked and hid under the covers (all the protection you need as a kid ). And yes I realize sometimes you see things when you're tired and sometimes dreams seem real just after awakening; however, I have to assume it was something there since: 1. the light was blocked out (not turned off as there was light there still) 2. it wasn't a quick glance, I stared for about a minute wondering wtf was going on 3. I know for a fact i was awake and not dreaming lol Since I believe I saw something it would be hypocritical to say I don't believe in paranormal activity and ghosts, but I wouldn't say I'm sure they exist. As I said, anythings possible.
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    Mostly listen to their music playing action games or while working out. It's alright but not really easy listening for just chilling.
  20. Way too much. The trash includes several water bottles, old papers from a month ago, a few solo cups, and a sandwhich box(plastic). Clutter would be...shot glasses, a bowl, dvd, laptop (of course), iHome, wallet, phone, keys, xbox controller, some "important" papers that I haven't moved in a week..and I think thats it...
  21. High school government teacher who had tenure and 2 years to graduation climbing out the window, walking down to another teachers room knocking on the window and asking for chalk. Also same teacher climbing out the window with his laptop trying to steal internet from the house on the other side of the fence. 4 years straight of Code "Yellow". Meaning no hall passes and noone in the halls between classes...Then the one day of Code "Red" where everyone had to be evacuated because of a "family feud" (Gangs) and S.W.A.T. teams were called...that was a fun day lemme tell ya.
  22. Dwarf Fortress (freeware strategy game found on baygames site) *I recommend this game to anyone who considers themselves a hardcore gamer* Accidentally digging through to a magma river...and flooding my entire fortress in lava. Can you say roasted dwarf? Lots of FUN. Deciding to fight a bronze colossus in adventure mode...and promptly getting my head punched off...(yes this can happen, and bronze colossus' at the time were invulnerable) Forgetting to kill off the cat population and losing my FPS all the way down to 1 due to overcrowding...(was a glitch where cats over populated the fortress, can now be limited). Accidentally killing about 15 dwarves with a cave-in...i got greedy with platinum and collapses a cavern...on their heads. Getting so caught up in setting up traps I forgot to create my military...goblins proceeded to slaughter dwarves one by one in my fortress. Lots of FUN when you have dwarf children punching fully armed goblin spearmen. And of course(to anyone whos played it) killing 3 dragons and 100's of cyclops' and giants in adventure mode. Only to get shot in the hand by a crossbow and bleedout. Was a sad day lol Uploaded with ImageShack.us
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    Top 3 Anime songs

    Death Note - 1st Opening Death Note - 2nd Opening Witchblade - 1st Opening