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  1. Seeking RPs Username:tn44 Preferred Style of RP (ex. 1 on 1, short posts, long posts, ect.):I prefer longer posts, and decent grammar. Preferred Genre:Fantasy; Sci-Fi; gritty, realistic superhero stuff; pokemon, but only if the plot is nice and original Other:I've been writing and roleplaying for a long time, but I've never rp'd on DC before. I figure maybe it's time to give it a try.
  2. Nah. It's cool, but I don't think I'd steal it. Are those beads?
  3. ((Currently, I have very little time on the internet, and my posts are just ignored anyways, but I'll return when I'm feeling more up to it. Hopefully by then you guys will have the massive amount of people signing up, posting a few times, and not being seen again reduced. Good luck.))
  4. ((I'm going to withdraw from this thread for now. Suffice to say that Magnus wandered off when nobody noticed him. I'll be back with him at a later date, if that's alright with you guys.))
  5. (Was with the majority of the dragons. Trying to get their attention and thank Onos and Ralith. But nobody replied to me. Understandable enough with the number of people in this thing though.)
  6. ((I'm feeling a little ignored here, guys. I know it doesn't seem like I post much, but I'm trying to get this character situated, and nobody is responding to him at this point.))
  7. Magnus had slipped off of Onos in all the confusion and talking. He didn't want all the attention directed at him, and he was glad it hadn't been. He was in fact very grateful, but he was very bad at showing it. Plus, there was a human, and he didn't like that at all. The last time he'd met a human, his only friend was taken away. He watched the commotion from a short ways off, trying to count how many dragons were here. Eventually, he gave up because they were all moving around so much, deciding on A LOT of dragons. They all seemed so happy, and he almost wanted to be part of it. It seem
  8. (It is indeed. But that's not why. My thumb was so swollen I couldn't hardly type. Left handed spacebar is fail, let me tell you.) Magnus scrambled up onto the big Red's back, carefully placing himself as not to fall off. "So, what are your names then? I'm Magnus." He tried not to think about how high he would be in a few moments. He would rather have a proper pair of full grown wings before going very high, but, if the other hatchling felt safe about it, it was probably fine.
  9. Magnus, concentrating as hard as he could, tugged at the log. "My leg is...fused...with the wood. Breaking it up wouldn't help. I'd have a wooden leg, I think." Not really sure, but determined to get out, he teleported. But what it felt and looked like was rolling away from the log, so short was the teleport, his momentum knocked him rolling. "Whew...glad to be out of that mess, even if it was interesting." The physics of it intrigued him, sure, but it wasn't something he wanted to do again. "So, do you two live here?" ((Delayed response. Sorry!))
  10. Magnus sat on the ground, waiting for the Winter dragon to return. He was watching a bug crawl across a leaf, carrying a scrap of something in its pincers. He jerked his head up as ta larger dragon flew in, with the winter dragon. "Thanks." He said, glad that somebody older at least knew he was there. The dragon was examining the situation, and a thought struck him. "If you hold the log still...I might be able to get my leg out." If the log was anchored securely enough, he might be able to pull hard enough to teleport for a second and get out using the momentum. Of course, he didn't know for s
  11. (I apologize for the late response, En'K'Haral.) Magnus shook his head in response to Ralith's question. "It's exhausting enough to teleport once. It will be a while before I can do so again." He hated this. Here he was, stuck, and having to rely on some absolute stranger's help. But he did seem nice enough, at any rate. But the fact remained there wasn't much that could be done. "Are there ANY adult dragons nearby?" He thought of the one he had seen earlier. He wanted to know exactly how many dragons there were here.
  12. ((If it's not Kal'ro there, then who is it? I'll edit my post accordingly. Edit: I see now what you are trying to say...-wonders if people have any sense of distance- Not to be rude, but really? If he is shouting at the top of his lungs, and Ralith barely heard him, then how is he within seeing or talking distance? -sighs-))
  13. ((Psshhh...It may not show, but I have been fine tuned when it comes to long and detailed posts. I started out roleplaying at a ten line minimum, so 5 is relatively lax. I'll be putting forth more effort now though, I suppose. -would still like to know how your character ended up here...but I'll just let it slide, I'll just guess that he followed Ralith-)) Magnus noticed more rustling, and from around where the Winter had popped up, a little Whiptail looking out from behind some plants. They called out a greeting to him, before the Winter even had a chance to respond to his query. He deci
  14. Honestly I don't really care. Dragon is a dragon. It's the breeders problem, not mine.
  15. ((I just now realized my posts were that dreadfully short... o.o. To answer your question, he is a Magi dragon. I have a question of my own, regarding how it is that your character is so nearby, when Magnus was not really near the others. Far enough away that he was barely heard by Ralith.))
  16. Magnus nodded at the Winter Dragon. "Help would be nice." He wasn't sure exactly what they would be able to do, but any help was good help, after all. "Are there any Magi Dragons nearby?"
  17. ((To clarify, my character isn't with the others. Sorry if I confused you, snowymuffin))
  18. Magnus heard another shout. This time, it was closer, and after a while, he could hear something moving through the underbrush. "I'm over here." He replied, looking around carefully, trying to spot whoever it was that had found him.
  19. ((Wait...what? Magnus is shouting for help, his leg is stuck in a log, in the burned down forest. Is your character nearby or something? He is actually talking to Ralith. It might help to inform us of where your character is in your posts.))
  20. Magnus sat examining his leg in silence. He wondered if, maybe his leg and the log were molded together or something. He had ended up quite literally in it, after all. He heard another shout, this time he was sure. He was able to make out a faint who's there, now that he was not struggling with the log. "My name's Magnus...And I'm sorta stuck here. Could I get some help?"
  21. Magnus heard a young dragon's voice, but didn't understand the words. He stopped struggling, and looked around. He saw nothing but blackened trees, and smoke. He decided to give a shout as loud as he could. "Hey, could somebody give me a hand over here." He didn't really know that they could help him, but it would be nice to have somebody at least know he was there.
  22. ((Pretty sure you guys are in a cave now, right? I know my character is sorta stuck in the burnt forest now.))
  23. (I'm late to the party, as usual. Basically, weekends are my -play games till I drop- time. Just FYI. Weeknights, I'm pretty easy to get ahold of.) Magnus crunched through the underbrush. Charred and blackened branches lay on the ground, the smell of smoke was vivid in his snout. He snorted a little smoke of his own, a dragon sneeze. His foot was asleep, but before he had the chance to try to wake it up, he saw a larger dragon fly overhead, feeling the rush of the wind on his undeveloped wings. What happened here? He had just arrived, and his mind was still adjusting to the new surroundin