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  1. Yay! After so loong! Finally! Thanks TJ!!!!
  2. yay!!! Just finished getting all of them *---* My favorite is probably the squid one x3
  3. I thankfully don't have any speech problems. But I do happen to speak too quickly at times, and no one understands what I'm saying Once I happened to be laughing a lot with my friends, but I ended up stuttering. I personally find it funny. I was like "Let's go pretend that the ki- the ki- the ki- the ki- ah nevermind" I just couldn't finish that word. I do have a very shy friend that barely speaks though. He only nods and says "aham"
  4. Lines are fail. What in the world is necessary to fix them? Or is it a lost case that can only be fixed with new lines from another sketch?
  5. Lots of nice trees out there ^^ I hope mine is considered nice and not like the others though....
  6. Fweeee, problem fixed. Tree the way I want it and ready to win first prize *puts on dark sunglasses* ... Wait, it's nighttime already *takes off dark sunglasses* Good luck to everyone!!!
  7. Same problem with me :/ Hopefully we don't have to redecorate it.... I'm not touching my tree until I know if the right version was sent or the wrong version. Or when people find out the other problems that are going on...
  8. *sniffle* someone please help. I decorated my tree, it took 30 minutes to organize everything and think about which ornaments to put and not put. After I was done I submitted it and was as happy as I could be BUT when I checked back on it, it was back to the way it was before my final decorating! Did the one I wanted t go, go? Or did it send the old one? The old one is terrible >< And I worked hard in decorating it again! Does it take some time to show the correct tree? Or did it submit the wrong one?? I'm sooo confused...
  9. O.o T-T-This is is is is.... AWESOME! OMG.... This is awesome so so so awesome :DDD Holly or prize dragon...? Holly or prize dragon that has never before ever been seen... I am so picking prize dragon
  10. I want a holly... ;A; I'm gonna try to get it tomorrow... Have to go to bed now... Merry Christmas to Everyone!
  11. Yay! My chance to get Christmas Draggies <3
  12. *wantwantwantwant all changes* this is just plain awesome sauce... Awesome... Can't wait for teleport <3
  13. I support this idea. It makes perfect sense to me and I'd personally use it a lot
  14. I wonder if tricks are just like treats...
  15. Awesome! My first Halloween on DC ^^ I got a few treats already... But I only say pumpkin eggs yesterday ;~;