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  1. Maintenance has to be done across both. Any updates have to be done across both, perhaps completely rewritten from one to the other. Only TJ can say what the extra workload would be and whether it would be worthwhile.
  2. Two people noted a stray Celestial in the jungle as well, although both players agreed it was a one-off occurrence.
  3. Bumping for a new page. Yoooo the biome art is frickin' gorgeous. I love it. Thank you so much! Same! Everyone's so hyped and it's amazing. I've very much enjoyed my 25-page catchup. Agreed on all counts. I really like the ND sprites, especially the hatchies, and don't think they need any updating. It's really not that bad getting all three forms, though Pyrals were mentioned somewhere as having received a ninja edit.
  4. I assume you mean the option for old view? I believe the idea is to have a separate link, so you could do http://dragcave.net/lineage/ABCDE to get to ABCDE's new lineage view and something like http://dragcave.net/oldlineage/ABCDE to get to the old boxed view That would be okay, I guess, since usually people link things of interest when showing off or trading, and since anyone who happens to stumble across a dragon could just change the URL manually if they wanted to see the old view. It does seem that the thread is revolving more around improving the new view than implementing a double view, though, and this I agree with. We don't need double codebases for everything. Poor TJ will be tearing out his hair trying to keep everything working and updated, especially when you factor in the plethora of browsers and the mobile site he has to support.
  5. I think the Winter Magi alts are the strongest example of your argument. I'm not entirely sure this holds up, though - if the alts were originally low-visibility, I don't think it's an issue if they remain low-visibility. For myself, I always struggled to tell whether a Shadow Walker was a normal or one of the brown alts. I had much better luck picking out the purple alts. If anything, I feel like the SW alts are more visible now. The Grave alts aren't exactly the highest-visibility, but I'd argue they're still differentiable from their normal counterparts. I picked out the alt Rosebud immediately. Also noted the Thuwed Swallowtail very quickly. Missed the alt Sweet until a third lookthrough and missed the Aria entirely. I do think some of that is what people are looking for, though. The things I saw at a glance were things I look for and collect - things I'm very familiar with. The things I missed were things I care much less about and tend to skim over anyway.
  6. Double arrow This actually looks... prettier? I'm actually quite surprised as my initial thoughts matched yours - looks nice for some lineages but not for more intricate ones. Seems I'm coming around to a more general "it looks awesome" way of thinking. Short EGs are still pretty (And another) Longer EGs are still pretty too Actually, that longer EG brings me to a minor suggestion: could we possibly create a bit more vertical spacing between dragons at the very right (CB) end of a lineage, and perhaps decrease the amount of vertical spacing between a dragon and its name? Right now it almost seems like there's more vertical space between a dragon and its name than between the dragon's name and the tile of the dragon below it. It's actually quite hard to count generations in a longer lineage like this. The old layout was really nice in that you could count boxes straight along the top of the lineage view without actually having to find and count dragons. For something like this, there's not really a great way of counting from the highest gen down, since the tree has potential to be uneven and as such can require a lot of scrolling to find the next gen. I would appreciate a better way to count gens, although no suggestions come to mind at the moment. You're correct, anything 5th gen or higher (I think) got a smaller lineage tile. Seems like that behavior is retained here, down to the gen at which smaller tiles start, so I'm really not seeing the issue.
  7. Holiday dragons don't get BSAs. (Obvious exception is Aegis, which I believe is allowed because it only modifies the Aegis itself? Not fully clear on that one.) I'd be down for a year-round percentage, I guess. Halloween is already pretty chaotic. But thematically I'd rather see a much higher turn rate on Halloween. 50% would be sweet. 30% would be nice.
  8. Yes, both sprites changed. Old Frill Old Bright Pink New Bright Pink female adult (note that these can be male now - nobody's seen that sprite yet, obviously) New Bright Pink frozen hatchie New Frill male adult New Frill female adult New Frill frozen hatchie Giving you lineage links as those aren't mine to /view/.
  9. Seems like each breed type will have a variant. Western, wyvern, wyrm(?), etc. Some of the sprites are here.
  10. Yep, that's how I understood it. Not a fan because of the potential for data loss. I'll certainly grant we aren't likely to need old action data - but in my experience, the things you delete are the things you'll find yourself needing three weeks later. I'd rather just see filters to hide any cruft you don't want to dig through.
  11. Filtering would be cool. Not a fan of the full wipe idea, though.
  12. Alpine: http://static.dragcave.net /images/bg/5.jpg Coast: http://static.dragcave.net /images/bg/1.jpg Desert: http://static.dragcave.net /images/bg/2.jpg Forest: http://static.dragcave.net /images/bg/3.jpg Jungle: http://static.dragcave.net /images/bg/4.jpg Volcano: http://static.dragcave.net /images/bg/6.jpg Sorry, had to break the links in one place apiece or the forum parser would break them entirely.
  13. Usually that means dimorphic adults (m/f sprites) and dimorphic hatchies to freeze (again, m/f sprites). The ones with two eggs usually mean single adult sprite and single hatchie sprite.
  14. Able to see both with no issues. There was a very brief 502 Bad Gateway outage a moment ago. I wonder if your blip is related to that.
  15. fwiw I can view others' dragons with approved descriptions. No idea if it's a self-descriptions-only issue as I have no descriptions.
  16. Seems like zombie lineage tiles don't always match the zombies themselves. Very cool update to them, though. I've been stalking through a scroll with a ton of frozen zombies and the different forms look scary.
  17. Holy frick the features and rereleases. Thanks so much, TJ! Happy birthday DC! Edit: woooow the new biome art is spectacular. Thank you, artists!
  18. http://dragcave.net/lineage/Fjo3r Picked this up a few days ago. Thanks very much, Areous! It's gorgeous.
  19. General rule of thumb is, if you can't access your first scroll you may create a new one, but you may never have more than one. You may want to PM TJ or a mod to explain the situation further, and TJ may opt to burn the first if you do create a new one. If you have access to the original scroll and simply want to start over, you could release all your dragons. The encyclopedia starts empty for every player. You have to fill yours by viewing and raising dragons. This was done to avoid giving players with larger dragon collections an advantage over newer players. A fully-filled encyclopedia is still missing entries for a few breeds, I believe. There are some TJ hasn't gotten around to putting in yet. Celestials, Antareans, and Sapphires all appear to be missing, and there may be others I haven't noticed.
  20. Someone I know traded a ND for 4 Silvers very recently. It's possible values are indeed shifting, as usually a ND would go for ~2 Silvers, although I'd chalked that trade up to one of those weird things that happens every so often.
  21. Eggs gain a day when they're picked up from the AP for the first time. It doesn't actually happen upon abandon, but upon their first pickup. Depends on the release. Usually yes, they're midnight DC time. The actual day is unknown, though. The wiki shows previous birthday release dates ranging from the 20th through the 22nd.
  22. This would completely screw a certain playstyle. Having the option to block stat gain would work quite nicely though. I think you misread. olympe isn't talking about the egg's time left staying constant; the time to live would still drop, but the egg wouldn't be able to pick up V/UV/C. There's precious little storage ability there. At most you can force something that's ready to hatch to stay an egg for another day or two.
  23. I'm not actually sure how selling a rare and buying common hatchies with the "money" is different from trading a rare directly for common hatchies. I don't support this suggestion, but I think this particular argument against it doesn't hold water either.