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  1. Less about necessary, more about nostalgia imo. Not gonna lie, the ability to look all the way back was pretty cool even if it wasn't completely accurate. I would've liked just a little more time to take a walk down memory lane; with 10k actions to go through, I didn't manage more than a few pages before we dropped back to 30 days. I understand where TJ's coming from on wanting the ability to update stuff behind-the-scenes without breaking everything, though, so (regretfully) no support for a full log. I could maybe get behind a 31-day log or 60-day log for vamp tracking, but that's it.
  2. Not a huge fan of moving things across biomes anymore after someone pointed out that it would break lineages. I can get behind this, though. Support.
  3. I'm not suuuuper into the idea of a new biome. I'm pretty content with what we already have. I'm going to keep an eye on the thread, though, because you guys are putting out some really fascinating ideas. If we end up doing this, my vote is for a chaotic biome where you find a little of everything, but on steroids. Fire fields (fire mana). Toxic swamp of some sort (water/death/dark mana). Areas that feel wrong to step through, that make the hair on the back of your neck rise (dark/death mana). Areas of brilliant light, rainbows, etc. (light/life mana). Residents could be anything super mana-heavy, perhaps the breeds most representative of their elements. I don't think there are enough dragons to split a chaos biome into multiple separate biomes, hence the vote for keeping it as one big thing. Chaos works better when you mix things that shouldn't be mixed anyway. The problem I see with this biome is lack of definition. What would put, say, a Desipis here rather than in a "deep dark underground" biome (yes, I know, Desipis can't be found in the cave. But they make a good breed for this argument)? Why shouldn't Xenos as a group go here, given that their very form is attuned to specific types of mana, rather than being split across biomes like they are now? Basically, what makes dragons that live here special, and why should they live here as opposed to anywhere else? http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Distortion_World
  4. Check the most recent pages of this thread. They seem to be almost entirely about discussing the new zombies.
  5. It would not. As I've mentioned previously, as far back as 2011 there were whispers of people sitting in the AP with scripts to catch bouncing Neglecteds and Hollies at Christmas-time. The AP didn't show descriptions back then any more than it does today; these scripts identified the images and caught accordingly. As I've also mentioned, image recognition software has hit the point that I don't think changing descriptions to images, or removing descriptions and showing egg sprites, will accomplish much without taking other steps alongside it. Your best case scenario, as you note, is that you stop the scripts "for a while." After that you're back to square 1, and now the playerbase is unhappy because accessibility, because lag, because whatever you broke to deter the scripts doesn't work as well for players anymore either. Are you referring to the /get/CODE catching ability? That wasn't an exploit o.o It worked completely within the predesigned DC system. Being able to /view/ uncaught things isn't an exploit either. It's still working completely within the predesigned system. If someone had found a way to use /get/ as a guaranteed teleport in the days before teleport, I would agree that's an exploit. As it was, /get/ was still very fallible, as anyone who used it a few times knows. /view/ also has its drawbacks, as fuzz notes. If /get/ had been an exploit, I see no reason TJ wouldn't have handed out bans over it. Instead, entire communities of players openly and publicly used it, on a regular basis, with no repercussions I'm aware of. Ditto /view/. I understand you're thinking from the perspective of an admin, whose logic may be "I didn't design it to work this way, therefore it's an exploit." But from the perspective of a programmer, you wrote it that way, it's working as written. Nobody's breaking into anything or feeding the site garbage to make it puke up abnormal things. Nobody's modifying code. The most you can claim here is bug abuse, but I can hardly imagine a reasonable case that posits A) that such widely-known and long-standing "bugs" haven't been fixed that these "bugs" haven't even been commented on by TJ and yet C) that using these "bugs" is abuse.
  6. I believe you're correct, the third sprite is the original and the first two are the new adults.
  7. They will not. Any black pair has a small chance to produce alts and a much bigger chance to produce a normal black egg. This holds true regardless of the parents' alt status, the pair's PB status, or anything else.
  8. Thanks! That's a pretty awesome sprite. Awesome that these guys got dimorphism now.
  9. It'll also remove the headache of trying to calculate when somebody else's egg hit the AP, which is particularly important for Solstices. No more "what wing color is this" issues. And sure enough the Frills came back. We just had to not stop believing. Feel like linking? The wiki doesn't have the sprite yet and my only Aria hatchie gendered female.
  10. Actually, TJ just posted about this here: Emphasis mine. As far as the original suggestion goes, I'm pretty indifferent. I could see it being nice for newer players who haven't yet figured out that drakes != dragons.
  11. I don't use the mobile site so I can't give you a definite answer. Look at what it's loading, though: are large/detailed background images loading? The new biome art? Ads on every page? The more things you see being loaded, the heavier a site is. In general, mobile sites are designed to be very light as they're targeted toward devices that don't have a ton of memory and connections that are limited on both total data usage and speed. You're correct about the actual rule. From the trading rules, _Z_ lays out the following: Emphasis on the last line is mine, and seems to answer your question. Changing what you want from a trade requires an edit to your post. Changing what you have to offer allows a new post.
  12. It won't matter. The old day added was added when an egg was picked up from the AP for the first time. In a case where the holiday backlog covered all the normal eggs, the normal eggs would never be picked up and the extra day would never be added. Things would die after 7d exactly as they will now.
  13. Check your action log. It'll show you what you Influenced and what gender you Influenced it to.
  14. https://forums.dragcave.net/index.php?showt...dpost&p=9210690 Really loving the extra breed info. That note about the Frills is especially cool. And the super-protective Candelabras <3 I need one for a pet. Hey Odeen, if Nexus dragons get violently unstable from the fire mana/ice mana conflict, what would happen if you kept one near Cassares while it was growing up? Would the Cassare's magic-dampening field prevent the mana growth and keep the Nexus more stable?
  15. These are all so pretty and so varied. Truly a spectacular set of releases. Thank you, TJ, and a big thank you and congrats to all the spriters!
  16. Yep, Nightwalkerkey and I established this in the other thread: For this particular dragon, I see two lines: PreciousJewel Dorkface Thuwed IB ----- He did not. He has things set up with a simple span element, which apparently wraps wherever. Copying from the other thread: ----- Agreed. Just needs some adjustments with vertical spacing imo - a bit more space between the dragons, a bit less space between a dragon and its name. Perhaps even just shifting the name a few pixels up would be enough. I like how clean and simple the lineage tree is. I would prefer not adding groupings to it. If we must, I strongly prefer your #1. #2 just doesn't look good to me. Too much clutter, I think.
  17. From the encyclopedia entry for Red-finned Tidals: From the encyclopedia entry for Waters, which I assume would use the leviathan sprite you refer to: From the encyclopedia entry for Deep Seas, which I assume would also use the leviathan sprite: It would seem normal Dragons use the Western sprite, and Red-finned Tidals would have to be classified as sea serpents to use the leviathan sprite. I could be wrong about this as I have a total of 0 zombies to check against. The classification seems logical enough to me, however.
  18. It still looks like a checker to me. Actually, it looks spectacular to me, and I'm pretty sure it looks better to me than it would have under the old layout. Clearly beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I think the arguments laid out are more along the lines of * Some things are glitches and can be fixed, or simply need a bit of tweaking; give it time * It takes time to adjust to the new look, let's not knee-jerk reject it * A lot of lineages look better with the new layout (pretty subjective) * A legacy view/per-player rollback option means double the work for TJ Disagree, actually. A pretty long-gen EG still looks spectacular. A little hard to read the CBs, perhaps, but that's fixable. Stairs look even better (and another). Long spirals aren't bad either. The messies don't exactly look nice but gen doesn't help with that and neither did the old lineage view. Perhaps you could link examples so I could see why it looks bad to you past 5g? Most of that is fixable imo. The only part that isn't fixable is your statement that it "looks like junk", which seems highly subjective to me and which I have to disagree with. It's just different, and it's quite pretty to me. I'd rather see uneven spacing than a one-word name broken. That just seems messy. Agree. I'm going through this progression with the new lineage view right now. Started off pretty meh, starting to like it more and more the more I see of it. It's quite elegant. Thread for that suggestion is here. Your support might be better placed there, where TJ can more easily see it. Not a huge fan of this on two counts: lag and JavaScript. Lag because the gen would have to be calculated on every mouseover (imagine the lag if you open a 12g messy and accidentally mouse over an 11g). JavaScript because your mouseover tag would have to be done via JS, and I'd much rather leave that off to speed things up.
  19. Support. We need a better way to count generations. I'm not overly picky about what form that takes, although I have a mild preference for the view page because of this:
  20. I think that's the point of "no updates", Socky. At some point things are going to break. Saying "okay, this is available as a hidden legacy view, with the understanding that it will break at some point and I'm not going to fix it" might not be terrible. It's not unlike the deal with the older site skins - a very limited number of people are allowed to use them, with very limited updates, and an understanding that at some point they will be fully removed. Might also be workable to break on spaces. A glance at the page's source suggests TJ's just using a basic span element to hold names in /lineage/ right now. If he was to change it to use wbrs on spaces, the way dragon names in the /view/ page work, that would allow browsers to line-break on spaces. Still wouldn't help with super long one-word names, as in that screenshot, but it might be a decent compromise to cover super long multi-word names and normal-length one-word names. (TJ's call as always, of course. I'm just tossing stuff out there in case the bossman finds it helpful.)
  21. I want to say a special "thank you" to TJ. I know it's been only a day since the birthday release and we're already arguing over the new lineage view and putting out requests for zombies and pinks and everything else, but what you've done is frickin' awesome and I'd like to take a moment to recognize that. I can only imagine the amount of work that went into the site updates, not to mention DC as a whole. I'd also like to say thanks for being responsive to our requests. In the process of taking some screenshots, I disabled my Greasemonkey tweaks long enough to realize you fixed virtually everything I'd disliked about the new layout. My tweaks no longer do anything. And even though it's been just a day since the new release, I appreciate that you're already in our new suggestion threads giving feedback and asking for input.
  22. If it's below 5d with Incubate, it's below 6d without Incubate. You've already waited more than the first 24h, and you should be reasonably safe. Be careful anyway, given there's a release going on. Clicksite traffic will be much higher than usual.
  23. For what it's worth, I'm not seeing that. Screenshot. Oh, without updates at all? I was under the impression the request was for two separate views to be maintained. I think leaving the old view as a hidden URL-accessible option without updates is pretty reasonable.
  24. DC change. We're still not sure if it's a bug or deliberate. Report thread is here.