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  1. I think what they're saying is that the scroll and background move at different speeds, causing nausea in the same way being in a car makes some people carsick? Please don't quote me on this as I'm not one of the people complaining about the background, I fed mine to AdBlock so I just have a plain black bg.
  2. Agree. Your #6 is pretty good, I could be happy with that. I very much want the Actions and Code links moved back where they used to be; that's my primary concern. As far as the big text at the top, I don't really care whether it's left-justified or centered as long as it's small. I could also be very happy with leaving the Name field in the left column and removing the big text at the top entirely. Old layout for me. Just going to throw up my thoughts from last time, as they haven't really changed much. (After all, the new layout hasn't exactly changed much since then either, as far as I can tell from screenshots.)
  3. I recently set up a trade for 1 ND:30-35 CB hatchies, so I agree that 30 for a 2g prize is reasonably fair. I would say 30-50 is a good range; that should theoretically be equivalent to 1-2 CB NDs. Also, I know of one person who used to trade 2g prizes for CB hatchies, and I believe 50 is what their standard asking price was. (It's been awhile, and my memory's a little fuzzy. Sorry.)
  4. It's not your browser. Congrats, you just got the new site view. It's been slowly rolling out to players over the past month or two (maybe more?)
  5. At that point, what differentiates DC from any of the other billion adoptables sites out there? No support at all for this. Like you, I like how DC is played.
  6. Not really sure what could be in play here then. I tried with JS on and off, no change. Viewed a bunch of my dragons, went to Pollyanna's scroll and viewed a bunch of hers, no change. Went to the AP and looked at a random egg's lineage, no change. Hopped on Chrome and looked at a few random dragons, no change. Everything looks normal. @Pollyanna, have you tried the usual troubleshooting stuff - clearing cache & cookies, restarting browser, restarting computer, etc.?
  7. Old style. I'm guessing the issue is new style only, then?
  8. For what it's worth, I can still see lineages just fine. o.o
  9. I started auto-punting mine to the AP when they started sitting in the Departure thread without being taken. It's been a long time since then; YMMV.
  10. Couple of random thoughts here: 1. How do you propose handling holidays? Finding good breedings is already a challenge; how do you propose keeping bred holidays accessible to the whole playerbase if good catchers are allowed to catch without limit? 2. I suspect the trading market would get turned on its head, as "will trade 50 CB hatchies for 2g prize/CB ND/CB metal/other rare thing" becomes a worthless offer. How do you propose players without rares get access to rares in a market where CB commons are literally worthless? 3. What's to stop me from sitting in a biome mashing Ctrl-R + left-click, scooping up all the eggs in a biome, then filtering out the rares on my scroll and AP'ing the commons?
  11. Hey, that's one of my babies! I'm glad you like it!
  12. I'd be willing to put together some custom (read: unofficial, non-TJ-supported) themes if TJ could give me some permanent page elements to work with. Right now some of the site's elements are autogenerated and are named things like _v_6 and _w_1. TJ told me I can't rely on these elements keeping the same class name, and as such any theme I build around them is likely to become a game of cat-and-mouse as he updates the site. @TJ, if you're interested, I could very easily work with element ids or custom element attributes. All the autogenerated stuff is id-less and atm all I have to identify any given element is its autogenerated class name.
  13. I think it's just you? I looked at your scroll both on Firefox and on Chrome and didn't have an issue. Granted, my Chrome is very very old so if it's a problem with a new Chrome version I wouldn't see it.
  14. As Cinnamin Draconna notes, I'm pretty sure just disabling all the images screws the site layout. More than likely some adjustments would have to be made.
  15. What were you blocking? o.o I have |http://static.dragcave.net/new/bg.jpg in my AdBlock rules. Not too complex, seems to positively affect loadtime for me, definitely somewhat easier on the eyes.
  16. Leetle Trees drop in the Forest. They're pretty rare, but they're limited to 1 per scroll so many users won't be able to grab them.
  17. Yep, I've paid a ND for an Almandine. I'm pretty sure this is where prices are at right now, and poorer offers just reflect what people have on hand.
  18. It seems they were indeed influenced by the star Antares. Check out Nirami's infodump here. Specifically, look at the first image /w/ descriptions, the reference pic, and the color inspiration.
  19. Stopgap suggestion for those having issues with the site background: throw it into the adblocker. You'll end up with a simple black background behind your scroll.
  20. I recently had someone kill an egg from a similar pair: http://dragcave.net/progeny/QLZBn It happens. Nothing to be done. Don't lose hope yet, though, it's possible the new owner is being very cautious about sickness with the new release. I know of at least one major player who has mentioned she keeps her eggs fogged until 4d and then ER's them, to prevent them getting sick.
  21. So glad for the second flood. I was finally able to pick up the last Sapphire I need for scroll completion. Thanks so much, TJ!
  22. ^^^ This is what's in play. For any given trade, one of three things will happen: 1) Asker wants something that nobody has (CB metal, 2g prize). The people who want to trade can't, and complain. 2) Asker wants something nobody has (CB metal, 2g prize). People offer whatever they have in desperation. Asker declines and complains. (This works in inverse, too, where people offer something low-value and ask for Almandines, can't get it, and complain.) 3) Asker wants something nobody has (CB metal, 2g prize). Someone has that and trades it. Nobody notices because nobody complains. 2/3 of those outcomes will lead to visible complaining and the perception of something being wrong. It's not unlike the drama with the releases right now, where people are in the release thread yelling at each other about requesting CB metals in trade. Agree with this. Let the ratios shift and handle this naturally. Heck, even CB metals have had windows where they were relatively common. Back when I first started playing actively, for a long time people complained that they couldn't get any metals, bred or CB, to save their lives. Then there was one window, for about a week, in early 2012 where people were reeling in metals like there wasn't going to be a tomorrow. It seemed like half the playerbase had multiple CB metals on scroll at all times. It was ridiculous. If there's a bug, of course fix the bug. But I strongly argue there is not a bug and that we're just in a ratio form particularly unfavorable to 2/3 Pyrals.
  23. In the past few days I've seen a bunch of Mageia and a couple of Thalassa and Astrapi. Not sure if the Mageia is because the desert is getting cleaned out so thoroughly or if they're just that common, though.
  24. I'm going to make the unpopular argument that the ratios are just fine. Anyone remember a couple of years ago, when CB Blacks and Stripes were ultrarare and traded nearly on metallic levels? Now I go to the Forest and there are two Stripes sitting in a single drop and nobody even glances at them. Anyone remember how Whiptails and Spitfires and Balloons were all blockers? Now people complain, on a fairly regular basis, about being unable to find Balloons. For myself, I barely see Whiptails. Spitfires are still fairly common but nowhere near the "three Spitfires blocking the cave agaaaaaain" status they used to have. I think if we just give it time, the ratios will shift - as they always do - and Almandines will become more common. Perhaps they'll be the next Black or Stripe, ultrarare today, common and easily passed by tomorrow.
  25. This is pretty much how I see the trade market atm, yeah. It's desperation trades, the same as when someone posts a 2g prize or ND and gets offers of a handful of bred rares or w/e. It's unlikely to ever happen, but it's not as big a deal as people are saying. Just wait it out. Either the new releases will eventually get more common, and trade values will go down, or the new releases will get more rare and the high prices people are asking will become justified. Either way, equilibrium will be restored in a few weeks.