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  1. Must've been sitewide lag then, as I saw exactly what Areous describes. Egg died, half a second later it turned. Yours is just as crazy though.
  2. Neglecting is simplest, unless you happen to be a legendary catcher or have infinite patience to stalk Xenos. If you're having trouble, you might consider glancing at my profile~
  3. This grew up. Just 1 year and 2 more breedings and the lineage will be complete.
  4. Glad you like it! That's one of my favorite lines, but so stubborn.
  5. I've killed easily a few hundred eggs in ND experiments. Vamps have taken their fair share of shells, too. Haven't killed hatchies yet, but I've killed probably 15-20 adults for zombie fodder.
  6. This. Also, be aware fogging an egg won't remove it from Silvi's Lair. Fortunately, Silvi's is the only site I know of that keeps a fogged egg for longer than a few hours.
  7. Unfortunately there's not a lot on your scroll in terms of trading power. If you're looking for CB metals, you're probably better off waiting until you have a silver trophy or so, then trying to make a deal where you raise a bunch of hatchies for someone in exchange for a CB metal. If you just want a bred metallic, try a gifting thread. Breeding & Gifting is pretty good about that as long as you follow their rules. For NDs, pretty much the same applies minus the gifting threads - either wait until you have a higher trophy and make a hatchie-bundle deal with someone, or wait until you have a higher trophy and run your own experiments. Alternately, you could hang out in the cave and try to catch something rare but not metallic - almandines or spessartines come to mind - and see if you can get lucky on a trade.
  8. Any chance you guys are all on the new layout? Adding my data point - Firefox 41.0.2, old layout, no issues accessing DC.
  9. I don't personally trust that as I've had several things get sick from being posted there while new. However, I do use a combination of clicksites, and it's possible EATW alone wouldn't make a new egg sick; YMMV.
  10. Try EATW and AoND. Don't add eggs to either site until they have 6d remaining or you risk getting them sick, but afterward you should be fine. The clicksite combination is quite strong and should get you what you're looking for.
  11. I'm reasonably sure I've heard TJ isn't updating anything. Edit: most recent quote I can find was from about a year ago. Pretty sure TJ's had this stance for awhile though: And before that:
  12. Meh. I don't mind when people don't name my AP babies, but some of the things they breed to make me very sad indeed. I'm not even asking for matching mates here, just pair your new 3g EG baby to another 3g EG instead of a 12th-gen disaster... If you have stuff in incuhatch range, PM me a 2-way teleport. I'm egglocked but I have a ton of incus open and don't mind hatching something for you.
  13. Wouldn't lineage building usually use the same mates...? Unless I'm reusing CBs for multiple different projects, which is a different matter entirely, I typically lifemate my lineage dragons to avoid accidental inbreeding. For what it's worth, probably 75%+ of my current scroll breedings come from 23 different pairs. All 23 are lifemated to matching mates. The other 25% of my breedings are specific needs for trades or gifts, and indeed usually require me to select CB x CB pairings I otherwise wouldn't. But I would only have to select each pairing once to make it established, which I think is pretty worth it. Actually, that select-once-have-forever might prove more useful to you than you think? I imagine your mate variations would only use a relatively low number of dragons relative to the number available on your scroll. Once you've established each pair, it's right there on the breeding page, and you wouldn't need to sort through a thousand dragons to find it anymore. This is really not that different from having your most common mates float to the top of the breed page. Edit: This would be nice too. I've had similar "wait, what?" moments where I was sure a CB x CB pair existed and it just turned out I'd pulled away one of the CBs for a breeding to another mate.
  14. Make only established pairs show up in the Breeding window, and have a "Load All Possible Mates..." link at the bottom that loads everything else. In theory, once enough pairs have been established, people should rarely need to use the Load All link, cutting overall load times and streamlining the mate selection process.
  15. Eeeeeeeehh. I could be okay with a direct lineage link instead of a view link. Really not a fan of a mouseover preview though. Imagine what happens when someone mouses over that 12th-gen inbred Mint. We're already complaining about lag, that would be so much worse.
  16. The new breeding page does contain links to each potential mate's view page.
  17. Pretty sure some things changed as part of the Celestial release. Refusals show (Rejected) for me now, rather than having the entire dragon grayed out. I'm guessing this is to prevent confusion with Celestials that haven't been corporealized, which also have a gray status but say (Incorporeal).
  18. If memory serves, inactive players lose rights to their names, but not the names themselves - someone else trying to take your name will be able to, but unless someone else tries to take your name the name will stay. Edit: here we go. From the FAQ:
  19. If the offers are via teleport, stop declining and let them sit there. If the offers are via PM, you should be able to block the user in question.
  20. Xenos are still decently uncommon, and Celestials are pretty common. I also think Astrapi are considered on the less common side as far as Xenos go, so you're in some luck there. I'd guess you could pull 2, maaaaaaybe 3 Celestials for that.
  21. Yes, someone reported a multiclutch of 4 in the release thread shortly before it closed. They were only able to keep 1. The rest abandoned to the AP, exactly as bred holidays would.
  22. Nope. Any 1-day-only exclusive release is guaranteed to cause issues. Look at the recent releases we've had: as soon as they stop flooding, people come in and start complaining that it isn't fair, the drop didn't last long enough, they always miss the release, now they can't get it, it's sure to be rare, etc. And that's for permanent releases! Now imagine the uproar if there was a truly exclusive release. Imagine the raging as people fought each other for the CB drops and tried to lock themselves within that 24-hour period. I couldn't begin to be less interested in that kind of disaster. Do we know that the dragons in question were designed to be breed-only? I don't recall ever seeing anything one way or another for any of the Alts in question. If the creators did have specific wishes for their dragons, yeah, it's best to respect that. But if they didn't express any such wishes and the breed-only part was TJ's idea, I see no reason to cause arguments needlessly. I'm guessing the extra stink over prizes is because 1) there are more CB prizes, so more prize lines for people to see and interact with - people care about what's familiar to them; and 2) people can already get blacks/fellhorses/etc. without needing a special trade. As far as the suggestion itself, I'm pretty meh about it. I don't really care one way or the other about the alt breeds in general; they're cool, but rare enough (and, admittedly, the breed-only part screws with lineage planning for me) that I just don't do anything with them. I tend to see TJ's answer as a final no, and don't really have the enthusiasm to make a compelling argument against it.
  23. I see your Dec 31st and raise you Aug 17. Stupid dragons. At least mine's only a 2g though, having that happen with a CB must suuuuuuck. Managed to get myself hatchie-locked. Only discovered this while trying to grab exp fodder. Guess I'm rescheduling exps.