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  1. I'm on default and color is business as usual for me. That's about the only thing that didn't change for me, actually.
  2. What do you guys think of these mockups? Do these look okay?
  3. Yep, the issue is the lack of alignment. Look at my screenshot here - I count 6 different horizontal alignments (top text, sprite, actions/code links, "hidden egg" warning, two-column table, and bottom description text). Of those 6, 3 look terrible (actions/code links, "hidden egg" warning, and misalignment between the two-column table and the bottom description text). There are also a bunch of unnecessary page elements that are making some of us quite unhappy. The special characters in the actions/code links have taken a lot of heat. I also personally hate the "hidden egg/hatchling" message, as I've been playing the game for long enough to know exactly what I'm doing when I fog something and don't really appreciate a giant blue box warning me about it.
  4. Worth getting its own post - hidden dragons look awful. I just got the layout and I'm appalled. Nice fresh screenshot (yes, I cleared cache first): The hidden message is off-center. The Actions & Show HTML/BBCode links are off-center. The fogball is floating around somewhere at the top of the page because goodness knows why. There's some giant blue exclamation point informing me that yes, my egg is already hidden, as if I couldn't figure that out myself. Meanwhile, the left column is completely unaligned with the information at the bottom of the page. Good grief I'm gonna have to dive into Greasemonkey for about a week to fix all this.
  5. Pls no. They look awful centered, and so much nicer in their columns the way fuzz has them. I do agree on a proper column alignment though, rather than full left-justify. Pretty sure fuzz meant to do a proper justify, but that's just a quick photoshop mockup rather than a full layout.
  6. Not if it's followed by the complete drought of CB metals, which is what usually happens immediately after a glut. We don't think, we know. Many of the people in this thread have lived it. Yes, your suggestion of tagged metals would probably bypass the ratios. But that wasn't your initial suggestion and it isn't what people are discussing when they point out that a glut of metals will trash the ratios. We're also saying we won't support it for a variety of other reasons which have little to do with ratios. Nah. Some newer players are quite well off via luck in the prize raffle, or via ND experiments, or via making bulk trades of hatchies for CB rares. Some older players still have small scrolls without many rares. This isn't as cut-and-dried along age lines as you make it out to be. Are you arguing bots and multis are solely responsible for the rarity of metals? Because I would disagree with you. The ratios are constantly in a state of flux. Sometimes things are more common and sometimes things are less common. I've pointed out, across at least a dozen threads now, that CB blacks and stripes used to be as rare and prized as almandines and spessartines are now. But now, those same CB blacks and stripes sit in a biome and people cheerfully pass over them until they get reshuffled away. Whiptails used to be ultra-blocker status, as did Spitfires. Both are still reasonably common, but not in the "there are three Whiptails/Spitfires blocking the cave again" sort of way they used to be. Things change, ratios change, metals are apparently going through a dry spell. There doesn't need to be a big bad wolf responsible for every undesired thing that happens in DC. If a majority of people have rares, I would argue they're no longer rare. None of us is TJ. None of us knows how often he catches and burns bots and multis. Every so often someone stupid decides to make a million scrolls and make it blatantly obvious what they're doing, and then people scream "omg look at the multi TJ isn't doing his job." I rather suspect he burns more than you think he does and more than you give him credit for. Sigh. This is another issue entirely. You're also assuming malicious intent, which is something of a fallacy in its own right. Never attribute to malicious intent what can be chalked up to stupidity or, in the case of DC, alternate playstyle. There's nothing wrong with lineaged metals. I happen to rather like certain lineaged metals because the lineages are pretty. Also realize your attack cuts both ways - the people trying to breed pretty things could just as easily argue your attempts to get a CB metal are screwing them out of their lineages. If someone is breeding things that are just too messy for you to deal with, go get some vampires and bite them. Or hatch them, freeze them, and release them. Or raise them and release them. Any of the three is fine for removing a dragon from the ratio-counted population. Agree. (As an aside, the store has quite the diverse coalition supporting it, with quite the diverse set of reasons. I almost think the suggestion has to eventually succeed if only for that.)
  7. No support. Assuming a normal event with normal metals, the ratios will be borked for years. In the past, even noticeably higher metal droprates have been enough to destroy long-term future droprates. Assuming "tagged" metals, as your most recent post suggests, the trade threads will still go bork. Metals will temporarily dip to uncommon values, and low-gen prizes are likely to get even more ridiculous. You're also overestimating your ability to stand against multis and come away with anything. I was recently told about someone who made half-a-dozen scrolls, all with nothing but CB golds and a few magi. They were obviously reported to TJ, but still - when you're competing with someone who has 50+ eggslots, how do you intend to come away with more than one or two eggs of your own? And that doesn't even factor in all the super-quick legitimate catchers. _Sin_ is also right about the drama. People already cry about the normal releases. "It's so unfair, I wasn't here and now the release is over" "I always miss releases" "I just know these are gonna be rare, I sat in the cave for 5 minutes and didn't see any". And all of that is with normal, permanent releases, the most recent of which have proved to be quite common indeed. Now take that and scale up to CB metals on a limited-time release, add a guarantee that not everyone gets what they want, and watch the fireworks. Also disagree with your proposed drop length. If you want to help everyone get some, 2-day drop. If you want to ensure the day 1 crowd can come back for a second helping, 3-day drop. Last but not least, I disagree with your assertion about the trade threads. Take an egg is a gifting/swapping thread, not a trading thread, and many of the gifting threads are quite healthy indeed. Breeding & Gifting hands out pretty things and shinies on a regular basis - as a matter of fact, I have a 2g gold in a 1-way teleport waiting for someone right now. Some of the other gifting threads are also quite busy. Take an egg has an abuse mechanism and a lack of human oversight so people are, naturally, abusing it. Gifting threads run by humans are much less abusable and much more inclined to ban when people attempt abuse, so people are much better behaved. The trade threads are largely prize-centered, that's true. But with Prize Central housing all prize-related trading, and the Metallic thread giving you an place to look through metal offers, I don't see the problem. (Actually, glancing at the last few pages of the Metallic thread shows a surprising amount of variety in what people want for their CBs. I see anything from other CB metals to specific lineage mates to 2g prizes to CB NDs.)
  8. All depends on what you're looking for. In my opinion, a CB gold is worth: * 1:1 CB ND (maybe 1:2 if you're lucky - lately ND luck seems significantly worse than usual so I wouldn't expect more than 1:1) * 2:1 2g prize (1:1 if you're lucky - nose around a bit and see what you can find, what people want for their 2gs varies wildly. I've paid anywhere from 1-5 CB NDs for a 2g.) * 1:??? Almandine (I really want to say 1:2 or 1:3 but I don't feel like the trade market has caught up yet. Again, shop around.) * 1:??? Spessartine (I want to say 1:3 or even 1:4 as a long shot, but see above.) * 1:6 - 1:10 CB Xenos (I would argue 1:6, but which Xenos you want probably factors in) * 1:25 - 1:35 CB commons (assuming 1:1 CB ND, which is where I get my hatchie numbers from)
  9. Disagree, actually. I like how the V/UV/C stats are laid out. Still bugged as heck by Actions & Show HTML/BBCode Links being centered though. Really want those back in their columns.
  10. I feel like this would go really sour really fast, the way Neglected discussion went. Should probably let a mod have the final say on all this; I just feel like putting out a thread that literally says "hey, we're posting scripts here, come join the party" is an invitation for trouble. And the last thing I want is for the same fate that Neglected discussion met, to have literally everything banned and restricted from public discussion.
  11. Don't worry about it. The only reason I knew what was happening is because I've dealt with the same issue before.
  12. See how the very bottom of that bird image is being cut off? It looks like you're just barely exceeding the max height for a signature, and any text you add after that image is showing up below the bottom of your sig, effectively making it invisible. I've had to deal with similar issues in my image-heavy sig before; the only answer I found was deleting or trimming images to make room. If you're sure the sig isn't actually updating, try inserting text before that image and see what happens. I'm reasonably certain it'll show up just fine.
  13. http://dragcave.net/lineage/d1NDD Awesome code pairing and an awesome code, thanks lovecats99!
  14. Thanks! You and me both. Thanks for the awesome breeding! Glad you approve of its new status. ^^;
  15. I'll toss my 2c in: My understanding is that style modifications are acceptable but modifying site functionality is not. So I would say your first script is acceptable but the second is not - the first doesn't modify site functionality or give you a play advantage, but simply gives you something a scroll stats tool already does. The second, however, strikes me as a tool that gives players using it an advantage. Consider what would happen during holiday backlogs if we're competing for certain eggs and I use a tool to tell me when the eggs will hit the AP, but you have no such tool. I would have an advantage over you because my math would be done faster and would be guaranteed correct.
  16. I discussed a site-modding project with a mod quite some time ago. Their answer was as follows: I'm going to say that would be fine. The illegality would come in if you modified actual site functions, not just style Ex. making AP/cave links automatically open in new tabs, making the actual eggs visible instead of mystery eggs, etc. would be illega. Later in the conversation, they did clarify their answer with "ask TJ to be sure". I believe this to be okay (or I wouldn't have built it, let alone posted it!) but I can certainly understand your hesitation. I guess I'll shoot the bossman a PM and see if I can get an answer from him. The same mod, during that same conversation, did tell me no answer from TJ within two weeks could be taken as an implied yes.
  17. Okay, I wrote up a little Greasemonkey script to do this. Please note a few things about it - * The code itself is fairly fragile. The URLs for both the pre-abandon and post-abandon pages are identical and there's not a great way for me to reliably determine which side of the page we're on. I did the best I could with what I had. Things may break in the future; if asked nicely I will probably try to fix them. However, I guarantee nothing. * The code is from me. Don't expect TJ to provide any form of support. Please don't ask TJ to provide any form of support, as more than likely he will be unappreciative of this and may pull the code altogether. * Please read through the standard disclaimer at the top of the code. By using this code, you agree to the disclaimer. * I left comments throughout the code to explain it, for anyone who's bored/curious/paranoid. Questions are welcome. * Feel free to modify the code to add your own linkbar. You pretty much just need to copy one of the little blocks of code at the very end and modify it as you see fit. Don't ask me for support if you break the code by modifying it, though. * I'm not great at this. If you think I could have done it better, you can feel free to toss improvements at me. I may or may not update the script to use them. // ==UserScript== // @name Dragon Cave Abandon Links // @namespace DragCave // @description Replaces the "Back to Actions" link for abandoned dragons with a list of more useful links // @include http://dragcave.net/actions/*/abandon // @include https://dragcave.net/actions/*/abandon // @require http://ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/jquery/1.7.2/jquery.min.js // @version 1 // @grant none // ==/UserScript== /*Standard disclaimer: this code was not written or endorsed by TJ09 or Dragon Cave. AGYK is not affiliated with TJ09 or Dragon Cave. Under no circumstances shall TJ09 or Dragon Cave be asked or expected to provide support for this code. TJ09 and Dragon Cave shall not be held accountable for any failure this code may have or the consequences it may cause. AGYK may provide limited support and/or updates for this code at his own discretion. AGYK shall not be held accountable for any failure this code may have or the consequences it may cause. You may use or modify this code freely. Any modifications you make, as well as the consequences of any modifications you make, are your own responsibility, and no support shall be provided for them. *This code is provided as-is. Use at your own risk.* */ var abandonTextElements; var abandonTextConfirmElements; var abandonPasswordConfirmElements; var actionsLinkElements; var actionsLink; var actionsLinkParent; var linkParentNode; var scrollLinkNode; var apLinkNode; //look for certain key page elements - the abandon text that's shown after abandoning, and the two types of confirmation textboxes shown before abandoning abandonTextElements = document.querySelectorAll("p[class='rptext']"); abandonTextConfirmElements = document.querySelectorAll("input[name='confirm']"); abandonPasswordConfirmElements = document.querySelectorAll("input[id='passfield']"); //check for confirmation elements - abort if found since we're still pre-abandon if ((abandonTextConfirmElements.length > 0) || (abandonPasswordConfirmElements.length > 0)) { return; } //only proceed in the (likely) presence of abandon text, since it means we're post-abandon if (abandonTextElements.length == 0) { return; } //find the "back to actions" link actionsLinkElements = document.querySelectorAll("a[href*='/actions/']"); if (actionsLinkElements.length == 0) { return; } actionsLink = actionsLinkElements[0]; actionsLinkParent = actionsLink.parentNode; //get the "back to actions" link's parent element - we need this for replaceChild later linkParentNode = document.createElement("span"); //show all links inline - switch this from span to div to show links in a block instead. All links should be attached here. //build new links and attach them to our shiny new span scrollLinkNode = document.createElement("a"); scrollLinkNode.href = "http://dragcave.net/dragons"; scrollLinkNode.appendChild(document.createTextNode("Return to Scroll")); linkParentNode.appendChild(scrollLinkNode); linkParentNode.appendChild(document.createTextNode("\u2003")); //  doesn't work in createTextNode - use unicode code instead apLinkNode = document.createElement("a"); apLinkNode.href = "http://dragcave.net/abandoned"; apLinkNode.appendChild(document.createTextNode("Return to the Abandoned Page")); linkParentNode.appendChild(apLinkNode); actionsLinkParent.replaceChild(linkParentNode, actionsLink); //replace the "back to actions" link with our new container full of links
  18. Caught a code baby a few days ago. Successfully turned it earlier today. So happy - its parents have awesome codes and its code is perfect for its new breed!
  19. I'll have to make sure I avoid my usual weekly breeding for some of my pretty pairs. Would also appreciate a reminder, since otherwise I'm likely to forget. >_>; The day/night before would be awesome if you don't mind.
  20. Golds are always worth more. Depending on the way the ratios sit, a gold could be worth 2 silvers or closer to 1.5. Glance through the trading threads and see how many golds are posted vs how many silvers - that should give you some idea of what you could look for. In general, the fewer the golds and the higher the silver count, the more valuable the golds are, and vice versa.
  21. They used to be. More recently TJ seems to have stopped doing that, though. I own offspring from a burned scroll and the parents still show their old owner's name.
  22. I could probably throw something together in Greasemonkey. I'd need to look next time I have a slot to pick things up and abandon them with. I highly doubt TJ is going to give us this level of customization, though.
  23. AGYK

    Albino Eggs

    The white lines aren't the hatchling; the yellow around the white lines is the hatchie, and the white lines merely define the hatchie's edges. To make it easier, try looking at the bottom left yellow area is and see if you can see the head. From there you can trace the rest of the curled hatchie shape. Exactly!
  24. AGYK

    Albino Eggs

    Like everyone else, I always thought the white lines were supposed to represent the hatchie. This is so much cooler. Mind blown.