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  1. I suspect there's more to the lack of raffle than meets the eye. It would be the perfect intro for the store idea, and DC's birthday is in about a week. The layout is pretty bad but TJ's made some tweaks to it, so it's not as bad anymore. The rest is fixable with a bit of Greasemonkey and tlc. I would suggest waiting before complaining too much about the autofill data. Nobody's quite sure what's up but the issue was only reported a day or two ago, so TJ hasn't had much time to respond to it if it's actually a glitch. See if it's still a problem in, say, a week.
  2. Before the first pickup, the View page and the AP timer are indeed at odds with each other. The AP timer shows what the egg will have once picked up. The time isn't actually added until the egg's picked up, though, so the View page shows the time pre-addition. Once an egg's been grabbed from the AP for the first time, the extra day adds and stays added, so there's no more time discrepancy.
  3. Don't forget the powertraders. Depending on what else someone is carrying on their scroll (NDs, 3g prizes, etc.) I could very reasonably expect to see multiple trades for CB metals. At the end of the day your hypothetical trader might have 2-3 from completely different sources. I'm sure some of the heavy traders get even more. Sounds like Mossy Eggs, or a variant thereof? Not sure if I'm understanding you correctly.
  4. I have various critiques of the idea. tl;dr: no support. * Screen readers (usually?) won't process images, but will process raw text. * Zoom in is likely to be far more ragged for an image than for text, because text is usually auto-aliased to make it look crisper. Edit: testing this with one of my dragon's /view/ pages confirms this. The text still looks very crisp after several zooms, but the dragon sprite got ragged around the edges very quickly. Anything you can access on mobile, I can probably access on PC with enough work. A site doesn't just magically know to show you its mobile version - it checks certain things about the environment it's running in. To the best of my knowledge, anything a site can check can be spoofed with enough effort. For example, user-agent checking is fairly common, both for selecting desktop vs. mobile and for selecting display rules to make the site look good across different browsers. However, users can very easily forge the user-agent. Years ago I played around with being Googlebot, just for the heck of it. Today, there's nothing stopping me (or anyone else) from identifying as a mobile browser. The reason captchas are so hard to read is because text recognition software and captcha breaking software have gotten very very good, so any simple captcha is easily "read". I fully expect anyone with enough time and knowledge would be able to adapt to image-based descriptions. Edit: as I type this, an even simpler way of breaking these images occurs to me. The content of the image itself would have to be changed every so often. Welcome to the world of running a captcha: your image content needs to change periodically, your filename needs to change periodically, and you probably need to put some garbage in the background to keep any basic image recognizing software from eating your images alive. There's also the point that image-based scripting off the AP has been a Thing for a very long time now. Even back in 2010-2011 there were whispers about people who sat in the AP with a script looking for bouncing Neglecteds and for Hollies at Christmas time. If memory serves, the AP still had image rotation back then, so any AP scripts in question would have worked by identifying the image. At the end of the day, you'll probably stall some of the people who just download a script and run it. You won't defer whoever's building those scripts, and eventually updated versions would make their way out and we'd be right back at square 1. I also don't think the costs to normal players are worth it. The extra lag will be noticeable and the lack of accessibility has definite potential to be harmful as well imo. I don't think this is worth it.
  5. Ooo, one of my babies. Glad you like it!
  6. You didn't show the time left on the caught egg's view page, but if it was the first time that egg was grabbed off the AP, it gains an extra day. I would guess the Waverunner in your screenshot was at 5d 22h on your scroll. All else being equal, an egg with lower time will crack more than an egg with higher time. An egg about to die might only take 100 UV to hatch, but that same egg at 4d might take 200-300 UV. For an egg gaining an extra day, this means the stats that gave it its current crack may no longer be sufficient to keep it at that cracking stage. There are also a few other circumstances where an egg's cracking stage changes, but those are based on the egg's breed changing.
  7. The Halloween breeds you don't have are Black Marrow, Shadow Walker, Cavern Lurker, Grave, Desipis, and Caligene. Since you want one of each gender of each breed, you need 12 dragons. Breeding lasts a week before the new drop. Luckily for you, you only need 4 days to hatch your 12 dragons, as well as a few extras. You'll even have time for an entire extra scrollful of eggs.
  8. I believe it's a personal level. I have no conclusive data for this, but a few of my common x common pairs are stubborn. The most notable example is this Gold Wyvern x Royal Blue pair - I have only a dozen eggs from them since August 2015. The reason I think that pair is notable is because there was an entire breeding project focused on GW x RB, which seemed to do pretty well. I feel like a breed incompatibility would have shown up with that much focus on that pairing.
  9. You get max 10 actual tries. You'd have to kill 5 dragons exactly 2 weeks before Halloween and try to revive them early on Halloween. Then, once your kill-slots return on Halloween itself, kill 5 more and try to revive them. Keep in mind adults can and do dodge quite often, and once they dodge they can't be killed for 24 hours. You'll want to have backup zombie-fodder for the 5 dragons you plan to kill on Halloween itself.
  10. You're perfectly correct. NDs have gone 1:1 with CB Golds as far back as I can remember. There may be slight variations from one trade to another, or in times of extreme metal scarcity, but barring some obscene number of metals dropping at once I don't think 1 ND would ever trade for 3 Golds. 2g prizes are a hairier matter. I've traded anywhere from 1-5 CB NDs for one. It depends on the CB (some have fewer 2g prize descendants and are treated as rarer), it depends on the pairing (expect to pay more if you want an ultracommon mate, because breeding that 2g is going to be a nightmare of fails), and it depends heavily on the breeder. Prize values have fluctuated wildly depending on other cave events as well - right after a raffle they would be fairly cheap, but would increase in price fairly sharply as lists filled up. Then lists would empty, a CB would get "old" and breed enough 2gs to be less valuable, and prices would go down again.
  11. On the 5m drops, the eggs get shuffled. The ones from the front disappear somewhere into the back of the queue, but they're still there. If you want to prove it for yourself, open a biome page at XX:X4 and some odd seconds, wait until XX:X6, and try to grab one of the eggs. You'll still be able to, even though the egg isn't visible from the biome page anymore. On the hourdrops, the eggs get completely recycled. Anything left in the queue is destroyed and new eggs are generated. Nope.
  12. From the description guidelines,
  13. Same. The extra 1/1/1 won't affect what you're trying to do with yours, but I like my stuff to have 0 clicks.
  14. Yep. That wasn't up when I attempted to answer, though, and the issue's lasted much longer than I expected. Is it just me or are eggs automatically getting 1/1/1 stats, even through fog? I grabbed a bunch of eggs yesterday and immediately fogged them, but today they're all at 1/1/1. Also, an egg I just bred seconds ago is at 1/1/1. This is rather annoying.
  15. The custom font that displays the gender symbols is presumably glitched. I'm sure the symbols will go back to normal, given enough time.
  16. The lineage page shows a max of 12 generations. You can extend a lineage as long as you'd like, though. People just won't be able to see the entire thing on one screen. They'll have to click one of the parents and check its lineage.
  17. I would think that's a good deal for the person with the hatchies, as long as you're not picky about commons. Sounds like you're not even worried about lineages though, so that's definitely more than fair. Probably doable, I think gold wyverns and dinos both are uncommons.
  18. Drakes, splits, pygmies, cheeses, papers, and dinos are unturnable. Everything else is fair game (including vamps, as ainisarie pointed out).
  19. Pretty sure that's it, yeah. I could have sworn TJ posted something about it, but my search-fu is too weak to find it. Thanks for linking it though.
  20. That means the custom font that provides the gender symbols is broken on your computer. Try a hard-refresh. There used to be a tool that would force-reload the font, but I'm having some trouble finding that now.
  21. https://forums.dragcave.net/index.php?showtopic=112391 - proposed BSA for Magi, would allow you to attach a note to a dragon you're abandoning https://forums.dragcave.net/index.php?showtopic=150755 - scroll notes I know this has been brought up elsewhere but I can't seem to find where.
  22. I don't usually pick up prizefails, but this 3g Falconiform x Silvertin was too pretty to pass up. Thank you, rrattts!
  23. You remember correctly. My Summon is on cooldown and shows "This action is not available until May 04, 2016."
  24. Doesn't get much lower than this. Pretty sure that's my personal record for lowest, actually.
  25. Hatchies. I wouldn't trade a rare for any number of common eggs, as imo the entire point of trading for hatchies is keeping your eggslots open. My number there is based off a recent trade I did - 1 CB ND for 30-35 CB common hatchies. I gave the other person a list of half-a-dozen common breeds I was looking for and let them choose how they wanted to break down the IOU. The more precise your needs the less I would think you could get (unless you're trading for ultracommons); conversely, the less precise your needs and the less demanding your timeframe, the more you can probably get.