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  1. Just got the message to get over here, though I'm glad my post could be edited by mods. Been away for a while, so I'll need to read up on what I've missed!
  2. Ack! Late to the hunt! Time to get crackin'!
  3. I'm tempted to say no, let the past papers stay special. But on the other hand, what I love about this site is that (almost) everything is possible for everyone to get. So yeah. I like this idea. Having ungenderd and gendered papers sounds cool.
  4. Okay, that one's cute. Spike makes an adorable purple puppy.
  5. I agree with that one. Had to stick it on repeat for a while. Morning in Ponyvile was second place, but What my Cutie Mark is Telling Me is by far the catchiest. I love the songs the FiM team come up with. Though I feel they overdid it by turning the whole episode into a musical.
  6. Everypony is nervous in Twilight's presence now, since she's a princess. They're going along with whatever she says so as to not get on her bad side. (Yep, totally on purpose! As long as you say so! Please don't banish us!)
  7. Ah, so Lauren has spoken! If the genius behind the series intended for this to happen, I'm officially okay with it. She started it so well, it's sad to hear about things like Cadence being given wings under the radar. Though that did work out in the end. Hasbro has their pink princess toy without shamelessly making Celestia pink.
  8. NO! Please no! Twilight has been "special" since day one. While it's a bold move that will require very careful handling for the future to make her an Alicorn Princess, it would be far too far to make all the others Alicorn Princesses as well. They just aren't developed for it. ... Twilight is my second favorite of the mane six. Please don't mess this up, okay, Hasbro? Please?
  9. Happily, the hatchies aren't screaming at me to freeze them. Unlike the Rosebuds. Also bred my remaining 6 adults yesterday. One with my CB GoldXHeartseeker. Hope I made someone happy with that!
  10. Okay. I just go synopsis spoiler'd. I am fully ready to accept new Twilight if this episode turns out as awesome as it sounds. Because now I am hyped. Besides, this is a bold move on Hasbro's part. Making such a huge, life-altering change without it being a series finale. Side note: all those wrong cutie mark bloopers in the past are now going to be hilarious in hindsight. I swear it was Dashie who got a few butterflies on her flank in The Return of Harmony. And now the two instances in one episode where somepony had Twilight's cutie mark. Not Discord after all?
  11. All I have to say is that if it is true, it better have Lyra. A very happy Lyra. Like, unnaturally happy. At least until the "I'm human!" shock wears off. I would give it a chance. CMC were intended to be spinoff, after all.
  12. Hnrrrrr, all this awesome pony merch! Why can't I get it?! Stupid low-class penny-pinching status. And that reminds me. Who the hay is princess Skyla? She has Cadence's colors... What if Cadence has a filly? Or if Cadence's nickname as a filly was Skyla? Guys? Link for size. (Cadence-colored Alicorn Sweetie Belle. Heh.) Heck, now I'm wondering if Twilight is the princess getting the coronation. Not that I even fully understand what that word means. I'm definitely aboard the train of actually wanting to see this finale. No matter how controversial.
  13. 26 episodes and Last Roundup's writer. Yep. I'm cool with that. My brother is vastly opposed to this season's finale event. I'm just glad for more pony. Really, my biggest concern is the show dying because of too major of a change. If it just keeps going strong, I'll learn to live with her majesty.
  14. I like the gold the best, and silver the least. Overall, I love them. The sparkly beauty is very fitting of a prize dragon. Now to sit patiently until they become common IRC raffle prizes no one cares for so I can get them easily. They're so lovely!
  15. The normal pink is my least favorite coloration. I have normal pink. Boo. That said, they all breed the same things. We can't control our snowangel colors, and we can't control our sweetling colors. I'm okay with this, as a sweetling/snowangel is still a sweetling/snowangel. I'd rather never be able to get a certain color than never be able to get one period. EDIT: I never noticed the different butt marks before. Cool.
  16. Well, my gold finally produced her first-ever egg. Finally. It's the mate's species, but an egg none the less. I am happy.
  17. Heard someone in class yesterday finding all the drama about Twilight funny. I said nothing. Still neutral, it's just amusing to see their amusement.
  18. Unicorn supremacy, anyone? There's some real inborn racism: female unicorns have the highest chance of becoming the top of the top. Because Magic and show for young girls. Not that I'm one to rebel; it does make sense for the magic alone, since Twilight already did make Rarity a temporary (albeit odd) alicorn. I'm going to stay on the fence about AliTwi until it happens. I jumped on the 'down with Cadence' train before she came, then ended up liking her as a character loads better than Shining Armor. So I'm going to sit back and cross my fingers that the writers make this work. Meanwhile, I'll be enjoying UniTwi. Also, we can at least look forward to animation errors giving us traces of UniTwi. Pegasi loose their wings pretty often. Celestia herself has lost her wings for a scene once. Has it even been confirmed permanent? Thinking on the Rarity thing, it could very well end with a wingless Twilight, with just enough time to sell the toys. Rarity didn't keep her wings, and we still got butterfly-wing pony toys.
  19. Oh, wow. I remember these from Gaia. They were just signature pets, from what I knew back then. Years ago. Got plenty of things to do nowadays though, so I don't think I'll end up joining the site officially.
  20. Gingerbread house: Check. All recipes made: Check. I think. Holly get: Haha! Funny. Gave up before the event started. Excitement for new "normal" release: Check! Happy for new prizes: Check. As long as they breed like tinsels. Breeding of a all my holiday dragons: Not check. I'm feeling a breed-the-rest-on-the-25th vibe here. Think I'll go with that.
  21. I just realized there was a Rainbow Dash episode on my birthday. That's just awesome, since she's top of the mane six list over here. And she showed off her caring side at that.
  22. That... would explain so much. I never noticed that before.
  23. Gah! It's like each episode is doing its best to trump the last! FINALLY a Scootaloo episode, and a darn awesome one at that! I was squeeing so bad at that adorable finale. About time Scoots gets somepony to look after her. We may not have found out her parents, but this is good enough to make me one happy camper.
  24. Considering most of what I actively want happen to be commons, I turn to the AP a lot. The AP is certainly less boring. Cave hunting is only for A ) the hour mark and B ) when I feel like locking myself with things to bite while I try for a rare/uncommon. Lately, I prefer going to the AP and stealing all of the mints. A good portion of my CB mints were taken from the AP, and every non-mintXmint mint offspring was as well. Getting a rare pairing always makes my day. <^-^>