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floodcontrol.gif 19R.pngSeeking 2nd Gen: Frill X Bright Pink - Willing to negotiate a trade!alternatemew.png178.png | 24675.png | dragonanimated_670391.gif dragonanimated_696184.gif dragonanimated_683379.gif dragonanimated_714314.gif | kl.gif

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    About Me: No.
    Summon fails: 14
    Bite Stats starting 24 Sept, 2012
    Stayed>>>> 1
    Killed>>>>> 5
    Breeding lists:

    - [Empty]

    Currently Off-limits:
    - Latellven Shuldore

    ```How can I help you?```````
    - Restrictions:
    >>> I only breed mints to mints, and Mintions are not up for trading/gifting.
    >>> Latellven Shuldore (the CB Gold) is temporarily not breeding for others. She needs to prove her fertility to me first.

    - PM me if you want me to breed you something. Then prod me constantly so I don't forget.

    - I generally will not ask for something in return.

    - I do bite eggs.
    >>> I will, by default, only bite CB blocker eggs or eggs I have bred, as a courtesy.
    >>> If you have no vampires, feel free to forward me an egg to bite if you want a specific one bitten.
    >>> I will breed a specific pair on my scroll to bite if requested.
    >>> Ignore Mintion restriction if you want a Vampire from them.

    ```Surname Key`````````````
    (NOTE: In process of renaming most dragons to have surnames)

    Cado - Messy uneven lineage (no suffix)
    Dartoh - Inbred (No suffix)
    Fihor - Purebred
    Jahuc - Spiral
    Jkofen - Downward starirstap
    Jkofif - Upward stairstep
    Olod - Even gen
    Rawod - 2nd gen, not PB (No suffix)
    Shuldore - Cave born (No suffix)
    Sxob - Tidy Non-PB EG

    -oo - 2nd gen
    -ee - 3rd gen
    -or - 4th gen
    -ive - 5th gen
    -ix - 6th gen
    -ev - 7th gen
    -ate - 8th gen
    -ine - 9th gen


    - Pinks from CB Frill x CB Bright Pink
    - Green Dino
    - Mint hatchies of any kind

    - 5th gen male Tinsel stairstep, would be influenced female.
    >>> Preferably x Nebula
    - 2g Mints of Mint X CB anything.
    >>> Especially Holidays/Retireds

    ```Always Accepted CBs``````
    - Golden Wyvern
    - Stripe
    - The obvious (Gold/Silver)
    - Ice
    - Magma

    *NOT for freezing. For hoarding.

    - CB Sun Stones
    - Mints of any line

    ```Just Because```````````````
    - EG/Stairstep/Spiral Tinsels
    - Pretty Even Gens
    - Pretty inbreds
    - Inbred hatchies (/Might/ freeze, more likely will let it grow up and surname it Dartoh. AKA inbred.) Mints will never be frozen.