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  1. Thank you for the update, glad things are okay now.
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    I need to play more, I'm hoping to get a members account for Christmas. I stopped playing because I got stuck in some weird mansion and can't get out.
  3. So has anyone ever had any paranormal experiences? Or maybe you live or know someone who lives in a house that is haunted? Have you seen any ghosts or anything else ouut of the ordinary? Or do you even believe in the Paranormal? I myself do and I've had a few encounters one was very recent, only a few days ago. My roommate had gone to work and I was alone in our apartment, I can see straight from the bedroom to the kitchen but we had a long curtain up because of the air Conditioner (we wanted to keep the bedroom and living room cool). I had my glasses on and was wide awake, my cat was laying on the end of the bed asleep. So I look up and see this black hooded looking thing float into the kitchen, it even moved the curtain. I wouldn't have paid any attention had my cat not sat up and looked directly at it as well, her eyes got huge but she didn't growl or anything. It was so real I called out thinking it was my roommate, no answer. So I got up and looked and nothing was there, I wasn't asleep either. But right after that my roommate got like 3 phone calls for interviews, I believe it was a positive omen honestly.
  4. I myself have three brats..err cats . I have a huge one who is quarter manx, no tail and completely adorable, friendly, loving and just very sweet. My next youngest is my baby and VERY spoiled, she's a purebred Tortie-point Himalayan and she's got the most gorgeous blue eyes I've ever seen on a cat and she's horribly spoiled. And my youngest is part Maine Coon, we found him outside when I lived in Oklahoma and he's sweet but comes to us only when he feels like it. They're all spoiled rotten