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Wishlist of dragons I don't have: CB Silver, 2nd Gen Shimmer, even gen hollyWishlist of Dragons I do have: CB Gold, hollyMy scroll: http://dragcave.net/user/Sandstorm%20LavastoneI take breeding requests for my dragons, don't be afraid to ask, especially for Tinsels, Shimmers and Holiday dragons.Always looking for CB Black Tea dragons.Anyone looking for Christmas or Halloween dragons this year except Holly, PM me, I'll breed mine for you. ^^Note: I have a very difficult time understanding things, so if I message you for a trade, please be kind. Thank you.

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    I owe blackdragonqueen 1 black eggie from one of my CB BlacksxRannah (Complete!) and one Second Gen gold. (Complete! Finally!)

    A trade with Mercury (Completed!)

    I owe WildRiv 1 Second Gen hellhorse egg~ (Complete!~)

    I owe Alrak two bronze shimmer offspring (Complete!)

    Find Alrak a CB Summer. (Complete!)

    I owe Shirozuka One Tinsel egg from AmarkuxFuchsia Love (Complete!)

    I owe ZzelaBusya Two Gen 2 PB Marrow hatchlings. (Complete!)

    I owe Nakti Two Gen 2 Shadow Walkers (Complete!) and Two even gen Black Marrows (My half is complete! Waiting on the shimmer in return.)