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  1. Thanks, TMD. Can I just jump back in?
  2. *Sighs in relief* Thanks~ Um, I tried to read over what's been going on, but there were too many pages... Could I have a brief recap?
  3. Guys, I'm SO sorry for disappearing for a long time. I got really sick and was in the hospital, an I got better only a little while ago. Again, really sorry.
  4. Sorry I haven't been on... School has been torture... Recap? And speaking about countries theme songs, I know a few. Mongolia: Viva la Vida - Coldplay Poland: Fabulous - HSM2 Saxony: Goofy Goober Rock I'll think of the others later...
  5. Well, Mongolia hates Russia, so he would hate to have to take care of him, TMD. But I'm sure Singapore would spoil him.
  6. Oh joy. Mongolia would have a fit! And sorry for not being on. At first, I didn't know what to type, so I forgot. I'll try to be more active when I can find a good place to hop in at.
  7. Well, I'm not so sure, but maybe because it's always been wondered about and it was a legend, but no one brought it up? That's what I would think.
  8. From what I've heard, yes, but I think it's going to do the regular things that meetings do first, then it will be brought up.
  9. Maybe we should have only the people who haven't had a charrie killed yet should have that happen so it would be fair.
  10. Yes, I'm sure, but they're my more unused charries, which is why I said that I'd be fine with not having them put in if they couldn't.
  11. This will be... Interesting. TMD, I also had Poland, Estonia, and Singapore, but you don't have to put them in the generator.
  12. Well, we could use random.org, but we would have t have the charries to have a number, like someone would be 1, someone else would be 2, and so forth.
  13. I think Belgium is open. Just check the first page of the IC thread, which the link is found at the first page of this thread.
  14. You should join! It's nice since we have many new charries open, so you can choos really whichever ones you want, but the list isn't updated as of late, so I think Canada and Prussia are taken too.
  15. Could Mongolia or Saxony go after Denmark, then?
  16. Bye Blob... BTW, Ice, was Czech talking to Mongolia? Just want to be sure so I don't post something unnecessary.
  17. Guys, just a heads up. I might not be here on the weekend; it's my birthday this Saturday.
  18. Okay, thanks! I'm not sure now. I might want to do something with a country that I don't know as much on, like Estonia or Singapore, but I still think I want to go with Mongolia.
  19. I'm sort of confused with the whole contest thing. What is it? if it's about a character's worst life moment then all I know is that I'll be going with Mongolia for the fall of the Mongol Empire...
  20. "People in Denmark are doing very well, along with pretty much the other Scandinavian countries" Denmark told the room, looking at new Zealand. "Australia's doing good too, mate!" Australia chimed in, looking around the room until locking eyes with New Zealand and flashing a grin. Why wouldn't Australia be doing well? Israel smiled and sat up straighter. "Israel is doing fine also, but there have been some rumors saying that my country will attack Iran soon, but I can say that it is undecided, so don't start to think that we are" she announced, making her statement clear.
  21. I've Mongolia, Saxony, Singapore, Poland, and Estonia.
  22. Nona, you can interact with any of my characters.