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  1. O, olive dragons and blusangs are soo pretty. I hope i can find myself my first brine today <3
  2. It's so frustratin. Haven't got an single brine yet . Got egg-locked, so it's time to hide my dragons ( since people seem to like to add them to click sites o.O) and try again tomorrow. By the way how long will there be 5 and hourly drops untill "there's a massiv pile of eggs in abondoned area " pops up?
  3. After 6 hour trying to get my first brine (Lol , some people already have 5 , tell me your secret how you get them ;d ), it's time to give up for today . I'll see if i have better luck tomorrow ^^
  4. I forgot that i was egg-locked (Got a paper egg last time while hunting for brines) , went to the coast ,started clicking on brines and 3 out of 6 brines gave me "you are already overburdened and decide not to stress yourself by taking this egg" message . Why did i have to be egg-locked ?? Oh , just bad luck .
  5. Saw so many brines o.O Wasn't able to catch one though...
  6. Just woke up , hope i have better luck than yesterday. Tho im quite sure i end up with nothing But I'll try to get myself a brine. I would be happy with just one.
  7. I gave up on getting a brine . Im too slow But at least i got other 2 eggs. Can't wait untill they grow .