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  1. One superawesome kind person gifted me 2 Brines. blink.gif Im sooo happy now . Finally I have these beauties. I couldn't thank her enough. <3

    Now I have 2 Brines, 2 Olives and 3 Rancids . My August collection is complete. Can't wait til they all grow up .

  2. My favourites are the brimstones , i've been wanting a yellow dragon for a long time and brimstones are so nice. And I don't mind that lower jaw at all . It makes it cooler .


    Brines and Olives are so pretty aswell. It's a shame that I haven't got a brine one yet. I love the male one.



  3. It's so frustratin. Haven't got an single brine yet . Got egg-locked, so it's time to hide my dragons ( since people seem to like to add them to click sites o.O) and try again tomorrow.

    By the way how long will there be 5 and hourly drops untill "there's a massiv pile of eggs in abondoned area " pops up?

  4. I forgot that i was egg-locked (Got a paper egg last time while hunting for brines) , went to the coast ,started clicking on brines and 3 out of 6 brines gave me "you are already overburdened and decide not to stress yourself by taking this egg" message . Why did i have to be egg-locked ??

    Oh , just bad luck .