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  1. Currently Having a difficult time finding people offering cb golds for cb hollies or even missing out on some since I never had one. Though I am hopeful I will break that bad luck one day.
  2. yeah i was hoping to find some other eggs while i have the chance, I do agree it could be a glitch either way hope it gets fixed soon too.
  3. It's not just you,I've been around for I'd say about 30 mins already and I'm at the conclusion out of amusement though not seriously, that somebody broke it lol
  4. I am in full agreement with this I have been so sick of catching the same eggs when ever I am trying to catch something neat.
  5. I Would Like to Report a Gift! Gifter: Lurhstaap Giftee: Argentum_Drache Lineage link(s): https://dragcave.net/lineage/xLt9e Breed(s): Mageia Xenowyrm Status: Accepted
  6. I Would Like to Update My List! Scroll name: Argentum_Drache Forum name: Argentum_Drache Birthday: 12/12 Revised List: 1.2G from Spriter's Alt 2.3G from Spriter's Alt 3a.4G Gold Dragon from Gold Lunar Herald 3b. 2G Mageia xenowyrm egg from Magi 4a.Shallow Water 4b.Surprise me
  7. Persona Q for 3DS and Onigiri the PC version
  8. Where I am it is very stormy with well lots of lightning and torrential downpour of rain it is currently about 60 degrees farenheit just my kind of christmas day
  9. I want to sign up! Forum name:Argentum_Drache Scroll name:Argentum_Drache Wishlist: 1.CB Gold 2.2G PB Silver 3.4th-6th Gen Shimmer from Jewel if possible. 4.Winter Seasonal 5.Royal Blue 6.Undine Breeding abilities:I have a list of prizes on my profile under google docs I am willing to breed I also can breed Chrono x Undine for a 2G-5G. A pair of 2G Ices with a Winter Solstice. I also have some holidays from christmas like the mistletoes for 2G. I guess about most of anything on my scroll. I can breed a 2G PB Gold Wyvern. 3G Silver or Gold with Gold x Silver parents. Ca
  10. I'll take it left an offer on it i left this on previous page
  11. Leaving: 4g PB Golden Wyvern Leave a dummy and please post something in return for the thread if haven't already! [been trying to get offers on it for about 2 days but apparently no body wants it so might as well post it here and hope that someone could give it a good home]- Gone to hamsterwoman Taking:Nothing at the moment-egg locked
  12. Missing out on grabbing a CB Trio when it's right in front of you but dozing off and as soon as I snapped out of it and clicked on it ,it was already gone
  13. Ended up combining the Magi with a Green Copper as donations and need room! Claim my eggs/hatchlings! Whoever takes them please don't kill is all I ask.
  14. Leave:BSA Magi egg ! Just leave a dummy and be sure to post in the thread and leave something for it too if haven't already Taking:None
  15. Leaving:Silver Tinsel x Nebula Staircase lineage Leave a dummy and leave something for the thread if haven't already Take:Nothing at the moment
  16. Leaving: This CB Pyralspite Egg Leave a Dummy-Gone to Ldyfsh Take:Nothing for the moment
  17. Leaving:AoD Egg Leave a dummy,do not harm in anyway. Went to Hyacinth Taking:Nothing for right now-egg locked
  18. Offered on the thunder egg Left this on page 43
  19. Leaving:Pink Dragon Egg!Just leave a dummy and can do whatever you'd like with it.-Gone to erastes Taking:Nothing-Egg Locked at the moment
  20. Leaving: 7g Silver Tinsel Please don't bite nor kill and no freezing. Leave a dummy and post something for the thread if you haven't already. Taking:Nothing for the moment-Egg locked
  21. Bump,this little guy is still here