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  1. It's a beach in search of an ocean?
  2. I have color-based clans, with first names based off of either the dragon concept or the egg link.
  3. I got three in a row, despite the oncoming lag monster
  4. Any water dragons. Also things that are colorful or shiny LOL
  5. Site seems to be down?
  6. I wish we got notifs about new releases, dammit
  7. Got three of each. Might try for another musk at some point.
  8. These are such Harry Potter dragons that it's almost painful.
  9. Looks like we're going to need a lot of egg links soon
  10. Is it bad that the candles make me think of candlecove and Mr. Eaten from Fallen London?
  11. We can, actually. There’s a turn button.
  12. Yay, it’s here! And I have two eggs already!
  13. My new eggs just started to hatch
  14. Apparently it took 42 candies to buy all the costumes. Ultimate answer! ETA: https://dragcave.net/halloween17/GuesssWho
  15. I'm hoping that these will be something like my idea
  16. So far I have a shadow, a pumpkin, 10 graves oO, 4 witchlights, 3 marrow, 2 desipis and 3 lurkers not counting mine.