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  1. Good. A little cold because of the weather, but still good.
  2. I don't mind them, I just don't like being spooked by them. Like working in the garden and one suddenly moves beneath you *shudders*. If I know they're there, I'm ok.
  3. Irritated. Two of my email accounts got locked ("suspicious activity") and I'm having trouble getting them unlocked again. *hisses and shakes fist at aol*
  4. Update: I Sent a Gift! Scroll name: Glyndlamir Wishlist: 1. CB Silver Sent! 2. CB Spessartine Sent! 3. CB Xeno Gifted a CB Xeno from Jungle 4. Lunar Herald with a nice lineage Gifted a 2nd gen Lunar 5. a nice two-breed checker (4th Gen would be nice, but 3rd-5th is good) or a lineage you're proud of ^^ Gifted a 4th gen Spessartine checker 6. CB Falconiform/Fever hatchling Sent! First year I've managed to cover my giftee's entire wishlist Thanks to everyone who helped me get there! Updated the spreadsheet as well. Spreadsheet
  5. I picked up a black egg from the cave today. Going to use him as an Alan Rickman/Snape tribute. That scene in the pictures I posted earlier is all that has been going through my mind every time someone has mentioned Alan Rickman's passing today (yes, I'm a nerd and have a vast network of Harry Potter friends online and in real life). Raise your wands.
  6. I've seen Alan Rickman in many different roles, but Severus Snape will always stand out to me. Raise your wands everyone.
  7. a little warmer, but still in the 20s and sunny with snow every where