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  1. Good. Happy. Maybe tired. But still good.
  2. San Francisco pork chops, potatoes and gravy and oranges
  3. It's been a good day. Feeling pretty awesome.
  4. Tired. Of course it is midnight. Should probably go to bed...
  5. As long as there'd still be a way to obtain the cb prizes (whether it's a cave release or store etc), I'd be ok with no raffles. I'm neutral to them to be honest. As it was said before, whether raffles stay or go, I'm sorry but there will always be drama. Getting rid of the raffles won't end that, lol. Just the way it is with a game. What I will miss is the chance to request a code with a prize dragon, unless the store was planned to have a feature to purchase special codes or something. I always thought it'd be fun to have a dragon with a personalized code and enjoyed that feature of the raffles.