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  1. A good Halloween for me here as well. I managed to trade for some Pumpkins, caught a few Marrows as well as bred by Holidays from last year. I caught four of the new eggs right off the bat, no problems. The only downside is my Zombie attempts... again. Last year was a dud and is this year. Here's my stats this year: Remained dead: 5 Dodges: 6 Return to life: 1 Zombified: 0 Out of twelve attempts NO ONE turned. ' Ugh... Oh well, the rest of the holiday was fantastic. Thank you TJ and artists!
  2. jesterboohoo

    Site Down

    I hope there's time credited *please, please* I have eggies that will be in a heap of trouble if time isn't fixed. Thanks for the update though, TJ, and I'm sorry about the host issues. You think they'd know better than to mess with TJ the great...
  3. TJ to the rescue, lol Thanks for the update! *waits anxiously*
  4. If it were based off my choice, I would be a White. If it were based off of personality, I would probably be closest to either a Night Glory, Nebula or Horse.
  5. I could go for this too. It's definitely rough right now and I'd like to hear more ideas/possibilities, but I'm interested.
  6. Sadly my answer still hasn't changed since the last poll. Still zero. Big, fat, lonely 0. Update: Thank you, Leidarendi!
  7. More awesomeness from the Almighty TJ, thanks TJ! An unblocked cave will be helpful.
  8. *girlish squeal* YAY UPDATES! Thank goodness too, I've been dying for teleport to come for a while now. Thanks so much, TJ!
  9. My top favs: GoN, Day Glory/Night Glory, and Nebulas
  10. My dragons all have latin words for names. I try to find a word that matches the dragon description and sounds neat as well.
  11. I've seen some wonderful trees so far, but I can't say that I'm swayed by either traditional trees or picture trees. My taste is for trees that are tasteful and pleasing to look at, not the cluttered non-sense trees. I've only just started voting and so far I've had a lot of middle number votes, a few lower numbers but not too many high numbers. Lots of great ideas though.
  12. From what I've heard, when the ornaments fade, that means that they won't be able to be viewed by others. As long as the ornaments are solid in color, they are visible to voters for your tree.
  13. When I was new, I had a few opportunities to pick up a Gold egg and I didn't because I thought the Gold Dragons were ugly. So instead I was busy trying to get common dragons that I thought were prettier. I haven't seen a Gold since. And also missing the lettle tree drop this year by becoming scroll locked. Ugh.
  14. Thanks for the preview TJ! OMG! This is completely awesome! Can't wait for the new features to come into effect!
  15. I only grabbed three my first time, they were a white, a daydream and a water. Only the white survived and I have him still today.