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  1. Scroll Name: jesterboohoo Forum Name: jesterboohooo What Eggs/Hatchlings would you like to be sat: All hatchlings on scroll (ignore fogged egg) How Long will you be gone: Til Sunday night (July 7th) What Sitter's list do you want to be on: Any, whoever is available! I don't for-see any problems with these hatchlings, even with me being gone, but I'd rather play it safe since I won't have access to the internet to check in on them. Thanks in advance!
  2. I don't know about an exact "phobia" but bugs (particularly spiders) make me squeemish. Snakes to an extent as well.
  3. I would love to be an author. Still chasing that dream down, but not giving up
  4. I am partial to rain or thunderstorms, as long as it's not humid/muggy. But I do like a sunny day that's not hot/humid too, with a slight breeze. Perfect weather for being outside.
  5. Hellhorse all the way! Runner-up fav goes to the bloodscales.
  6. O...m...g... I just might have a new fav... *Squeeeee!!* O.O
  7. Gotta say, I sorta wish it wasn't another Volcano breed... guess I was hoping the Forest/Jungle might see some more love. Oh well, happy last day of birthday hunting to everyone!
  8. Woot! Edit: Yay! First time first page!
  9. Haaaaattttccchhhh.... ugh... want to catch one more of the new releases before I go to bed, but egg locked with one egg cracking... very slowly.
  10. Gotta wait for eggs to hatch first... *sigh*... still counting down though... 2 min!
  11. I am slightly on track yet. It helped having a breedable dagon released, but this three alt release wasn't a help either, lol. So far I've managed to get a pair of each EXCEPT the green. I think I'll have to trade for that one... or wait but I'm almost nervous to wait without knowing the rarity of these guys. And of course there's still two more days to go of new dragons sooo... heh. I'll be watching to see how the colors breed (greens breed greens, or any colors etc).
  12. Well, got one pair down. Just need one more green and one more lighter colored one. But that'll have to wait until much later. Egglocked.
  13. Well... that was a strange drop... it started ended and then restarted? Idk, maybe it was just me. Either way, I got one more egg, different colored than the first so it's progress.
  14. Three alts!? Man, that put a kink in the math... and then I had a misclick too... not quite the night I was expecting, but still excited.
  15. Sqwwweeee! Can't wait to see what these guys look like! I love the Horse dragon to pieces!
  16. Roflol, as soon as the hour hit I was frantically clicking and thought I was going nuts at first when I saw nothing... but then it dawned on me. Breedables. I have to say, it's a nice change. Thanks TJ!
  17. Yay! Caught my others! Now I have some for me and some to gift. Done for the night! Good luck to everyone else!
  18. I saw that one too! Lucky person who caught it!
  19. Still sitting with just one, but the night is young.
  20. Oh the new eggs are gorgeous! I've managed to catch one so far. Luckily my Day 1's hatched right away so I'm set to grab some more!
  21. Sooo sorry! Quick go catch another!
  22. Well, I have one egg slot available... and my Day 1's should be ready to hatch. Did have a bout of sickness with them, but now they seem to be ok. Hopefully it won't take long for them to hatch so my other egg slots will be open. Sooooo excited for round 3... it's like the party without an end this release feels like.
  23. *contented sigh* Finally got my four so I'm egglocked and done for the night. And then the song "I feel better..." starts to play in my head from Doc McStuffins... can anyone tell there's a toddler in my house? On another note, don't give up people! Refresh! Click! Refresh! Click! Go for the gold-errr-"odd glittering the the light"!
  24. Ok, so for the second time after an hour drop, I must have overloaded my poor laptop with the click fenzy because it crashed... again. Naturally, caught nothing. But during the last 5 minute drop, I was late to clicking, but jumped in and caught three . I'm stunned... happy... but stunned. Good luck to everyone else still clicking! Don't give up! *hands out the war-face-paint*