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  1. Love them all! If I had to pick a favorite, it would have to be either the Candelabras or the Nexus (love the description with them).
  2. Well I managed to get some new releases. Frills and Arias will have to wait. Happy Birthday again DC!
  3. *screams* OMG YAY!! Happy Birthday, DC!
  4. Dangling over the cliff 200ft drop into the lake below... and I'm just sitting here enjoying the view. ^^
  5. ^ Same here. On a late note, Happy Valentine's Day everyone!
  6. That's a first for me. Usually there's a holiday wall at least one day past the holiday itself. Huh. I was still hoping to get some alt lined valentines. Hope more pop up soon. Still need to breed mine as well, lol.
  7. Hungry. *raids kitchen cupboards*
  8. Cold. Cloudy. Still lots of snow everywhere. Yay for winter.
  9. Pizza because I'm feeling lazy... and bc pizza is good...
  10. A little bored, but still good.
  11. The return of frills would be an awesome 10th DC Bday gift