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  1. I've been trying to organize my dragons and haven't been able to save successfully. I use the custom sort where you drag and drop the small tiles. I've sorted them three times now and every time I save, I get this error message and my scroll remains the same as it was before. Any fixes? I'd like to keep the custom sort I have other wise I'd try a different sort method.
  2. I love the description for the Lacula dragon. Overall, I love the new releases! Initially, I felt the black/yellows were a little lack luster compared to the other new releases, but they're starting to grow on me. Especially the male sprite.
  3. Soooo excited that there's an in-game trading system. I've never had much luck in the forums and I deeply miss EATW. The trading page is awesome, my only critique is that there doesn't appear to be a way to just browse offers (or maybe I'm blind and missing it, I can only see a handful of public trades). Excited about the new release too (Harry Potter themed?! Heck yes!) and I can't wait to see the adult sprites. Overall good event, thanks TJ!
  4. 17 total revive attempts (so far, still waiting on a few more fogballs to die and for the kill slots to reset), 5 were adults, 12 were hatchlings 2 revived alive (adults) 3 revived as zombies (2 hatchlings, 1 adult) The other 12 turned to dust. Not very promising stats.
  5. I was excited to see the wizard outfits (major HP fan and all), but no Hufflepuff? *pouts* Fun event so far otherwise, excited to see the additional biome for the Halloweens. Curious to see if this continues or if it'll just be for Halloween (I'm behind on other holiday cbs as well so I'm keeping my fingers crossed, lol).
  6. Lol same here with the Khusa sprite. I had no idea who Ho-Oh was, but after looking it up, yup, can't unsee it lol. Ho-oh aside, my initial impression was it looked like a hawk trying to cough a hairball, lol. But that could just be me. Carinae is ok. The wings feel a little much to much and I agree with the the blurry comments. But it's a fun concept and beautiful otherwise. They'll be fun to create lineages with! Love having hybrids.
  7. Easiest new release drop for me to date lol. Locked myself within the first 5 min. Can't wait to see what hatches!
  8. Whew, 56/56 done. Happy belated Easter everyone and thanks spriters for the gorgeous eggs!
  9. Confused, is this a one shot deal then or does it come up more than once for everyone? I've read some had more than one chance at the event, but most others only see it once. I got the prompt, but the page didn't load correctly so I stupidly refreshed and it just took me back to the regular biome. There's no egg on my scroll so I guess I was eaten, but I never saw the screen to know for sure.
  10. Eh, the new dragons are ok, not my style so I won't be collecting them, but nice to see some new additions. Sorry to the other folks that are struggling to get a hold of these guys. I'm having a hard time getting to the computer for the correct time/color correlation to even attempt a hunt on these guys (searching for blues still).
  11. Thanks for the explanation. The sketch on deviantart I get. The "resemblance" of tracing from the photos... not so much. Poses seem to be generic and stock to me, but what's done is done. Give the new guys a coat of polish and I'm sure they'll be fine. Now to think of names for the purple-spyro-dudes lol. Thanks too for the event! Not one of my personal favs but it was different and interesting.
  12. I like both of the adult sprites, the current ones the feet bother me for some reason and it also seems less polished than the original (wow on the detail). The original hatchlings that were shown were my favorite as well. I thought they looked deer-like with fluffy bunny tails lol. But still cute. The new ones... ehhhh... not feeling it. They have the same less polished feel like the adults. Oh well. Still hoping for more answers as well. Either way, happy with the idea behind the sprite and the color scheme.
  13. Lots of helpful suggestions on here (thanks to whoever made the guides!). I finally got all caught up as far as I can for today. The only question I have left is, does anyone else have trouble with certain pieces of furniture when customizing their house? The Nulhora chair I can't place at all without the game freezing, the blue table I was only able to place one and asking to place anymore causes it to freeze; things like that. Each item seems to be different. Anyone else having troubles or limits on the number of item types in the house?
  14. And is anything supposed to happen after finding Bord? Dialogue or something?
  15. Ok, I found Gladys, I'm supposed to deliver a package to her, but I when I hit spacebar near her, I just get a "hello" greeting. How am I supposed to give her the package? I didn't see a mailbox outside her house either.
  16. Merry Christmas! And thanks TJ and spriters!
  17. Awww, I was hoping to hear more about the story with the green goo. Oh well, I was able to mass breed all my Halloweens except about 7 or so. Should make for fun pickings later once the new releases hatch. Happy Halloween everyone!
  18. I feel better about my low turns after reading all these. I had one adult turn out of 7 and 3/8 hatchlings turn.
  19. Has anyone noticed the green goop changing among their dragons? It might just be me but I swear some of the dragons on my scroll weren't infected and they are now. Could totally be me not paying attention though.
  20. Minesweeper! *cracks fingers* Easy peesy. Thanks to all for the event!! Looks awesome! *pets poor sick dragons*
  21. Love the sprites! And I was surprised, the ones that I didn't care for as eggs/hatchlings, I ended up liking most >.< They're all lovely, but the Aeon, Almerald and Kingcrowne stick out as favorites, in particular, I liked the description and uniqueness of the Aeon. Super excited to see mine mature now
  22. Caught all of them now (aaaand a lot of low timers from the AP). So, all around happy and anxious to see the adults!
  23. Need-more-egg-slots... *scrambles around in egg-lock*
  24. Well I was almost turned in for the night... then I checked my phone one last time and noticed this. >.< lol so here I am. "Just a few more minutes..." I keep telling myself, haha. Thanks TJ and spriters!