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  1. Guess so. Unless there's something else we're missing. Hopefully it gets fixed soon. In the meantime, off to collect more treats.
  2. Keep getting the "Something went wrong" error after the ruin puzzle. I've tried Firefox, Chrome and Edge. Cleared cache in each. Nothing. Trying my cell to see if its any different. If anyone has any other suggestions to bypass the error, please let me know. edit: mobile has error too.
  3. More blah. Got my 5 kill slots back, used them all on adults. 4 more disintegrations and 1 zombie. Not great odds this year for me, very disappointed. Makes my new total: Out of 24 attempts on hatchlings and zombies, 2 zombified, 1 revived and 21 disintegrated. 8% success rate this year, yuck.
  4. Blah. All 5 adults disintegrated. Hatchlings have had 1 revive and 8 disintegrates. No Zombies. I thought odds were supposed to be boosted Waiting for my kill slots to return later today to try again. Hoping for better luck then. Update: Finished off the hatchlings that died earlier in the week. Here's results so far... still disappointing. 1 revive (hatchling), 17 disintegrates (all 5 adults and 12 hatchlings), 1 zombie (hatchling) Blah blah blah.... so much for better odds.
  5. Calling the time of death here, lol. Made it to round 842. Definitely won't get back up there before the event is over tomorrow, but it was a fun run while it lasted! I'll probably reset the board just in case it gets frozen to be reviewed later. *shrug* Well, good luck to everyone else still going!
  6. Another 3 dragons down, joining the 5 lost earlier for the Trio/White/Pebble layout. Castle is exposed now so it'll be a matter of time before the zombies come in and attack it. Oh well, it was a fun run while it lasted. On the bright side, I broke 800! That was my goal. Sitting at round 831 right now.
  7. Stepped out of the house for a bit. Trio/pebble/white set up is down another 2 for a total of 5 losses. There was already one magma, ice and pebble gone now a white and second magma as well. Round is 769. So close to 800! But the zombies are much closer to the tower now so I don't know. And there's only one white now healing the dragons around my tower so I suspect the end is near. I was hoping to survive into Halloween, not looking so good for that, but if they manage to hold out til the 800s, I'd be psyched with that.
  8. Round 737 for Pebble/Trio/White layout A pebble just fell in the same round the GoN decided to make an appearance. At least he took 6 zombies out. Was hoping this layout would last into tomorrow, but now I'm not so sure. There's still plenty of protection around the castle tower, but the zombies are working on the hole they've created in the corner.
  9. Round 731 for Pebble/Trio/White layout. Two losses, one of the corner Magmas and the Ice behind him. Crossing my fingers here lol.
  10. Round 558, lost one Magma on the edge. First loss with the trio/pebble/white arrangement.
  11. O.O Wow! I'm still on this setup as well. Round 469 for me. Thanks for sharing your update! I'm getting more and more curious to see how this layout lasts round wise.
  12. Another update... still on the same trio/white/pebble layout that's been passed around here. Onto round 392. Holy cow... I don't even remember my last record, but it has definitely been blown away. And still no losses.
  13. Surpassed my last record and still going. Not my layout (thanks to whoever shared!), I just want to see how high I can go with this. No losses so far. The latest update had me chuckle. 4 Zombies rise, attack GoN, GoN destroys most of the Zombie army. "Go after the big guy they said... it'll be fine they said...." lol. Good luck to everyone!
  14. 126, new record for me. Back to the drawing board for another layout attempt!
  15. 111 is my personal best right now. My latest setup has still been to try to beat my personal best (forgive me,I don't remember who suggested the layout to begin with, I finally unlocked enough dragons to try it, wish me luck!), but I'm thinking after I get overrun again, I'll try one of the XP farm layouts so I can unlock everything else. Anyway, here's where I am so far. EDIT: Just wanted to add quick, THANK YOU to all who have given advice and shared theories/tidbits/layouts; it has helped tremendously!
  16. Well, first attempt I lasted into the 40s (forgot how far, wasn't entirely paying attention). I'm almost to the 30s now on this second attempt, not sure I'll break my first record, I've lost quite a bit. Game is definitely interesting though. Fun concept!
  17. Can the tower be picked up and moved around? I tried selecting it, but wasn't able to do anything. I only just started so I just placed dragons randomly around my tower, lol. No other explanation showed up for me so we'll see. Off to get more treats while I wait for the rounds to happen.
  18. Got eaten again. One of these years I'm hoping to get something other than becoming dinner.
  19. I Want to Sign Up! Forum Name: https://forums.dragcave.net/profile/65187-jesterboohoo/ Scroll Name: https://dragcave.net/user/jesterboohoo Group Name: https://dragcave.net/group/76539 Wishlist: 1. Neglected or 2G Prize or 2G Spriter Alt 2. 3G Thuwed or Alt Vine 3. 4G Spriter Alt 4. Any gen Spriter Alt 5. 2G Risensong or Setsong 6. PB Red, even gen 7. CB Red (egg or hatchling) or surprise me with a pretty lineage Breeding abilities: I can breed 2G metals, I don't have much for checkers, even gens, spriters alts, thuweds, etc. Catching abilities: I'm pretty decent at catching. I can do metals, but it may take some time catchwise. No good at turning neglecteds though. Trading abilities: Same as catching. I'm not good at breeding, but I can usually catch enough to trade. Depends on the asking. Teleport abilities: No magi's needed
  20. Satisfied with my results this year. 21 to work with, 1 revived successfully, 7 changed and 13 disintegrated. Edit: To clarify the numbers, 5 adults were killed, 4 disintegrated and 1 changed. 16 hatchlings were killed, 1 revived successfully, 6 changed and 9 disintegrated
  21. Ended with 21 for the forest adventure. Bugs me a little that there were more to collect and I can't go back to see what I missed, but oh well. It was a good story!