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OWES ME:jessieice (izuzu): 1 neglected ungendered (in exchange for CB Gold) ->UNFULFILLED<-24kyv54.png


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    November 29, 2018
    Missed another raffle (4th one missed now I believe). More likely to be struck by lightning than win a prize anyway at this point. Oh well. Holidays are here, time to focus on that. Still collecting frozen hatchlings of many breeds to complete sets. Need to update wishlist to reflect current frozens still needed.


    OWES ME:
    jessieice (izuzu): 1 neglected ungendered (in exchange for CB Gold) ->UNFULFILLED<-

    I OWE:
    Zeditha (Zeditha): 60 Olives for 1 neglected (neglected never received), 20/60 done
    Sent: RPfcG, 3xRsQ, Isq8b, OdBlM, FBGlR, bKLvE, dYeAm, OuIxB, Wunel, Zd7F4, k6CcU, bT9LU, CZQyW, R9ZQf, qDDjF, tox7C, zPSPv, 3Gfnn, JynHF, xFrJc

    ----I Wish Upon A Star----

    Neglected, ungendered
    Prizes: 2G, any mate
    Spriter Alt Lines

    Frozen Hatchlings (can be inbred):
    Aeon Wyvern M F U
    Almerald M U
    Candelabra U
    Christmas - '16 F U
    Fell M F U
    Vine Alt M F U
    Gemshard (Green) M
    Day Glory F
    Greater Spotted Drake F U
    Guardian M
    Halloween (Witchlight) M F U
    Honey M F U
    Kingcrowne M
    Guardian of Nature M or F
    Avatar Destruction F U
    Avatar Change M U
    Monarch U
    Morphodrake M F
    Nexus M F
    Gold Shimmer U
    Silver Shimmer U
    Bronze Shimmer F U
    Crimson M U
    Kyanite Pygmy M F U
    Seawyrm F
    Pyralspite Red U
    Pyralspite Pink M F U
    Pyralspite Orange F U
    Red U
    Ridgewing alt U
    Sapphire M F
    Storm-Rider M F U
    Yellow-Crowned F
    Tarantula Hawk Drake M F U
    Thunder M U
    Ultraviolent F U
    Undine yellow M F U
    Valentine ('17) M U
    Xenowyrm Astrapi (Alpine) M F U
    Xenowyrm Chrono (Forest) F U
    Xenowyrm Gaia (Jungle) M F U
    Xenowyrm Pyro (Volcano) M F U
    Neglected M U

    ----Dragons Needed to Complete Scroll----
    Scroll complete as of July 26, 2016 ^_^