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OWES ME:jessieice (izuzu): 1 neglected ungendered (in exchange for CB Gold) ->UNFULFILLED<-


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    Somewhere between Hogwarts, Narnia and Middle Earth
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    January 31 - Pretty quiet this time of year. Still not a prize winner (surprise surprise) and no lineage projects in the works yet. May restart another round of Hunger Games; that was fun. Lots of new breeds to pool from now too.


    OWES ME:
    jessieice (izuzu): 1 neglected ungendered (in exchange for CB Gold) ->UNFULFILLED<-

    ----I Wish Upon A Star----

    Spriter Alt Lines

    Frozen Hatchlings (can be inbred):
    -Needs to be updated, basically any hatchling sprite not on my scroll-
    Aeon Wyvern M F U
    Almerald M U
    Candelabra U
    Christmas - '16 F U
    Fell M F U
    Vine Alt M F U
    Gemshard (Green) M
    Day Glory F
    Greater Spotted Drake F U
    Guardian M
    Honey M F U
    Kingcrowne M
    Guardian of Nature M or F
    Avatar Destruction F U
    Avatar Change M U
    Monarch U
    Morphodrake M F
    Nexus M F
    Gold Shimmer U
    Silver Shimmer U
    Bronze Shimmer F U
    Crimson M U
    Kyanite Pygmy M F U
    Seawyrm F
    Pyralspite Red U
    Pyralspite Pink M F U
    Pyralspite Orange F U
    Red U
    Ridgewing alt U
    Sapphire M F
    Storm-Rider M F U
    Yellow-Crowned F
    Tarantula Hawk Drake M F U
    Thunder M U
    Ultraviolent F U
    Undine yellow M F U
    Valentine ('17) M U
    Xenowyrm Astrapi (Alpine) M F U
    Xenowyrm Chrono (Forest) F U
    Xenowyrm Gaia (Jungle) M F U
    Xenowyrm Pyro (Volcano) M F U
    Neglected M U

    ----Dragons Needed to Complete Scroll----
    Scroll complete as of July 26, 2016 ^_^