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    My timezone: CET (UTC+1)
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    ~ Current personal breeding projects ~
    "Flames in Perfection" PB Magma x Red x Hellfire x Ember lineage even gen. (also for EPIC project)
    "Ballet Royal de la Nuit" even gen. themed lineage with Gold, (Alt) Black, Royal Blue, Golden Wyvern, White+Blue+Black Striped
    "Nuit d'Hiver" even gen. side lineage of the above, with Ice, Winter Seasonal, Nocturne, Lumina
    "Le Cabinet Fantome" even gen. themed lineage PB Black Marrow x Shadowwalker x Nocturne x Red Dorsal
    "Legends of Aylann" even gen. roleplay-themed lineage
    Split "Celebrated Couples" (cc) themed lineage even gen.
    PB Seasonals stair step lineage "New Blood" (SmS)

    ~ My high priority wishlist ~
    *CB Gold (influenceable egg or female hatchie)
    *CB Silver
    *2nd gen. Red from Holly
    *2nd gen. Striped from Holly
    *2nd gen. Black from Alt Sweetling
    *2nd gen. male Alt Black from Sweetling or Valentine
    *Low even gen. PB Gold x Black, PB Silver x Black or White (all)
    *Thuwed lineages (non-inbred) lower than 4th gen.
    *Holly 2nd or 3rd even gen., preferably with Red or Striped
    *Tinsels (up to 3rd even gen., nice lineages, non-inbred, taking IOU's)

    Dragons I do NOT collect:
    Inbreeds (except rares and uncommons for freezing)
    Long, messy, rainbow coloured lineages
    Overly commons like Balloon, Pebble, Water Walker, Mint, Whiptail, Neotropical..