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  1. I had a frostbite dragon briefly, currently I have a golden wyvern interested.
  2. I suggest Milly, cos mill is the more-or-less Latin for thousand.
  3. Here's what I've done with the cave so far. Rudy has transformed his cave into a mini-cabaret. Steak kabobs for two are on the (lava pit) grill, along with mango-ritas, and cupcakes for desert. A whole brigade of penguin waiters stand by to provide refills and seconds. In the back is the floor show - three rows of chorus-line dancers, with the dancing star (the crab) out front. And the piece-de-resistance: Rudy offers a teddy bear. Should be a nice date for any female. The lines of fishies are just sort of texturing, and to get more meat in my cave without messing up my theme.
  4. Rudy's got a Bright Pink interested in him now! I hope she sticks around, I don't have any Bright Pinks.
  5. Naw, I think it's just The Doctor. Maybe that's why he hangs around humans so much.
  6. I'm thinking these first few days are for sussing out what dragons respond to what decorations, so you can know what to use on the last day.
  7. I'm gonna max out my cave on everything and see who stops by tonight. Maybe I can attract something uncommon or rare.
  8. Well, dragons are magical. I imagine a sea dragon can swim through solid rock if he put his mind to it. I wish we could flip and rotate objects, it would be so much easier to get the effect we want.
  9. Well, Rudy's got a cute little canopy interested in him now. Problem is, she also like sweets. I just hope the goodies don't bring back Ms. Balloon-Butt.
  10. My cave did the switcheroo too. I had to move some stuff, but the lava pits are convenient to barbecue steaks on. My guess is that they didn't have the lava cave done in time, so they used the plain cave as a temporary place-holder. Does anyone know when the new day starts? Maybe when the day changes, I can get some girl other than the balloon to come visit Rudy.
  11. Here's the volcano lair. Rudy's decked himself out with roses and he's got steak kabobs for two on the grill. So why is the only girl he can attract is a balloon dragon with a sweet tooth???
  12. I'm using a red dragon, and all I attract is a balloon dragon! She wants more sweets. That's how you got so fat in the first place, chick!
  13. Is there actually anything in the gift boxes? Or are they just for display?
  14. Woot! I got them all! I think this is the first year I've actually managed it.
  15. How come I can't get past 98 exp points? If that's the maximum, you'd think it would be an even 100. Or is that just my OCD kicking in?
  16. I believe, the way the code is set up, that you will always get the same wing color on any particular scroll. For example, my scroll will always produce gold-wing angels. It's kind of a bummer if you don't like the color your scroll was assigned.
  17. My babies finally hatched! I can't wait for them to grow up!
  18. I've caught my limit, and I had enough Pinkies to Influence them so I get an even gender ratio - I'm a happy camper!
  19. I don't have time to go slogging through 18 pages of posts, so I don't know if this has been addressed yet, but what if the dragon that gains a MSA has a BSA? Unlikely, I know, but it could happen! Does the dragon now have two actions? Or does the MSA replace the BSA?
  20. I just realized that some of the April Fools eggs are from previous years' Festival of Eggs, and I found one of them in this year's eggs.
  21. I wish these were real eggs that would stay on my scroll! They don't even have to hatch, I just want the eggs.
  22. I'm looking for naming ideas before my little girls grow up and drop down into the middle of my scroll.
  23. My username without the numbers at the end is a cb female royal blue with 1 child. My username with the numbers has no result. My rl name is a magi hatchling with wings, although the egg was laid and hatched in 2008, so it's gotta be frozen.
  24. So, the 2012 X-mas dragons are male.... again. I was under the impression that they alternated male and female. Guess I was wrong.
  25. So don't look at them! (j/k, I love to look at the houses, even though they make mine look so plain)