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  1. How much longer will we be able to collect items? I'm still missing about half of the items, and I want them all even if I don't use them.
  2. Reno/Ronan, unless your cats are Sphinx cats, they really don't need sweaters, just a warm house to live in. Why do you think they keep squirming out of them? Jade, if you kept your dog on a leash, you wouldn't lose him so often. And Maze Girl, there's a great invention for glasses - you just slip the earpieces through the little loops, put the cord around your neck, and you won't lose your glasses any more!
  3. It's weird that Luna can only fly to the Ice Temple once a day. Or is it farther away than it looks? Eben's kind of an idiot. He's worse at hiding than Bord, and thinks he can outrun a mage. Speaking of which, Avery's obviously been studying magic since last year, but what the heck does Snowa do when he's not running around fixing Christmas?
  4. I finally got mine working too. I hadn't previously done the dog park or the maze, and when I did those, then my ice temple quest worked.
  5. I've got the same problem. I've reset the day about 5 times and it's still not working. What am I doing wrong???
  6. My progress bar is pegged squarely in the exact middle. Is it supposed to show my progress toward a cure, or the site progress as a whole? If the latter, does that mean that people are curing and infecting in equal numbers? Or do I just need a hard refresh?
  7. I personally liked playing dressup with my avatar and collecting pets. I suggest the name Avipets or Avi-Pets, or maybe AviCritters, to try to stay away from either Uni or Creatures. Would someone please repost this where it will do the most good? Thanks!
  8. I'm glad I managed to finish the game. I still feel bad that I let down VALA though, even though it wasn't my fault - it was the glitch that mismatched the choices.
  9. I've got a couple of questions: 1. How come Bord is still a little tyke if he hatched last year? Dragons on scrolls grow to adulthood in just a week or two. Or do Humans know something about hatching dragon eggs that make them mature faster? 2. Was this game all in-house coding, or did you use a game creating program? If so, which one? I'd like to do my own games, but I'm not up to all the coding that's involved.
  10. I didn't keep the amulet, cos I know better than to desecrate a temple. What happens if you do keep it?
  11. Actually, it kinda sorta reminds me of the easy levels of Aargon. Minus the having to manouver around rocks. Is it just me, or does STEVE look like he's naked??? And did anyone else read his dialog in Steve Irwin's voice?
  12. I'm just wondering, did y'all use a game creator program, or is this all in-house coding? I'd like to make my own games one of these days, but I'm not up to doing all that programming.
  13. Help! I'm stuck behind the third rock! I can only get it to move horizontally, and I don't have enough room to get to the top or bottom. EDIT: I managed to get the rock out of the way. Just don't ask me how.
  14. LOL I started late and did day 1-4 all at once. I had the impression I was still a day behind, but I guess I'm caught up now.
  15. Has anyone been able to start day 5 yet? I've wandered everywhere I can get to and poked everything I see, but nothing happens.
  16. Help, I'm getting stuck on the snowdrifts!
  17. What I found irritating is that Renronin wouldn't tell me what the cat looked like; instead they made me run all over town catching every single freakin' cat till I found the right one.
  18. My game keeps locking up, and I have to go to a different site to unlock it. Can anyone tell me how to prevent this?
  19. Or drop the 7th one at the AP so someone who didn't catch any eggs can get it.
  20. Okay, I'm a moron. How do I get to my treats page so I can see if I have them all?
  21. Is there some place to report glitched ingredients? I just tried to pick up some icicle looking thing and it told me: Page Not Found The page you are looking for does not appear to exist.
  22. Something I made up: Yammy Spammy 1 can Spam-type meat, pref Walmart brand (tastes better than Armour Treet and less expensive than Spam brand) 1 large can sweet potatoes/yams Cut up spam into bite-size pieces, place in a large microwave-proof bowl. Open the can of sweet'taters, drain well, dump on top of the spam. Cover with a paper towel or splatter shield, microwave on high for about 5 minutes. Stir up the spam and taters together and serve. You can also make this with ham, in which case it's called Yammy Hammy.
  23. I don't think they'll produce an egg automatically; I think you have to breed them the regular way. My scroll was unlocked yesterday, but I had to breed Rudy and Genna myself.
  24. For those of you who are dissatisfied with your dragons' mates- From what I can tell, you don't actually have to breed them together. Just keep them on your scroll and breed them to whomever you want. (Or set them loose if you really can't stand that breed.) If an egg shows up on your scroll anyway, you can keep it or abandon it, your choice. In other words, don't sweat it.
  25. Rudy's new girlfriend is a white. I like whites, but I've got, like, a lot of them already. Does anyone know where these ladies come from? A new-to-me white showed up on my script, and I wasn't sure if it was Rudy's girl or one I just forgot to name. The egg dates from April of last year, and no parents are on the lineage.