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  1. I need Arsinis. Who's got Valentine dragons? I've got a few in return.
  2. You know what would be really helpful is for someone to post a pic of the entire Encyclopedia filled out, or at least with the silouettes labeled, so we don't have to go consult the Wiki to identify unlocked entries.
  3. Thank you so much! I'm trying to at least get all the entries in the encyclopedia to display the names when you mouse over the shadows.
  4. What breed is it that's in the encyclopedia between Black and Black Tea? I've tried looking through the Wiki, but I can't identify it.
  5. I like Egg Drop Soup cos it opens each click in a separate window, which means you can just go click click click without having to go back to the site each time. https://greg-kennedy.com/dragcave/ What's AonD? My aeon wyvern is still locked! I think I need glowing ones too. Also eggs. Anyone got eggs? I haven't seen any in a hatchery.
  6. Okay, I've looked all over the place for the answer and can'f find a correct one, so I guess I'm gonna have to just ask. How can I add a link to my scroll to an image in my signature? I used to have it set up that way, but I don't remember how I did it now, and everything I try doesn't work.
  7. I need Aeon Wyverns; eggs, S2 hatchies, and non-glowing adults. Is there any way to search DC for the dragons you need, or do you have to rely on people posting them to this thread?
  8. Can someone tell me where to go to look at the book of DC records? I'm trying to unlock Aeon Wyverns so I can buy an egg or two when I get enough shards.
  9. Harry Potter eggs, awesome! I've caught 2 Gryffindor eggs and 2 Hufflepuff eggs. I can only catch 2 more and then I'm up to my limit. How can I unlock the locked eggs in the Market?
  10. You get to do a Happy Dance!
  11. I've been trying to get screenshots of all the green dragons, so I can remember what they looked like when they go back to normal. But I've got 7 pages worth of dragons! Anyone got a better system? Or better yet, has anyone else saved images of what they look like now that they can share?
  12. Some of these dragons have rather odd ideas about what constitutes a flower.... o_O
  13. It was a glitch, but TJ fixed it. Is there any way to speed up the flower gathering? I hate having to wait to see what kind of flower the dragon gives me.
  14. BTW, the site's back up. I just checked. Thanks TJ!
  15. I guess the tombstone image scares people. Any estimate on how long it'll take to get the site running again?
  16. Huh, I thought it was 8 for gold.
  17. It says I'm up to my egg limit, but I only count 7 eggs, and I don't have any hatchies (except for the costumed event one). Anyone else have that problem? Anyone know how to fix it?
  18. I have got to get screenshots of all the little draggies in their costumes before the event is over!
  19. I love the d20! (that's the purple isosehedron with a 20 on it for non-gamers)
  20. When exactly is the event over? I only have 25 eggs so far and I'm worried I won't get them all this year. I missed some last year too.
  21. No you don't. I EXAMINEd it, found out it was crying cos it was lonely, and I gave it the BOX I had gotten from the SKELETON at the lake. It was so grateful it gave me a note back, which happened to be written on the back of a page from a spell book. So no, don't kill it.
  22. The Dragon Cave wiki has a list of items, but unless it's been updated since I copied and pasted it, it's incomplete.