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  1. Help! Can anyone explain how to play the Mana Alchemy game? I seem to remember the original version was pretty easy, but this year's version doesn't have instructions. Unless they're just not showing up for me.


  2. I'm concentrating on getting the male characters to the dance, cos I was sorta weirded out when Olivia hit on me. So, in that vein, how do I get Mordred to the dance? I went along with his pranks, but I accidentally insulted his sister once.


  3. 31 minutes ago, Arkee said:

    But isn't exactly what people are asking in the posts above and before? That the flag colors would make a good dragon and that we're tired of pink pink pink pink even if we like the pink?



    Yes. My proposal was basically, "I suggest this combination of colors and here's my rationale for choosing those colors." If the spriters want to throw in other colors, that's fine. Just as long as it's not pink or red. 😛 And the lore doesn't have to mention asexuality/aromance if they can think of a better lore.


    Here's images of the flags so you can visualize the colors together.


    Asexy flag:












    Aromantic flag:


  4. 3 hours ago, tiny_gremlin said:

    All of the above.  I'm mostly Ace, so Valentine's day tends to be bittersweet.  

    I'm aro Ace too! Which is a good thing, since I'm so fugly I probably wouldn't be able to get a date.

    The official Aro colors are green, yellow, gray, and black; and the official Ace colors are purple, white, gray, and black. Those combos would make for good V-Day dragons that are different from the usual ones. And the Aro Ace symbol is the Ace of Spades.




  5. 11 hours ago, Imzadi83 said:


    In the Tsoko one though he mentions you going to study to become a mage which I assumed was a human occupation back on the intro post.

    The way I figure it, humans go to mage school to learn how to use magic; dragons go to mage school to learn how to more effectively use their inborn magic. Kind of like going to the Xavier Academy - you already have a power, you just have to learn how to use it.


    I also figure my character is a dragon raised by humans, which is why she thinks in terms of arms and hands instead of front legs and paws.



  6. 11 hours ago, Imzadi83 said:


     What kind of dragon are you pretending to be if that's the way you're going?


    My first go-through I was a Daydream; but after reading a comment about flying and how that doesn't rule out being a type without wings, I decided I was a Mint. That also makes a good explanation why I'm buddies with a Guardian.


    I got to the prom with Olivia! Only one problem - my character is a straight female, and Olivia seems to be hitting on me. How do I tell her gently that I bat for the other team?



  7. 13 minutes ago, Tinibree said:

    Wait no the true answer is: shapeshifter :)

    I love it!

    I'm a shapeshifter in Second Life, although I'm currently stuck in human form due to a curse (the curse of not having the time to go through my old avies and find out which still work with alpha masks and which ones don't).


  8. 14 minutes ago, Tinibree said:

    Dating doesn't mean children :P let me date my dragons in peace!

    This is a site where breeding dragons is one of the main activities, so course dating means children! Tsoko even says he wonders what "our" (his and yours) hatchlings would be like. So either Tsoko is ignorant of human biology, or your character is a dragon.


    If you go for the friendship endings, then you can be a human. But I like being a dragon, it's even in my user name!




  9. 2 hours ago, InfiniteGalaxiezz05 said:

    So far, I've completed the routes for Ion, Tsoko, and Alun.  And yes I did picture myself as a dragon. Because reasons.

    Because it would be majorly weird for for a dragon to date a human, amirite?


    They're not even in the same zoological Class - humans are mammals, dragons are reptiles. (Although in my mind, dragons are their own class, since they share characteristics of reptiles and birds.) I can't even imagine what would be involved in creating offspring! o_O Maybe in-vitro fertilization. Or magic. A whole lot of magic.



  10. Something I'd like to see with the next Snow Wars - an X-ray mode so we can find the newly dropped resources without moving everything to check behind them. Or maybe an auto-harvest function. But that would be less than optimal for people who want to keep the presents and crystals and stuff for decorations.


  11. The pop-up window that prompts you what to do covers the entire bottom corner of my fort, meaning I can't place anything there. And if someone else has built on their bottom corner, I can't target it cos the window covers their fort too. I need to move it down out of the way. How do I do that?


  12. The problem with the Pyrovar is that its front legs are on backwards. Artists - if you're ever in doubt which way a dragon's joints should go, look at your own knees and elbows. Or your cat/dog if you have any.