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  1. ((I've been gone for a while.... Please don't die....I'm not sure what to post though))
  2. ((I'm back I'm sorry I couldn't post earlier. Is there a way for Coruki to rejoin?))
  3. ((I'm back School is why I haven't been on.)) Sofia jumped as a flash of light pierced through the trees. She turned into a human again and "James Bond rolled" into a bush. "Quick hide" She yelled in telepathy to all the others. She studied the attackers. She figured there were about maybe fifteen? Twenty? More could be on the way. Hissing under her breath, she tried to move without jarring the bush too much.
  4. ((Glaceeeee! I'm sorry I haven't been on! School is preventing me from getting the computer.)) Kyatchi climbed onto Joey and waited for them to leave. Yusei actually looked really creepy the way he transformed though. Wait till I tell everyone...
  5. ((Nuuuuuu Glace! I'm sorry I haven't been on! It's my school's fault! My school's! Let me guess... is it Jack? And I'm not quite sure what just happened.....))
  6. ((I'm sorry I haven't replied in about two months! School has been torturing me >.< I hope I can rejoin in? And your right about no flashlights. I was being stupid >.<)) Veidera followed Nylaea. "So have you been here for a long time hiding?" She'd always lived in the castle. "It must have been hard for you." She turned to see if Kator was following. Looking around in the fog, Veidera could see why humans would think these woods were haunted. "I'm glad we're all still alive... Even if thoses creepy scientists are looking for us...." Veidera was startled by a squeaking sound. She waved the light-branch around a bit and spotted some sort of creature that dashed away. "At least we're not alone. I'd hate to be alone here during a spooky night. ((Don't die.....))
  7. This was really fun! Are there any other items besides the ones listed? And will we be able to see our items after the event?
  8. ((NOOoOOOOOOOooooOOooOOooOoOOo GLACE!!!! DUN DIEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!)) Kani back away, still holding her prized hatchling in her arms. The little girl was frightened. There were dragons everywhere around her. With a whimper, she tried to dive between a dragon's legs and scrambled after Luna. "H-help me Luna!" She cried, tripping through the undergrowth, while holding her hatchling in her arms. Glace had just died. Yuki ran away. Kanii had never felt so alone in her life. "Glace...." She cried. "Glace come back!" She repeated the girl's name while she ran, as if Glace were with her. Kanii tripped over a root and sprawled on the ground, dropping her hatchling. Kanii looked around wildly. "I can't find him! " She wailed, looking around. ((Glace, maybe you could come back as a spirit or a ghost or something of that sort.))
  9. ((That sucks!)) Kyatchi's eyes widened. "Glace knows Yusei? She didn't tell me she knew someone famous! Lets ind Jack and see if Glace is there too."Kyatchi stepped on the track and leaped backwards as a motorcycle zoomed past. "Who would ever duel down here?" she muttered, crossing the path. "Can you sense them now?"
  10. Ummm... Sorry but I think I'm going to leave this Rp. I liked it a lot though but I'm getting really confused with everything. Sorry....
  11. Kyatchi whipped her head around to stare at Joey. "What? Why?" She heard Joey argueing with Seto as she reached for a door. "Do you have any idea where Jack is?" She asked Yusei. The door opened smoothly and tendrils of orange energy reached out from it. Kyatchi scowled, slamming the door shut. "Not in there." She opened another door, revealing a track designated for dueling on a bike ((I forget its name.)). "Oh." Kyatchi sighed, stepping inside. "This looks fun. Can you sense Glace somewhere?"
  12. ((Kweeeee!! yay! WE do need more people though. When do you usually post Glace? Like what timezone are you in?)) Kyatchi blushed at Joey's "charmed" comment. "All the other girls in my class liked Jack, but I've always liked Yusei more." She mumbled. Kyatchi straightened up. "Well we need to find Glace. Have you seen her?" Make a deal! Make a deal! "If you help us find Glace, we'll help you find Jack. Okay?"
  13. I'm really not sure what I should be doing with Kyitei.
  14. ((It's really good! I've read part of it and I'm hooked ^^)) The tiny fangirl part of her brain swooned. He only writes in red! How romantic. He wants to kill you, you idiot! The other part of her brain screamed. The fangirl part seemed to shrink but continued , And he said I was beautiful! Heehee! ^^ The rest of her brain began beating the fangirl part. HE"S A CREEP NOW YOU IDIOT! HE WANTS TO EAT YOU!!! Kyatchi snapped back to reality and took a few steps back. "Please, we just need to find Glace."
  15. ((Bump!! *sob* I like this rp! Dun die!!! Please join other people! Come back Lady Erivae!))
  16. (((SQUEEEEEEEE I LOVE YUSEI! HE IS DA COOLEST! HE HAS A CIRCULAR MOTORBIKE! A FRIKKIN CIRCULAR ONE!!!!!!!!!!!! oh and you mean my heart avvie? Thankie!)) Kyatchi gaped as the newcomer established himself as Yusei Fudo. "Oh my gosh.." She had done her share of research before coming here. He was almost as famous as Yugi and Pegasus. And Jack? He was here too? Personally Kyatchi thought that Yusei was a lot cooler than Jack (and better looking!) but that was usually just her. The funny thing was, he seemed to have developed cat traits and just happened to have a huge bloody chainsaw with him. "C-can I have an autograph?" Kyatchi stuttered, stumbling towards him.
  17. Sofia pouted even more as no one moved. She flashed out a foot and kicked a tree, making a bunch of nuts fall off. Transforming, she quickly caught scent of a mouse's nest. Following it, she found the baby mice curled up under a tree root. Sofia waited for the mother and then pounced on all of them. Carrying them back, she dropped them and ate them quickly as if to show them how. "Quick Quick!!!!!" She whined. "I'm going to be bored while you lovebirds eat." Then she shut up quick after realizing what she said. "You know I can't really catch a deer because both of you are so much bigger than me and foxes don't usually go after deer you know and so if you want a deer then can we please just finished you snack and go hunt?" She glossed over.
  18. Kit hurried back to Chip. "Chip!" She exclaimed, "We'll going to keep you safe! Then you can get out and tell everyone about this! Then they get arrested for abuses!" She looked around worriedly. The experiment was almost over. At least Chip hadn't needed to go. The clipboard lady was telling Rocket to go to the experiment room and Rocket was defending Chip. The lady seemed to give up arguing with Rocket. "Just come along and stop arguing with me." She started walking down the hall muttering something about "noisy little brats". Convinced that Chip was safe for now, Kit returned to her cot and pulled out her book. "Harry Potter." She repeated, looking at the title. Kit began to read from where she left off, stumbling through the words, but still smiling.
  19. Kyatchi looked suspisiously at the savior. "A bit cliche..." She muttered. She followed him. "What choice do I have left?" She leaped after the strange being.
  20. Kyatchi stared at the new surroundings with terror. "So," she managed to say. "THIS is the shadow realm." Kyatchi thought she would need to vomit as she felt something wet and sticky drip on her. A giant tongue was wrapping itself around Joey. "Whatintheworldisthatcreepythingeatingjoey?!!?!?!?!?!?!?!" She screamed, "Glace!? CAN YOU HEAR MEEEE?????" If Glace blew a hole in the tongue, then she might have escaped, but to where? There were so many doors.
  21. Kanii looked around wildly as Fangclan attacked. she spotted a dragon lunge for her hatchling. "Nooooooo!" She screamed. It was her hatchling. She wouldn't let anyone touch it. She dived towards him, closing her arms around the little hatchling. "Go away!"