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  1. In ACNH, villagers can't move out without your confirmation. The only real consequences of not playing for a while are that you'll get a lot of weeds, each villager will mention that it's been a long time since they've seen you, and after 30 days, you'll unlock bedhead hair. If you want more information on mechanics for villagers moving out, check this Twitter thread by dataminer Ninji.
  2. As the conceptor and artist, you are indeed misremembering things, haha. They've always been Candelabras.
  3. I was at the station on time, but the train was cancelled so I went and got some noodles.
  4. I would expect them to be added, as they are a permanent breed. However, please note that I do say this with no knowledge or authority on the subject other than what's available to everyone.
  5. intentional secrets are fun! dragons are permanent. you'll get one 😄
  6. there cannot be a new hype train yet for we do not have adults but when the time comes i will do my utmost to provide h y p e* - rupi kaur *permissions pending, remember to always check artist permissions folks thx ily go catch dragons and also be gay, do crime
  8. MY HYBRID BABIES I LOVE THIS SO MUCH I hadn’t realized they look so good together omgggggg, thank you for posting this!
  9. They're super creative and I love the way you blended those two breeds 10/10 will collect more
  10. That was just because the S2 was a really horizontal pose, and I also really like small hatchlings. It's not necessarily indicative of official proportional breed size, smol babs are just extra precious.
  11. Happy birthday, Dragon Cave!
  12. I agree with all of your points. As I said, I'm fully in support of the suggestions being made here. I just thought it was important to draw a distinction there, because the "10 hours" figure felt really misleading to me.
  13. I support this thread, but I do take issue with the conclusion that you're spending "10 hours on DC." For me, I was falling really behind this year so I set 15 minute timers in the evenings. I wasn't playing consistently on the site, simply refreshing and clicking once when the timer went off. That's not really 10 hours of play, that's a couple minutes of play staggered over several hours, which I think is an important difference.
  14. I'm on board for all the suggestions. I can't think of any negatives from implementing changes such as those proposed.
  15. Personally, I'm deliberately not checking my fort because they don't spawn until you check, and I don't want to miss resources to clean up or accidentally get rid of resources I've intentionally kept haha.
  16. If you haven't already, check to see if your walls are blocking them. They may be in open spaces behind walls.
  17. The Enraegis sprite is the damaged version of the one you can select. If someone attacks your Aegis, it'll become Enraged.
  19. I usually see them as somewhere under 120 pixels (inclusive).
  20. Looking for a 2g Mistletoe Thuwed. Please DM me. Thanks!
  21. @birdzgoboom You’ve really outdone yourself, friend. Super excited to get to collect this lovely baby of yours! I’m already looking forward to next year’s holiday season
  22. Thanks for another great year, Dragon Cave. Happy Holidays to everyone!
  23. I don't agree with doing restrictions because of "messing up others' lineages." Thanks to names, releasing, killing, and zombification, the potential for someone to 'mess up' our lineages is a risk we engage with whenever we collect dragons that are descended from others' dragons. IMO, if there are restrictions, they should be based in existing gameplay––such as the mother/father designations potentially getting messy, etc.