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I'll be without Internet June 19-26 and July 10-16, and have limited access most of the summer. Please be patient with me if I take a while to respond to messages!Avatar by birdzgoboom <3Alt trade requests are closed until the end of the summer due to limited Internet access.CHOO FRIGGIN CHOO!IAWdcJN.png7absQAH.pngcandelabra_dragons_by_masterofpixels-da3yoSKxHp.png


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    Being held captive by a Desipis.
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    Due to recent harassment, I'm going to close Mistletoe trade requests for the foreseeable future. This does not include trades initiated by me.

    ***Please do not try to use trades for Desipis offspring as an opportunity to sneak in offers on my Mistletoes' progeny. It happens quite frequently, and no, you aren't the first person who's tried to do so, so please, knock it off. It's quite annoying.***



    I don't really have any specific rules for them right now. If you want to trade for offspring, shoot me a PM--with an offer--and I'll see if something can be arranged. PMs without offers will be ignored.

    NOTE: Holiday offspring are not presently up for trade (except for rare circumstances; e.g. 2nd gen Holly, swap with other artists, etc.)


    Pastebin link to old rules, in case I decide to bring them back:



    I am on the IRC as Shifu most of the time, but may be on as Master or Pie, the nicks I used to go by.

    Looking for an egg with the code Shifu, or any variation of it case wise. Please let me know if you find one!